Mountains and Rivers

Imagine the scene of a David against ‘three’ Goliaths.  A lowly court official having a speech of criticism for the Holy emperor, his son(the heir apparent) and his grandson, sitting regally on throne like the character for mountain “山”.  The rivers run through, even when it is insurmountable a most powerful monument dictating the trajectory every drop of water passes, but passes it will.  江山, the land the trio rules and will rule has its people, its river, soldiering on.  David 1, Goliaths 0?!  To Kill, or not to Kill.  Far from it.

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Long Story Short?



Kitteh has something I want terribly much, him back doing his thing and 大明王朝1566 DVDrips he is of course so sweet to share IF there is enough of us interested. That is hand’s down the BEST Cdrama ever existed. It was, my dusty memory says, produced by Hunan TV of all places but got such abysmal reception it was cut short or not shown, forever shelved…ANYWAY, I have never seen it in its true glory, just med quality rips but if you are sick of what HunanTV, the most powerful cable network in cn has reduced itself to being a yuma trashbin where horseshit (no offense to shits) Swordsman gets re-syndicated and curious enough of the what IF history was rewritten by one drama, this is the one. Show X some more love, beg him, kiss his behind, vote on his little poll. He said if we gather 100 kind souls in a Kitteh petition wanting to see Quality in the highest order in C historical form, he’ll share.  Make him come back, the blogging world misses him grumpily, no?!

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Prophet Kitteh

He has returned from the dead!

Yeah, well. Not quite returned. And telling you what happened would turn into a very long story I have neither the time to tell nor the gall to subject you to. So long story short… I had a few quite interesting months – health-wise… everything-wise. In theory I’d now be ready to come back, but as anyone familiar with my on and off online writing career will tell you, I generally don’t do things for the hell of it. So yes, in theory The Vault (or whatever it will end up being christened as) is kind of, sort of, probably, likely coming back. But I’m not sure as what, exactly. For a few reasons.

K-DRAMA IS AN INSIPID WASTELAND OF CORPORATE LAZINESS. Don’t want to sound like the self-important prick that I often turn out being, but I did kind of tell you…

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Friday Pretty Post: Amused and Bemused

This has become a crickets-chirping weed-invested place, it is unnerving… hmm weed.  I am unsure I am missing my rabid habits of drama/hotties spazzing much (sayings suchas passage of time, getting old, I know them kthxbye ).  However, I think I miss my drama pals here wherever you are, whatever you are up to, hope all is well!  Hey even if things are rockier, as things always do, I am paddling a similar boat. :)


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Friday Pretty: So Close yet So Far

I was in quite a few places in CN the weeks before, I am going to head to upstate NY for work next week, yup all JUST missing Loverboy, we do not have ‘yuan fen’ as the saying goes, he should’ve married me (MUAHAHAHA) but I am what I am, a Yuan fan! XD  He is freshly jetlagging, my old bones, specifically my tummy still refuses to be back in my current time zone and it gives me twisted pleasure we are suffering the same nuisance.   He manages to look ridiculously fine, I could recruit myself in AHS: Freak Show, Walking Dead (so much yucky gore and the lack of satisfaction in good storytelling to offset my poor queasy stomach watching.)  Anyway to calm my nerves with pretty I will droolz on.

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