Discovery of Love 3

Is love and romance interchangeable?! This has been irking me because of this drama obsession. I have never given it a good pondering, from the back of my mind romance is under the umbrella of love, impulsive, less cognitive, and more strictly the je na sais quoi attraction between two human beings.  I thought of switching the title to romance this episode because of all these murky feelings our characters are hit with, often unaware…that are not perhaps love.

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I Heart 山影

In ShanDong Film And TV Group (山影/ShanYing for short)  I trust.   Based in Jinan/济南, famous of its springs, DaMing Lake and Tai Mountain, the phrases 地靈人傑, 济南名士多 pop up right away from Chinese Lit. 101, it is hammered into my psyche the geomancy of the city gives birth to the best of minds as the ancient belief goes and this company is proving to have the brain, heart and dedication to bring us nothing but quality.

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Discovery of LOVE ep2

‘TIS LOVE!  !  !  !  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric, YooMi and Sung Joon are emoting and my kdrama world is well again.  If I can, I will quantify every nuance they make me flip a heartbeat into droplets of condensed rainbow colored fairy dusts.  I need to savor every one of them. HMMMMTASTY!!!

I tried to be PG with this post, but gave up trying over some coffee he is having a few minutes in. Prudes,  BE WARNED.  I mean look .  Gutter is a very happy and crowded place where I (and a lot of you, be honest) belong.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE02140819HDTVXViD-iPOPavi_000085418_zps1264e0da.jpg

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The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep23

 photo 2302-57-59_zps59e23aa8.jpg photo 2303-14-33_zpsa20e1ba7.jpg photo 2303-16-32_zps22b9fd01.jpg photo 2303-43-02_zpsc1e752a4.jpg


Still life and Landscapes witness the wax and wane of days.  We fish for poetry and meaning as we are hanging on a thread, a red one, or the one on a kite.  The leaves on the bonsai are the same shade of jade green on a sturdier trunk.   A plane in the sky speeding by and gone like the clouds gathering and dispersing with the sun peeking through…is where their hearts belong.   The same sky, the same clouds, the same field of tall grasses…are never exactly the same.  A moving speech as the sun is setting, soldiers in the trenches surviving another day which could be the prelude to a dusk of darkest hour.

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Itazura na Kiss 2 ~Love in Tokyo 2 : OP and New Poster

I can stare at this gorgeous poster the entire day/week/till Sept 12 for the SP, happy and grinning.  Miki looks so pretty, her Kotoko is maturing into a young lady/wifey her hubby Irie is now holding her tightly in a backhug for fear she would be stolen from him!  Beware, our IQ200 EQ still hovering around zero alien manboy!


We can always trust the lovely fandom to drop us a hundred life ruining gifs:

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The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep22

 photo 2215-23-39_zps98c0530a.jpg

I did not grow up fascinated with having a meadow all by myself like a day at amusement park, but it must be a wonderland for a child a certain era bygone.   XJS’ childhood would be in the 1910s in poor rural China, orphaned quite young.  We saw how it was a favorite pastime for even the ‘city slickers’ XX and XM visiting XiangTan a decade+ later.  XJS’ idea of utopia must still be that pasture of rice field in his dream where his PingOn can giggle and run around without a care…putting his mind at ease, however little.

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