Yuan Hong April 2014 Updates

The best kind of Schadenfreude is when you are a meanie and you happen to fall for a precious derp called Yuan Hong which I think 99% of his fangirls are made of muahaha!

He is working very very hard on the set of 平凡的世界/World of Plainness/Ordinary World at 林/YuLin of ShaanXi in the Loess Plateau, bordering Inner Mongolia, where water is scarce to begin with, he has scarcely any food (on a strict diet to look authentic), and on top of it no wifi.   The region had a minor quake the other day,  not the first for him on location (he made his own siesmometer with an egg and a hat on set a few years ago).  And his fangirls have been constantly spamming him crazy foodp0rn.

This scene is his Sun XiaoPing waiting in the lunchline for his miserable 2 ashen sorghum bun.I do not think this is much acting haha

Flowers are in bloom in Loess Plateau!

This is very telling of a production of quality.   Stills that can be taken as paintings of the time, no detail is out of place.

The Sun brothers working closely with Mr. director.  As the saying goes,  hardworking man is most attractive.

He was invited to be one of the consults in a ‘science’ conference: 2014·菠萝科学奖, the tagline is ‘admiring curiosity’, organized by a fun site 果壳 .  His department of expertise is apparently love and romance (hahaha).  He could not attend as the ‘love and romance expert’ in the middle of filming but he sends his regards in a clip.

Hi my friends at the Pineapple Science Awards,

I am Yuan Hong.  I really am Yuan Hong.

Very sorry, I can not attend Pineapple Science Awards this time…

…because I do not have the bus fare.

But here  I am, as this year’s Pineapple Science Awards’…

Love and Romance Expert.  Yes, Love and Romance Expert.

I want to wish all the success to this year’s Pineapple Science Awards…

Saluting to curiosity!

The poor chap is getting mostly ‘if he has worked harder mining coal, he could have earned the bus fare!’ from his notty fangirls.  haha they love his ‘I am YH. I REALLY am YH!’ so much many of them are saying they are setting it as their ringtone/wakeup call.  DL here

He does look like a very handsome coal mine boss who does not mind some hands-on:

HAHAHA.  This is an original pic posted by Miss LvYi, clearly of his backside, pretending to be the real village beauty all the guys will chase after ‘her’ shirt/pants.  Miss Yi snarked, ‘If you have real guts, turn around!’:

And his snarky fangirls did the front fanart for our boy.

Here they are snapped by their ‘teacher’ in the drama,  in a ‘boating scene’, working very hard rehearsing the script.

One of his weibo bromance bff is graphic designer @张发财/ZhangFaCai, who is the brain behind the lovely 舌尖上的中国/A Bite of China posters.  The ultimate foodp0rn will be back with a Season2 in 2 days!!!

 A Bite of China was off to Cannes TV festival looking for buyers this year … along with Chang Ge Xing:

Mr Zhang FaCai did a biting ad for AIDs (that is neck and chest of MZD on the left) with the words: most intimate comrades most dangerous.  Wow.

That got a good chuckle out of a friend in Mr Zhangs wechat circle.  One called Yuan FanRen (Yuan who annoys others/烦人 is word play on ‘ordinary’ person):


Zhang:  I designed this especially for you.

YFR:  I am your most intimate comrade…

Zhang:  keep it up and I will snuff you out at weibo.

Ladyfriend who has no more eyes to see:  I have decided to get a screencap of you two and retweet it at weibo.

And so they have moved the shameless stage to weibo:

你还是没网比较好![挖鼻屎]//@袁弘: 他为我背叛了全世界[泪] //@一枚泼妇:你背叛了我?[怒] //@张发财:刚刚说要与我大战五百回合……

Fangirl:  You are better off without internet! // @袁弘:  He wronged the world because of me // @一枚泼妇 (ie the ladyfriend airing them out):  You betrayed me? //@张发财: (he, I assume YH) just said he would fight/flirt with me 500 battles more…

The biggest shipper of Prince8/14, Prince13, has itchy fingers again.  KC has a new KFC commercial out, his TVB CP Myolie gives him a hug saying she wants some KFC!!  KC asks her to call 21800000 (HK KFC’s order hotline <_<)

YH: Bro8, your phone number has changed, and you are no longer ‘cooking noodles’ for 14 to eat…

That is the PG13 version, my bet is on loverboy and his sagacious way of words he is not being PG13.   If you have a mind in the gutters, you would get what 下面吃 could mean, I won’t say it out loud.  He can use one extra character 下面条吃 and we do not have to be put to shame of knowing we are no innocents.

All the foodtalk is making me hungry, let alone the poor thing.  I know I am horrible for still rofling.

Over dinner, I have been consoling myself as I am eating, ‘It’s nothing, just one more bite, later in the night I will go jogging.’ When I am about to start running, a drizzle starts.  While I am having a difficult conundrum, and rampaged through another half box of fruits, I finally make up my mind to run in the rain.  Who knows the rain pours harder and harder, on this plateau of yellow earth I bet there has not been such a downpour in years and years.  I want to hail a cab back home…then I realize I did not bring money with me…at the bitter end, this ‘wet dude’ 湿人* grumbled and grouched his way home dripping wet.  
*is wordplay on 诗人/poet, but one who has nothing to do with literary merits but only good at word diarrhea/灌水, spamming fellow netizens with word bullying ie his/her saliva.
LOL  And I do not know why the poor chap does not even get a break from the kinder souls,  no one is letting him off posting a few rainy scenery pic,  all of them are jabbing him for not attaching a pic of the swearing and drenched in a see through wet tee/shorts.  And we want the vid of him grumbling nonsense while jogging!  It would give the world so much pure joy/schadenfreude! And nitpicking, no serious runner have the time nor mind to take multiple pictures WHILE joggin anyway.
Of course I take the team of snarky fangirls, 3 pics, wasting bandwidth and NO see through lil red flower?!  No fair!

Bonus round:  Hu Ge

hahaha he must’ve played a prank on the cameraman and/or the PD.  He is all proper giving a vid greetings to his costar 闫妮 in their new drama  生活启示录… till the ending seconds.

New stills from Nirvana in Fire, ie the Cdrama that is making me purrr like a sated cat with exactly my aesthetics (and nice filters and photoshop!)

Yes handsome derp, that tie goes fine with your outfit if you are going on a date with  your Lil Red Flower who has master the shabby chic mix and match of modern down peacock blue jacket with the 70s farmer uniform and is clearly waiting for you.   And he has no road fare!  He can’t run to you near Inner Mongolia to Elephant Mountain.  If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then…a HuGe must go to a Yuan Hong.


Look What I Did! (Yuan Hong March Update)

YH:  Light’s off, tugged in, music soothing my nerves, settling into my nook, striking my body at all the satisfying angles, and sleep.  I am reporting on set the morrow, Godspeed, work hard (I will).
For the Nth+1234 times I asked and with my strong LUV/ESP for Loverboy, he promptly answers.
I have Loverboy voodoo, nothing new. I cast a single tiny grumble the other day on why I did not get the ultimate confirmation from my darling in his own words to be attached to the only Cdrama World of Plainness that I need to be Good, no, FckingAMAZING.  Not decent, bearable, watchable……screw all the niceties,  if they come up short of freaking earth-shattering amazing with this million+ word mindblowing epic, they have the whole planet of Chinese to answer to. It has to be spellbounding seminal perfection that will be passed on through generations as a gold standard, to the point casting Loverboy in one of the main lead of this expansive ensemble cast is slightly making me nervous, because he is…not yet perfect acting wise, lets be brutally honest, but I AM EXCITED.  I CAN DREAM.  And pray, I will.
He is clearly a ball of nerves sentient of his every routine apprehensive, pensive… calming his own nerves, while brimming with jolts of excitement and getting us all in knots what perfect satisfying poses he would make a lovely scene on his bed to get a good rest anticipating the bright, exciting next day.

刘威 is not a veteran I am very familiar with but he chewed up scenery in White Deer Plain

张嘉译/Jiang JiaYi
I have watched so many of his good work. While i am shallow and he is not exactly attractive, he is the most dependable litmus of this is not shiteous,  imo he has never wasted time on anything unworthy, 蝸居、悬崖 r terrific and at the top of the best Cdrama of last few years. He is in so many asdsgjkaaadfsslI epics I need NOW: A Touch of Sin, Golden Era, Homecoming, The Crossing, a DengXiaoPing biopic to name a few. If this comes out anytime soon he will be the reigning C uncle owning my screen.

Loverboy and his OTP 李小萌/Li XiaoMeng, I’ve not seen the actress in anything, but her baiduwiki is v promising. I do not expect the production to be hype seeking like the fluffy crap yuma or even TR habitually does, throwing out bones of BTS and casting shenanigans. This doesn’t need the cheapo advertising to begin with. I can do without any fanservice, not a word nor pic ‘leaked’ as long as this can be most (un)humanly possibly good.

The main lead 王雷 is bigbro of YH’s character and his love interest would possibly be Tong LiYa. He is the RL hubby of 李小萌, and I originally thought he would be paired up with his wifey and Yaya with YH.  He has worked on many critical darlings like 金婚, the very popular drama PD Zheng of Zhen Huan Zhuan did before ZHZ starring the Meryl Streep of Cdramaland Jiang WenLi.

Now that he is on set in remote NW China, needless to say the filming of the modern drama where he plays a couple with Cherie Ying and stepdaddy to her character’s son is done with in ShenZhen.  Looks like he had lotsa fun!

YH, the bookworm is also a hot commodity writing awesome (but tardy) blurps for his writer friends.   He is having a harder and harder time finishing reading the original with them dumping million words of books on his lap and asking him the favor.  He just did one on a nonfiction on HumanBio  (‘Humans are fragile!  Handle with care) and we do not expect any less from him than his words squarely in his own classy gutter. He owes scriptwriterPeng (the out in the open HongShi shipper) fr BBJX a big one for writer Peng’s magnum opus of millions of words.

What he wrote:

This is a book written by a collection of experts, covering all the tidbits of the top 3 and the bottom 3 bits of the human body, yet a liberal arts student like me, who has only read books of my major is asked to write a recommendation, this is interesting.  Good that in all the subjects of the sciences, biology, especially human biology is the one I have paid keener attention to in class.

The old adage: Know your enemy and know yourself, find naught in fear for 100 battles.  This is a book teaching us about ourselves.  From what is the concept of ‘ballbusting’ for the guys, to the Annals of the Auntie (visiting) for the ladies;  from how to eat better, drink merrier, to how to stop your dreams from being incepted.  This book covers it all, giving us an encompassing knowledge of everything.  But what is attracting me is not just the above.

I am not a purist in scientific theories, my understanding of things and causations has its own set of deviation.  In my opinion, everything on earth has a thread in common.  The way of all things in nature is what physics/物(things)理(logic) is about.  The world of our minds, our philosophies, are built on the foundation of the knowledge of the logic of nature.

We have to understand nature’s logic in order to know the way of life.  To see our world in a clearer light, we have to start from knowing ourselves better.  Reading this book, you will get to know how intricate, how complicated a marvel your own selves are.