A Smiling, Proud (Cyberstalking) Wanderer

Once a fangirl, always a fangirl.  That’s me.  I have just a selective handful of gorgeous beings I fangirl, but once I’m on board, I’m not getting off even if the fandom is that burning sinking ship in LoCH08.  I’ll happily holler my ‘Hong Ge~~~~~!!’ as fetchingly as MNC. (I’ve practiced), that and LoCH taught me jumping a sinking ship is big nono: 1. Shark infestation  2. LOST…even if u find island, there r huge leg crushing boulders that’s bound to fall….

Yuan Hong (my loverboy) is my major Cdrama crush.  He’ll be my RL crush as well.  I have the Chinese (pirated) twitter to blame.  It’s giving me constant doses of YH goodness, first hand, everything a fangirl can imagine and the C twitter has an ‘upgrade’: his tweet each is a tiny thread, it’s really a tiny blog and YH does reply.

When I first checked out his twitter, I was just a shallow hot face admiring fangirl.  Then he has a Totoro avie.  THEN he writes in cracktastic poetry that is witty, deep w/o patronizing, self deprecating humorous that I thought only those British yumcakes (Colin Firth) can master.  AND he has to share my taste fr reading materials, to movies we passionately love.   I’m shocked at the level of frankness and how personal these tweets r w/ these C celebs.  They REALLY genuinely want to be friends and share minds.

It’s not hard to expect the rumor that this C twitter will be censored  to the point of closing down by the PRC in the near future.  To which my cool loverboy has started to keep posting hot bloody pics of his on the film set (he rarely posts pics)

So I need somewhere safe to post up his precious tweets for me to enjoy and so this is my project of the afternoon.  I’m planning on translating them later on! 🙂


2009-09-29 “老袁”等昵称都被人注册过了,干脆就叫这个名 吧,听起来多有气势啊。。。
All the nicks like ‘ old Yuan’ are taken,  I’ll just use this name (Yuan Hong)…the sound of it is quite sth…

with Eddie Peng  (or YH’s nick for him: Ahjumma Peng)

2009- 10-15 @猪正经:原来,真的有雷州,就在广东省,他们还准备建 雷人公园,据说芙蓉姐姐、范跑跑的雕像会入住,OMG,千万别让云霆当代言人就好……他在雷州搞医疗,办教育,是不折不扣的好人丫。 // YH: 代言人也行,只要代言人的塑像别拿着雷灵珠袒胸露 乳就行。
(TR PR lady): There’s really a LeiZhou (the ‘Thunder Town’ in CP3 where YH’s character’s at), it is in GuangDong province, w/ a Park (LeiRen = ‘thundering’ others = ridiculous in slang). Word is many statues of the ridic celebs will be there, OMG, please don’t let YunTing (YH’s CP3 char) be the spokesperson for the park…he’s dedicated to healthcare, education in LeiZhou, a philanthropist and a genuinely good person!. //YH: Spokesperson is swell, just don’t make the statue hold that thunder crystal magicball, shirtless.

据说被吻哭的人要报复,且扬言风水轮流转,今日叫谁哭。。。。。。有道是三十年河东三十年河西,敬请关注《衣被天下》之《公主复仇记》~~~顺便请大家关 注《衣被天下》的围脖
*this is sounding off LSS’ tweet, she’s  ‘avenging’ the Kiss in LoCH, having a princess seducing the righteous general scene, tweeting:  huhhuh, lets see who will cry today!*  YH: Word is The One Who Cried when Kissed has revenge on mind, proclaiming, ‘Karma has a way of turning things around…lets see who will cry today! ‘ There’s a saying: 30 years of the East bank, 30 years of the West.. (old chinese proverb: describing  the flooding of Yellow river, projecting: life is unpredictable, your fate and destiny can change like how the river bends.) Stay tuned for <Clothing, the World>: Revenge of the Princess.

2009-12-04 中指被剑砍伤,现在比拇指还粗。最尴尬的却是当有人 来关切的问我哪里受伤时,我会面带微笑,目光满含感激之情地给出回应——“凸”
Middle finger is injured by sword, it’s now thicker than my thumb.  Most embarrassing is when ppl asked me all caringly where I was hurt…. I will, with a tender smile, and my eyes twinkling w/ gratitude, reply w/ —- *middle finger*
(LSS then posted a pic of his injured middle finger…yup they r just that cute cyberflirting!)

2009-12-12 衣被天下精典语录 一、原剧本,嘉仪:本公主四肢不勤。 实拍,嘉仪:本公主四肢不全… 众人:……(擦汗,好一个残废的公主) 二、原剧本,公公:公主你擅自离宫 实拍,公公:公主你擅离自宫… 众人:……(狂汗~~~公公你什么意思?公主自宫?还是说这公主是早产?)
Classic quotes fr <Clothing, the World>
1.  (script) Princess: my frailing limbs… (@ set) Princess: my missing limbs… (All: *sweat* we have a handicapped princess then)
2. (script) eunuch: Princess, you are leaving the court unauthorized?! (@ set) eunuch: Princess, you are castrating yourself unauthorized?!  ( All: *sweating up a storm*~~Mr Eunuch, what do you mean? …)

2009-12-12 三、原剧本,公主:就凭我这三脚猫的功夫。 实拍,公主:就凭我这三脚功的猫夫 林将军:……(三脚功的猫夫?) 导演:(怒)错了!是三脚功夫猫! 众喷血而亡…… 未完待续,近日发现公主很有创造精典的潜质,确是可塑之材,密切关注中…
3. (script) Princess: based on my 3-legged cat kungfu. (ie pedestrian) (@ set) Princess: based on my male cat with 3-legged mastery.  General Lin (YH): …… (your tom w/ mastery in 3 legged kung fu?)   PD: *angry* No! It’s 3-legged kung fu cat!  (All: died fr spitting blood…)  To be continued, recently it dawned on me Princess has immense talent in creativity, a lot of potential.  Paying intense attention…

2009-12-23 在剧组,专门负责管马匹的人被称为马师傅,而我今天有了一个新称谓:狗师傅。。。都是因为这家伙-菲菲(音译)可能因为我属狗又一直养狗的缘故,我一直都 佷有狗缘。这家伙一来现场就跟我特别亲,谁的话都不听,却唯我的命是从。以至于拍它时,都得我在旁边盯场说戏教走位,于是,便有了“狗师傅”一说
On set, the person responsible for taking care of the horses is called ‘ Horse SiFu/master’, I have a new Title today : Dog SiFu, it’s all because of this creature, FayeFaye.  Maybe I’m born in the year of Dog and I’ve always have dogs around, I always have a camaraderie w/ them.  This buddy has been clinging onto me since arriving on set, wouldn’t listen to anyone else, but will do as everything I say.  When it’s her scene, I have to be there feeding her commands on where to sit or stand…hence my Title ‘Dog SiFu’

2009-12-28 严冬的清晨,只有胡子上的寒霜勇于做我呼吸的证明 连地上的石头 似乎都是蜷缩的 满目萧瑟凋敝之象 我天真的想 也许一杯绿色缪斯能够带来些温暖和生气 可是。。。。。没有幻觉。。。 奇怪,我的腰哪去了? 房间里只剩下茴香的味道
A wintry dawn, the frost on my stubble is my sole witness for my breath.  Even the stones seems to be curling up, a scene of total destitute.  Naively, I thought, a sip of green absinthe may bring a hint of life and warmth… but I got no such illusion… Weird? I cant feel my waist?! … there’s only the scent of fennel left in the room. (yup loverboy is waxing poetic in an excuse for a drink at dawn, after a backbreaking day of kungfu…and to post this pic! 😉 )

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