Clothing, The World

A new trailer is out, much more romance and loverboy (yay!)  It’s slated for an early Aug release.

posted by g4489622 @utube

tbh, ze drama is not my taste, it looks dated, DJG wannabe? Oshin copycat? and cliched to the max, but I’ll persevere for loverboy.

Loverboy is reminding me of a younger Takenouchi Yutaka w/ his facial hair.

3 thoughts on “Clothing, The World

      1. Re: ah crap

        Yeah I’m afraid subs will be very hard to come by, esp prompt ones we are so used to w/ Kdramas or Jdramas. Our Yuan Hong, LSS, Janine Zhang do not have a substantial international fanbase, I doubt any fansubbing team will pick this up (but we can always be hopeful!). 😦

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