Loverboy Cyberstalking Project

I’m beyond excited Clothing, the World has a premiere date AT LAST!  I’m done w/ my dose of loverboy in 天地民心/Tian Di Min Xin, the drama is still interesting (to me), I’ll be casually watching but now that any giddy romance bits r done, which outed my inner shoujo beast, I’m not as addicted. (rant: older actor in loverboy’s role is messing w/ me.  20 yrs+ older looking, the switcheroo btn the 2 actors is not doing it.  Esp when I hold strongly to my opinion that older (award winning) actor is handling the role so heavy handed it’s making me weep)

So I’m continuing my shameless mega cyberstalking loverboy project.  I’ll compile a collection of the juicy YH tweets during the shooting of Clothing the World, sprinkling some LSS’s tweets in just coz they (at least their tweets) complete each other.

I’ll start w/ LSS, early on in her minibloggin days, I saw a pic or mention of YH every other tweet or more.  (keke)
We have…

2009-12-04 LSS: Robbers!!

2009-12-12 LSS: …This will cost u a sleepless night !  The person taking the pic is now happily eating his/her instant noodles! (lolz and we wonder who huh?!)

(this is scene LSS got the wound fr *wink*)

2009-12-25 LSS: Merry Christmas!

2010-01-27 YH: 早起化妆永远是一件痛苦的事,可是每当我蓦然一转头,看到旁边一墙的美女,心情总是好了很多。这比什么红牛、咖啡都提神多了。唯一的问题是:我又落枕了!
It’s always painful to wake up bright early for makeup, but when I turned my head all of a sudden, there’s a wallful of pretty ladies, cant help but feel all’s well.  This is a better picker upper than RedBull, coffee…  The only problem: I twitched my neck.  (I note the abundance of pretty dudes as well)

2010-01-29 YH: 隆冬岁末,早起卖艺,临安城门,有一告示。咦!!??通缉的这两我认识!黄金三千,拿去买面,加个鸡蛋,别弄太咸。好湿!好湿!
In the midst of winter, at the year’s end, waking up early, earning a wuxia livin’.  On the Gate of LinAn, a notice for all to see.  HUH?!?!?!  I know these 2 wanted!!!  3000 pieces of gold, I’ll eat noodles with thee, an egg on top, please halt the salt.  Good poem! Good poem!

2010-1-29: 用我的手机上围脖,突然发现某人的名字显示好像有问题,用公主的手机翻拍下来,但她不敢发,怕皇后娘娘“侬颜大怒”,于是这高危的任务又一次历史性地落在 末将肩上。本着牺牲我一个娱乐千万家的态度,娘娘,咱们豁出去了!
I was using my phone to tweet, suddenly I found someone’s name is displayed oddly, I then used Princess’ phone to take a snapshot, but she’s not brave enough to post, scared that Queen Mother can’t contain her fury.  Therefore, this highly hazardous endeavor has fallen again in to this tiny general’s lap.  I’m giving myself up to provide entertainment for the netizens! *lady boss Karen Choi’s name is missing a character when displayed on YH’s phone, now her name sounds exactly like ‘vegetable farmer’*

2010-02-01 曲终,人散。或再见,或永远。
Song ended, friends gone.  maybe a goodbye…. or a farewell.
*the karaoke screen is showing words of a song:  I’m wandering alone on the streets, a lonely afternoon…* So EMO (and there’s nth I ❤ more than an emo hot lonely guy *pet*)


4 thoughts on “Loverboy Cyberstalking Project

    1. his tweets and his blog cracks me up w/ wondrous reading material. Glad to share.

      I’m gathering all his bromance lovey dovey tweets w/ HuGe. ;)Imagine we have that btn Yamapi and Kame back in Nobuta days or any Johnny BL pair of choice, and Cdramaland is giving us their version in RL!!

    1. Re: as you see..

      How about LSS’ tweet where she said, “13th, I’m coming back soon. Don’t be hasty!” when she was at Strange Hero roadshow.

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