Too many pretty dramas, too little freaking time

I havent watched a kdrama for ~1 month.  I’m almost sad that maybe my addiction is finally waning.  I just am fed up w/ settling, and I’ve done more than my threshold for Kdramas.

But these are begging me to watch (or I’m begging them to air NOW):

Trailer for HuGe+IvyChen’s romcom Modern People is out.  And kisskisskisskiss!

New Official MV for theme song fr Clothing the World OST, sang by Kelly Chen:

The song is meh, but this looks GORGEOUS.
I will do many things to have loverboy’s Clothing the World’s exact, solid premiere date, I’m planning my RL schedule around it.   It should be any day now,  news articles r much more frequent lately.

And this promise us a very pretty cast and scenery and clothes.  The 3 swoonworthy bachelors (tbh I suspect all will be hit by boulders at some point and have tragic ends):

Our patriotic dreamboat general

the guy2 in love w/ heroine

guy2’s bro

The main love triangle (I so notice the couple’s outfit and blatant OTP shipping bycostume designer for princess and general)


very pretty, promoting Tian Di Min Xin (the Qing scholar bio), as I’ve said, this is as ‘proper’ a drama as it’ll get, making CCTV very happy to air (w/ cuts and censoring still as YH leaked in his miniblog) even for promoting, the cast went on a PBS-esque educational program talking about how to rear children these days (and I lol’d as to how loverboy can possibly have any input expected… he just talked about his own rearing involving a lot of spanking….hmph..)

last couple days on set of Mi Wu Shuang Long, arghhhh ❤ but *sob* by the rules of Cdrama, it maybe YEARS before this will pass thro all the bureaucracy and get an airing.


YH’s BFF HuGe is busy playing dressing up in his ShangriLa drama, his outfit cracks me up every time:


I still have the new Chinese ghost story Painted Mural that I may check out because of Roy Qiu (who is facetwin of Buchou~~ in the only drama I’m addicted to atm Hotaru No Hikaru 2, ie Fujiki Naohito) :

I’m tempted to just skim thro his drama w/ Chen Qiao En (an EFHL mini reunion/ RL rumored couple on screen?!) because of these pics his assistant tweeted:

but nah… I need sleep more than shallow fangirling.


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