I saw Inception a wk ago. <3333 everything about the movie, on top of it all I had a major case of hormones, proper etiquette aside, I was fangirling the daydreamworthy Joseph Gordon Levitt every single scene he’s in.  Yes, I was openly gushing ‘OMG he’s so YUM and GORGEOUS’ repeatedly in the theater and was shushed.

Oh Arthur, Arthur, Arthur!
credit: VintageSmile @fanpop

Credit: KsouthV2 DeviantArt

credit: robin211

I like Leo enough, just never to the point I’ll crush him, here I thought an edgier, darker, more ordinary joe would be better for Dom. I do not crush an actor that I cant see morphing into roles.  JGL, OTOH, I crushed for a while.  Watching Inception, I gave due respect and attention to plot, writing, directing, to Leo, to Juno/Ellen Page, to the smexy beasty hotness that is Tom Hardy, the always sleazy attractiveness of Cillian Murphy, or even my older guy crushes on Ken Watanabe, Michael Caine.  But secretly, and a bit shamefully, I was always waiting for the next JGL (or Joe as he likes to be referred to) scene.

the front view:

another lucky water bottle…

The crushing or me finding him impossibly hot started with (500) Days of Summer.  It was a cute movie that made me realized JGL is a MAN now, no longer the dwerp in 10 ways I hate about you or 30 Rock (who knew he’ll grow up to be THIS smoking!), dorky cute and can rock a suit.  I’ve looped this MV too many times:

But still this did not prepare me the hotness I saw in Inception

I was more so my spoilerphobe self w/ Inception, and this is the bits fr trailer I cared:

Image Credit: lisztomania.tumblr. robin211

I even ship Arthur/Eames hard:

credit: chureezee @ lj


2 thoughts on “<33 JGL JGL JGL JGL JGL JGL <33

  1. The man is perfection, and yes, he is a MAN now, now longer a boy.

    Joe is our kinda of love, isn’t it, twin? Gorgeous to look at, yes, but a superb actor is what seals the deal.

    Thanks for the massive amount of hotness for me to drool over. Yup, still drooling here.

    1. *le sigh* is it healthy to fangirl soo much? HAHA
      The hotness I saw in him in Inception killed me because I didnt expect it to be this intense. Before Inception I find him very attractive as a charming dork and harmless cute guy, but the way his Arthur is so assured, confident and JGL is so effortless embodying him, that I didnt see it coming. While my friends complained the gorgeous action sequence of our JGL free gravity dancing can be edited more succinctly, I know you and I appreciate every second of it. 🙂 i can spare couple minutes of dense plot progression to appreciate sth as physically beautiful as JGL moving and fighting so suavely in his suit.

      If he’s really in the next Batman, it’ll be too eerie I can not NOT see Heath in him. It’s hard as is, the difference in their screen presence is just that Heath was more raw, wild, organic and earthy. Do you see Jude Law in him? I don’t but all my other gfs are saying so.

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