Clothing, The World (very brief glimpses)

‘Why do you keep calling me an Ajusshi?’ Our General is reverse Oppa-Pout-Winking heroine.

The drama is not officially out, but eps r already pirated online, Mainland web pirates FTW.  I can’t pay full attention ep1, 2.  It’s pretty but nth is pleasantly surprising me with what I’ve seen.  I’m ffing mad, it’s more me, not the drama since I have no patience for the inevitable predictable poor!kids eps.  But there’s hope, it’s moving along at light speed.  By beginning of ep3, they are all grown!!

What I don’t like:
The music cues.  I dont tolerate crappy writing in my Cdramas, and usu it will tide me over… but here, not the case.  The writing is cliched/dated/trite….etc and I was bored even w/ FF
How so?  Amy Chan’s character (ie the maestro/mother figure to our heroine) is grating on my nerves.  *SPOILERS*she was heroine’s Mom’s bff…whom we can tell at first glance is dying fr the greyish makeup she’s doning (<_<)… Way back when, she’s been going steady w/ a guy (at least according to her) but he loved heroine’s Mom instead (I didnt care to un-FF if he’s daddy of heroine).  She’s still pissy about it and holding grudges, throwing things, being a big bitch about it (and I’m very sure she’s not the typical evil lady Macbeth Mommy dearest) To add the cherry on top, she refuses to take orphaned heroine in after Mom’s death for THAT REASON ALONE!  (<__<)

I will still hang on a bit longer because of these caps: the YH fangirls comments r hilarious HAHA, they r chirping on the gender role reversal, the pretty general causing our weaver heroine to lose her cool, droolz for him in the open. (hmmm but that’s typically MY thing..the droolzing at pretty general)


2 thoughts on “Clothing, The World (very brief glimpses)

    1. o no, don’t get bootleg, this is pretty stuff.

      HAHA and I’m totally fattening my own fangirl beast, I bet the official dvd will be out in couple wks. Hold out for it (and lend it to me after u r done)

      but in the mean time I cant stop myself ffing on youku for YH only scenes. I’m pretty pissed fr what I heard, they’ve cut out a LOT of the makeouts btn YH and LSS. BLASPHEMY!!

      I’m borderline on hate towards that TR ladyboss. While YH, LSS r sweating their ass in GuangXi for the presscon, she’s leisurely going over her old pics taken fr ShangriLa and randomly posting them, falalala on twitter asking if there’s suggestion for the next TR drama lightyears away. YO, TR’s PR department has its office @ Prioritize and WORK it!

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