This is a fan-leaked video of the presscon.  All I can make out of it is they are playing a money counting game w/ distractions as in a Q&A.


MC: Who’s your fav actor?
LSS: *countcountcount*
Janine: lolz *yo, hold it in will ya?!*
MC:  Really?
LSS: *countcountcount*
YH: *boastfully* Lets hear it fr her own mouth.
LSS: (finally gets it) I like them all
YH: *bummed*

And LSS got the exact amt correct!
YH has to nudge in:  She’s good wifey material


some more pics tweeted by YH’s fans:

I desperately want to FF till this scene:


5 thoughts on “*kekekekeke*

  1. Too adorable!!

    hey I read on tweeter some lucky fangirl of his played the counting game with him. He’s a flirt, he asked if she’s good at counting $ and she hesitated. He joked saying they will split it YH 8/fan 2 if he’s counting. Fangirl said ok if he’ll take them out to supper and drinks later on. He smiled and just electrocuted them all.

    1. I’m lost for words… feel for those poor girls’ heart will you, loverboy?

      These days, I cracked up everytime I read sth concerning him, either fr news sources or his hilarious tweets or his fangirls.

      There’s a news article out w/ Janine commenting on YH, before she headed off to the set, she’s asked around her good pal *coughEddiePang* how YH is like. Her pal said he’s an all around good guy…but a bit pervie. LOLZ So Janine can’t say she’s not worried, but after meeting him, she found out he’s just very nice, caring and gentleman to all the ladies, maybe that’s why his got mistaken.

      lolz 🙂

    1. o just to get the edge off a shitty Mon, they made their entrance like this: http://a.imageshack.us/img833/2492/dd894410cf062c85a6ef3fe.jpg

      and more just for silly fun stuff:

      the LoCh gang was at Chongqing promoting, they had to do skits and when it’s HG’s turn, he has to propose w/ pop can caps. the tudou vid was taken by fan on the rehearsal, the youku was the exact part that’s aired.

      YUP, for whatever reason, YH and LSS came up w/ their engagement instead.

      1. I feel bad for Ariel. She was left alone while these 2 lovebirds cant get enough of each other.

        That proposal is priceless. YH’s wuxia move is very impressive! HuGe’s very lame!;)

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