Clothing, The World (major RANT)

CtW is not watchable… T_T   Love or Bread lvl of unwatchable.

My vitriol over ladyboss K @ TangRen is at a new high.   This script can not be the work of 3 years, nor 3 wks….even for a kindergartener of v basic command of tiniest bits of C poetry or the period drama lingo.  I refuse to believe this is the work of PD Lee (Legend of Condor Heroes 08, Chinese Paladin(s), Young Yang Clan….) because even though some of his past works r duds in writing,  his crisp, seasoned mastery still shines thro.  This drama has no heart, it’s like they throw together 36 hours of crap on film and sell it to make a bit of dough and call it a day.  Seriously there are scenes that should be extremely heart-tugging, eg when our leads are doing their first tete-a-tete, our hero Gen. Lin breaks out in a case of waxing poetic…and he uses a poetry that I can recite in my kindergarten days as a nursery rhyme, a twinkling, twinkling lil’ star equivalent…and heroine and us all are supposed to be swooned by his brains on top of his looks.  It’s painful to watch.  This is no joke the hardest acting job loverboy has to do.  There are extensive, very jarring cuts.  Scenes are not cohesive, dialogues are horrible and repetitively boring and sucky.  Characters will do a 180 just to fill time and as if they have lobotomies.  The direction is highsch production amateurish.  It reminds me of the scripting and directing in Young Yang Clan (I’m not too fond of….) but w/ those writers and PDs unconscious and on LSD

The only good (but heartbreaking) thing about it is the casting, everybody is doing a good job w/ this crap, I’m amazed,  impressed and bleeding inside for them.  Hence my vitriol: why bother making this piece of stinky cheese when u have gathered this talented bunch of pretties?!?!?!  These are household names of veterans, the only lesser known ones are YH and LSS…yet they are TangRen’s own babies…for a production company sticking their children, their up and coming artists in crap of THEIR own……do not compute.  More headdeskingly they are supposedly ‘leads’,  I flipped thro a good solid ~8 eps over lunch…NOT a scene of General Lin NOR princess.  It’s a tedious 8-10 eps shitload of nonsensical Domestic violence shenanigans serving NO POINT.  I feel bad for Janine.  She doesn’t deserve this shit.   She’s doing a very earnest and respectable job here in her first foray in C period drama.  Oh, and YH+LSS scenes are still OTP gold.

YH tweeted during the filming his Gen Lin is in the drama to ‘move soysauce’… a slang of being wallflower/scenery.  I thought he’s being his usual smartypants, but NOPE.  He’s reduced to minimal lines, basically just strutting and posing and selling pretty droolzable caps.   His fight scenes are the only scenes that I can see ‘effort’ put in, in the design and some vague clues this is a director Lee’s drama.



8 thoughts on “Clothing, The World (major RANT)

    1. I dun freaken care… coz TengRen is throwing it in its dun freaken care pile.

      There must be some stinky back story (my daydream would be YH breaking up w/ TR) for a production company to just be so nonchalant on their own production, all that bs on YH first leading role in a TR production crap (me so furious!).

      I know u r expecting me to rant on this! 😉 I’ve little expectation to begin w/ but this is shockingly worse. I conclude Miss Karen ladyboss has stinky taste in script. As a big shot experienced producer, if you cant tell this is stinky, you dont deserve to be in this business.

      and I’ll rant on and on w/ the music score. TengRen has never been an offender, I


    *Hack* *Kill* Our worst nightmare come true? I would never doubt you for a millisecond this drama is crap. Do you mind watching then procuring cute screencaps of our OTP for us to droolz over? If that is too difficult, then I shall have to do massive FF’ing action soon.

    WHY? Why lord do you do this to our loverboy, and pairing him with ShiShi in risible crap. I am so depressed now.

    1. Will do caps for you, twin! 🙂 just waiting for dvd ver. to finish dl, can’t let u ff thro this crap (but for a dip, check out ep5 to see 4 urself, it only gets more !@##^&*% fr there). I’ve flipped thro all 36 eps in couple hrs and I’m 200% sure I do not miss any impt plotpoint or any nice piece of dialogue(there are none).

      1. I’m still depressed this morning – why bother making a drama AT ALL if you don’t put thought into it. And since it stars an actor much better than the crap he’s given, it makes it all the more distasteful.

        And TangRen ladyboss is lavishing SOOOO much attention on Hu Ge and even Wallace who she picked for Iljimae (really? Wallace with the bad teeth? I don’t understand).

        I’d now rather Yuan Hong go off to another agency, one that will make him a priority instead of an afterthought.

        1. I’m also still very sad/angry. *hug* I hate when lied to and ladyboss did. It’ll be another lie she didnt know this is MAJOR stinky crap, and yet she let YH attach to this for 3 years, in the meantime, he had nth of a decent acting job since LoCH, that is 2006!!

          I mean just out of loyalty for a friend who stuck by you in the darkest year of your company during the hiatus… be less cruel.

          I think there are hints things are falling apart w/ YH and ladyboss. imo it’ll take a LOT to bring him all pissy and down but he was during the filming of that mystery pottery drama. Even after the shoot, he was ranty on twitter saying he needs a lot of drinking to let off steam (and he did). It’s a good couple MONTHS ladyboss had stopped their buddy tweeting on YH’s. He still let out indirectly he still talk for hours w/ HG on phone. YH has been tweeting w/ his homeboys, not w/ any TR peeps and it’s too odd to not think more into that.

        2. I don’t understand her love for Wallace Huo who’s not that great looking and isn’t managed by her. She just likes the Yes Man type.

          She can do all she can to separate YH and LSS, but their friendship remains unbroken and gold. LSS even wears YH’s T-shirts – now that’s borderline friendship

          1. OMGOMGOMGOMG!! *WAVE*

            Can we swear sistahood in YH LURVING?!?! It’s precious to meet someone who loves him as much as we both do!!!

            hahaha borderline friendship? I will need much convincing to rebut them not married and have many secret lovechildren.

            I’ve been happily rolling on the floor in glee of the most satisfying RL romcom btn them last many months. I need a post. Wait for me when I get a workbreak! :)))

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