Clothing, The World (shamelessly milking every Yuan Hong screencap)

Do we need a backstory?!  NOPE, the trailer was THE whole story told in much more fluent, fluid narration.   In the drama, the characters (esp YH’s Gen. Lin) are like pull string dolls, uttering the SAME lines over and over, scene to scene and me going WTFWTFWTFNOOOOOO!!!

So pretty screencaps will start at ep5 and only include loverboy mostly.   I cant believe after I’ve finished I would be saying the first 5, 6 eps were its best.  It was basically kid heroine suffering one obstacle over another blablabla The weaver’s workshop has an evil rivalry, they fought for a place as the newly set up Grand Textile Court in the Palace… the evil bitches won but the righteous heroine side got an honorary mention to also pack their bags and off to palace they go. (so…that ep of silly contesting serves NO pt whatsoever!)

First order of business: Wedding gown for bratty Princess.  the 2 fractions bicker over designs,  non-evils won….for a short while till Princess stomped in shredding their hard work since she doesnt care for a blind, political marriage to a Mongolian:

The girls: L to R – wishy washy ex-gf (lobotomies prone), BFF, bumbling airhead

no need to know the whys (if you must:  to meet up w/  another BFF now maid to Princess, heroine tries the sheet rope prison break maneuver…FAIL and free falling….)

Of course our General Lin is conveniently here to rescue damsel(s).

Heroine got a late night hot scolding from our General Lin for trespassing.

Ohnoes, Damsel #2 needs Gen. Lin’s rescuing asap as well!

Scratch that, NOT damsel, but Pyrophilic Crazybitch (Princess *approving glare*)

more postering:

Since heroine’s BFF rescued princess, she’s awarded w/ being her doppelganger princess to be married off to Mongolia/Siberia to a bear I suppose.

First major crying scene of Janine…and the floodgate is opened

Princess now can carry on w/ her meaningless life, and she picks up weaving, embroidery, tie dyes…

Oooo, but she has girly plans….

…to make a blue flowery robe for General (or order heroine to make) as a token of gratitude/ gf stamp.

*Gen: I don’t like flowers!*

Off to the Textile Court to holler, our General.

I can’t make out if heroine is scared shitless or madfangirling thus needing air

*rawr* and Gen. learns it’s all bratty Princess’ orders the poor weaver heroine is following

AND… he bumps into princess playing hide and seek (more accurately princess bumps into him w/ grabby hands)

Bickering leads to beard grabbing.   Princess is not a hair girl.  ‘Beard or HEAD!’

Gen: nahhh, u cant have a piece of me!

later on we have a fanfic pervie sequence in Princess’ head fleshed out!

*hardest scene YH has filmed to date LOLZ* *to jump or not to jump princess soughLSScough*

While Princess is happily giggling w/ her gfs over boycrushing, Gen is off to a pretty mountain to meet w/ another general w/ bad news on war front

And that’s 2 whole eps (5, 6) of CtW, adding up to maybe 10 min of screen time of YH and LSS summed up.

At this very point of FFing, I was not mad (yet).


4 thoughts on “Clothing, The World (shamelessly milking every Yuan Hong screencap)

  1. I Wuv You! Will you be my twin? Oh wait….you already are. 🙂 I is a lucky lucky girl to have such a self-sacrificing twinnie. In the wuxia world, I would sacrifice myself so you and loverboy can go off to the outer peach plains and live like gods ever after.

    1. NOO!! No twin sacrificing in my wuxialand, who to discuss our BL?! and mantra shopping?!! We can screw all the feminist in us and fangirl tog. Pretty sure I’ll be outwit by loverboy within an hr in that peachy prairie, but tog we can flirt, tease and pull his beard!

    1. Usu I’ll abuse the ‘it’s me, not you, drama’ but NOPE.
      Actually if u r reading synopsis of this, it’s not bloody awful…decent DJG-esque enlightening girl power FTW! but the execution of this is sooo frelling off, the pacing is Ridiculous, it drags for nth, then rushes thro scenes that can be much better used for milking emotions. The fact it’s suffering massive cuts and censoring, the last nail in the coffin. watch ep5 (THE best ep of whole drama) and see for yourself! *SOB*

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