Clothing, the World Screencaps part 2

Eps 7, 8 put it in stone this is not going anywhere I like… T_T  These are Gen Lin heavy eps….and so WTF silly.

We started cute:
Gen Lin and Princess bump into each other again, round 2 of beard bickering. I ADORE Belligerent sexual tension.

Princess orders Gen Lin to get lost, but he has an urgent matter to report to the Emperor.  The baddie officials in court have been keeping the dire truth of the losing war fr HRH and the army desperately needs reinforcements.  But Emperor is a walking duck, not only is he not giving patriotic hero Lin any chance to talk, he’s pissed off by the waste of seconds of his Concubine cuddling time and lashes it out by leaving to his favorite Concubine’s quarters.  Lady (maternal Aunt of Princess) is MAD at Gen. Lin.

Gen. is sad

He lets off steam by being a lumberjack.  Heroine is here to ask for the Eunuch in charge for some firewood per Princess’ order, but she’s not hiding the glee seeing the manly wood-chopping action (or that backside)

I did lol at lines here XD  Gen: What? The princess want to set herself on fire again (asking for wood)?  Tell her it’s easier to die strangling herself from a beam!  At least that wont put others in danger!

General is cranky and dumping it on heroine.  (Tall, Dark, Emo, Snark)

For reasons beyond me, General comes up w/ idea of asking for Concubine Lady who’s mad at him for the HUGE favor:  relay to Emperor the  HORRID news at the war front.

What is not jelling w/ General is the only persuasion he can come up w/ is repeatedly pleading ‘ Lady! Please, Lady!’ Lady is all practical: she’s just a concubine, she should not muddle w/ politics.  She’s losing HRH’s affection as is, this will be ‘career suicide’.

Heroine witnesses it all and in order to help out her crush, she bargains w/ the Lady that since she’s came up w/ her pretty gown for the upcoming King’s birthday bash, Lady will return the favor by doing what Gen. Lin wants. (W. T. F. is that logic, silly?!?!)

OTOH, not 1 ep can go by without the evilbitch doing evil deeds

Heroine does not waste time to ask for brownie points.  She waits for Gen Lin on his usual patrolling route.

But General hollers it’s none of her business and she should stop being a busybody  (So far General is not the brightest bulb, he’s grumpy and emo all the time, though understandably as a country loving worrying General should, so both his IQ and EQ are not that desirable.  His redeeming quality is being pretty, owning all the closeup head shots….and can chop wood.)

Up next we have MURDER! Arrests of the innocents! and General imitating Conan the detective!

The Sung forensic expert says the gold powder on the new fancy outfit that killed the maid (murderer true intent is to kill Lady Aunt) is made up of scales on the wings of moths (for itchiness) doused in poisonous snake’s venom (enters bloodstream fr the itchy scratches)

And our Sung dynasty Charlie’s Angels investigate! Gen Lin finds a box w/ white powder! Oooooo!
Alas, it’s just face powder

Our self-sacrificing Sifu/Mother of the girls confesses to the crime.  Princess: WTF?!

The following scene is 5 min of shenanigans w/ the girls being freed while wailing ‘Sifu! Sifu! You can’t die for us!’ x100

Yes, it’s not your eyes doing funny tricks, in the middle of the nonsense heroine decides to pay back her sifu in gratitude by banging her head at a wall.  AND Gen. Lin looks on, without moving a toe, full concentration on being pretty and giving me gorgeous caps of his face.

Here I lol again.  The girls plead w/ the head of investigation (scummy pervie face), he promises them the world IF they’ll do as told……and he asks them to embroider FLOWERS on stinky boots of the guards! LOLZ! Imean anything you want on these pretty younglings and you want flowers on your booties?!?!?!??!?! OH my tummy!

The next scene sprouts a conspiracy:  Maybe Gen Lin is…gay?!  He’s only nice to the old Eunuch, his chat buddy in palace who is the head of the kitchen/firewood .  He helps him out  chopping the wood whenever he’s emo.  Here he’s having a deep convo with Eunuch in the middle of the night nicely lit by lantern lights and ranting on woman is the root of trouble,   hmmmm

While chatting they find Eunuch’s dead kitten.
Gen: Don’t touch it!  Seems like it dies fr the same poison as the maid.

General then traces the glittering powder trail to the house of the other Lady Concubine, who is in constant catty fights w/ Princess’ Aunt.

The weaver girls FINALLY see the ridiculous and ask for the no good investigator to honor their pact of reinstating the innocence of their sifu (lol), to which the scumbag breaks out in roaring laughter spelling it out:  he’s just extremely bored and silly, nothing better to do than toying with them….and they are retarded to think some embroidery will free their sifu fr the sticky situation she got herself into. (So. Very. True. Are we ever supposed to find a pervie looking scumbag side character the brightest of them all?! O___O)….and then we got hero here for …. a rescue of sorts?!

Revelation time!  A dead kitten was found;  same poisoned death as maid; followed paw prints till maids’ quarters.

Another search is called for!  Gen. Lin is the ONLY person seeing the shady maid, of course…and TADA!

Maid confesses the poisonous powder is evil Concubine’s, She asked maid to dispose of it for her, but maid is distracted by the pretty box.  Gen. Lin brilliantly connects the dots and deduces evil Lady is mastermind.  He enlightens scummy investigator but he refuses to arrest, she’s King’s Favorite Concubine!  Then maid conveniently strangles herself to death in the cell.

So Gen Lin brings the investigation to Princess Aunt in order for justice to be served and Weaver Sifu, the innocent, be freed, airing the juicy dagger EvilLady is behind this!

I expect some silly scheming, but I’m WRONG.  Lady Aunt airs it all out tactlessly in front of King who has Evil Concubine in his loving embrace!  To the surprise of no one but Lady Aunt, she’s ordered to get the heck out of sight.

General assumes things are taken care of, and visits Lady Aunt.  She’s woefully playing her Pi Pa (get a clue, General!)  We can always count on General being ‘stubborn’ he asks for a favor again: freeing Weaver Sifu, we need justice! blablablabla.

Sifu is freed, telling the girls they should all be very grateful to Gen. Lin for saving their lives, adding more firewood to Heroine’s burning crush on General.


5 thoughts on “Clothing, the World Screencaps part 2

  1. This is like the dumbest PoS drama next to R#1 and TnK this year. Sheer brain dead dialogue and pointless plot. But I lovelovelove your recaps, LOL and makes me soooo happy. 😀 Keep up the wonderful work, twinnie. I slurp up every yummy screen cap of emo low-EQ general.

  2. OK, you win. This is awfully bad. 🙂 Thank you for the entertaining captions! I laughed at the embroidering flowers on stinky shoes as ‘payment’. It’ll make more sense if they stick with sexual advances.

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