Clothing the World ep9 *swoon*

United we fangirl! *Don’t get me wrong, this PoS is not going anywhere rosy smelling*

Lets put it down in black and white this is the exact point in time all the female crew are swooning over YH.  I recall fr all the tweeting, bulk of directing is done by a lady PD May,  I suspect she’s responsible for all the non-action directing and  PD Lee worked on all the fights…..that explains a LOT.

I figure if I had a few drinks in me, this will go down easy.   Gen Lin agrees

We all know why a little thank you ‘per Sifu orders’ will lead to major stalking to his dad’s grave, gf.
I bet Gen Lin knows too.  First smile fr our Grumpy

Our General can be vain, all cute and whiny, toying his own beard and not too happy to be called a DaiShu/ ajusshi.

but in a split sec, he’s BACK~!  warning Qiao Er if she leaks a word on confidential document on war front.  He’ll bite her head off!

And off he goes with secret docu in hand pleading his case to Lady Aunt AGAIN! (as I said not the brightest bulb, our General) *so a non-castrated general can roam freely in a Lady’s digging?! me wonders if Gen+Lady Aunt has a little sthsth on the side…I kid*

*SHOCK* …lol slow but he’s cute when denied

Princess is bored and craving some air outside of Palace.  poetic solution: kite flying, and she let kite go the other side of the palace walls.

And Gen. is ordered to get back the silly kite. *humph*  Their eying is still very OTP no matter how much they tried to cut out the Gen/Princess scenes to force the QiaoEr/Gen OTP on us.  Refuse to buy.

QiaoEr is not one who misses any alone time w/ Gen. in some rural mountain. GiaoEr: ‘I’ll lead the way for you, General!’

But it’s not as pleasant as she fantasizes, perhaps.  Our Grumpy ranted the whole hike on the silly business of womanhood in Palace of eating, drinking and merrying… and kite fetching.

To spice things up, QiaoEr falls (unintentional?!…my ass)

Then we have a min of Gen Lin fluttering the poor girl’s heart like this:
Are you in pain?

Earlier on General saved a wounded bunnie trapped in woods by a hankie (and of coz hankie is QiaoEr’s)

QiaoEr: *goner me*
Oh we saved the same wounded bunnie! OTP!OTP!OTP! *Hey just let me cheer myself on while LSSprincess is not in sight, will ya?  A girl can dream*

QiaoEr gets a lecture fr Grumpy her way of saving the rabbit ended up trapping it in the bushes, starving to death.  Pissed (fake), she walks off and falling back into the arms of General. Gen suggests piggyback ride to Palace.  QiaoEr, per decorum, fake not-want.

Stop faking the not want, woman!

Quite game, our QiaoEr, she offers to mend his torn sleeve.

THEN, we have this, my A-B repeat.  He’s performing a shaving ritual marking end of mourning for his Father.

All the while QiaoEr is not containing her pervie fangirl self AT ALL

He proclaims his aspiration to fight in the front line for his country.  QiaoEr is more pragmatic. How about no war and peace talk?

…with that she’s unleashed the Kraken

In the meantime Gen Lin stalker #2 is missing him

Actually she passes by him shortly after without noticing… for a split sec.

Next, she’s DASHING towards her general.  A sharp eye for pretty,Your Royal Highness.

The other fangirls are ogling as well :

Gen Lin only has eyes for QiaoEr though:

Then we have the whole next scene of them gfs fangirling some more: (LSS is very cute)

Gen Lin asks his boss for a transfer to the war front.  No luck since he’s appointed to his current position by the Emperor.

Plot: Winter is coming, they need silkworms to make blankies and have to get some out of Palace.  Princess crossdresses as a boy and off they go for some fun!



Shaving scene @ 6:30 mark:

Doesn’t this remind us of the old bathing in pond scene where the heroine’s sexy is revealed to hero in skin and nothing screams OTP more with sucha scene in place?


4 thoughts on “Clothing the World ep9 *swoon*

  1. Plot still not in existence. Anywhere I see. But our grumpy hairy-then-hairless General is hawt. Qiao-Er is a female version of a douchebag if there ever was one. So frou frou useless without a personality.

    Princess is fiesty, in and out of…..the palace.

    1. O, twinie, you thought so already?! we r not even at the super headdesking eps. Her character is not sticking out douchy ‘useless’ as my loverboy-centric caps r making out her to be…. because ALL of them are, hawt general included.

      And trust me, no plot is better than paying attention to the lines. 😉 As soon as they announce that silkworm thing, u know the evilbitches will scheme and these brainless goody2shoes will fall, but it doesnt matter anyways cause there is magic wand/Gen Lin to the rescue.

  2. I watched the shaving part. it’s funny how the gender roles are reversed. The general is like a vase for all the girls to ogle and all he does is walk around and drink at his dad’s grave or chop wood. Seems like the women are working very hard to earn a living.

    YH has very pretty hands. I’m jealous!

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