Clothing, the World (still)

I sat down, made some caps and gave drama a more dignified watch.   Maybe w/ the initial disappointment sinking in, I’m able to be more rational.  To be fair this is not R#1, TnK lvl of crap solely because the acting is all around fine (unbiased, really).

Total PoC usu falters in many dept imaginable (or unimaginable),  CtW is a slower, sadder burn.  Arcs plodded on smoothly at first and I was cautiously hopeful, not even harping on the cliches and the tired progression in my head, yet EVERY single time my tiny bubble will burst w/ shxt hits fan lines and exactly repeated scenes written by the dullest of writers, failing miserably in execution…esp headdesking:  when on paper, it’s decent a scene progression.  (I see ladyboss K’s stamp on script, so her style, in her tweets she’s capable of thoughtful musings…but always interspersed with ridiculously retarded word diarrhea, eg she recently dissed Eddie Peng’s command of written Chinese saying he’s always weirdly off (she can hold that opinion),  but nth can to done since he’s ABC. (WTF!? <_< ).

QiaoEr is lame and we are never given any proof of anything extraordinary about her, except being told she’s the best of her bunch (not saying much…) There’s no deeper passion in everything she does.  I dont see her drive in her craft artistically, she falls for Gen Lin just because he reminds her of her dad (because of his BEARD!!!) who passed on when she’s 3!!!   I can get the shallow lust after the skinship, the shaving scene and his repeated knight in shining armor rescues, but I cant disregard this was designed to be THE ONE TRUE first love haunting her life.   QiaoEr +Gen Lin falls so short in epicness,  I see it as the same as me fangirling loverboy, cute and exciting pasttime, but nth life-altering inspirational.

So we left off with Princess in the City!  I didnt even expect anything cute.  10 mins into ep 10, we have a ‘silver fox/ husky’ chase, ALL the damsels have fallen and hurt themselves to the point of can’t walk LOLZ.
And busy Gen. Lin has to rescue this damsel…. *very cute and OTPOTPIduncareOTP*

AND this one as well!

just so we’re confirmed all the girls are still fangirling him (Duh)

and MORE skinship, Guy2 is hauling them up

Back in palace, Princess is spilling out beans of love towards Gen Lin, and he bounces every bit of her love off.

but princess is still ‘me likey!’

There’s no rationale in why Gen Lin is like a schoolboy in love w/ QiaoEr.  She’s just any normal working girl in the palace, albeit a hard working one.  He even said to her face she’s not pretty, ruling out the superficials.  He’s this super PATRIOT preoccupied w/ the war and sovereignty, no? He has to probe who is Guy2 to QiaoEr, relieved he’s just a friend.  (rant aside, I can still fangirl 🙂 )

Then we have the major heart to heart.  A lot of talk on their parents, how he’s unfilial

The following scene gives me a good lol at the ridiculous.  Princess wants to sew a belt for Gen. as gratitude for saving her  life for the nth time, sees the band QiaoEr’s making for General, jealous (understandable), and…. she asks if they have DO IT!!!!!!5^$ AND bff reiterates the big Q!   I’m pretty sure sex education was never THAT advance

Princess asks QiaoEr to do the sewing for her (again)

Gen. is like a giddy schoolboy getting QiaoEr’s band

Just to make QiaoEr douchier, she cant ‘spell’

‘Lucky’ Gen also gets another homemade gift fr Princess.

‘huh? same ‘spelling’ mistake?!  All retards they are, the damsels!’

Is our general smarter under the love potion?  He figures it’s handiwork of QiaoEr right away!

With that smile and the acceptance of the belt, princess has enough chips to ask King for Gen.’s hand in marriage!
Gen: *SHOCK*

And he refuses the proposal with a big speech of War>>>>>Romance

On top of being snuffed, Princess sees the QiaoEr band.  Gen: None of your business, YRH

She cried and whined but she’s happy face next day spotting her General

But he’s COLD, pointing his guards to go another route. Princess chases his every detour.

Gen. tells QiaoEr he’ll make a last visit home before heading off to war.  She can’t contain herself as she walks off.

Mom is against his enlistment.  She’s lost her husband and 3 older sons to the Song empire. Enough is enough

Gen. chooses to be unfilial over ‘unpatriotic’

The girls are left to pray to Buddha everyday for their Gen. safe return.  QiaoEr our heroine wishes one thing on top, Gen+Princess OTP happily every after.

a big chunk of the ep is used up by BFF seducing King.  *sigh* This is so not the time to waste on side characters

Gen Lin is a sweet ‘unfilial’ son.  One of his swoonworthy acts is to thread Mom’s needles for her.

Mom finds out his belt with pretty embroidery and already she’s urging for grandkids

Gen Lin needs to combat for the post in the army.  And loverboy is totally channeling Yang Kang, look at his Nine Yin White Bone Claw!!! 🙂

Princess makes her last effort to beg him NOT to fight in the war before seeing him off.  In vain, she also gets yet another turn down in her face.

QiaoEr also dashes to bid her goodbye…and YES she falls again.  ARGH.


*spoilers for next 10 eps*
Once Gen’s gone.  We have undiluted purposeless makjang.  BFF slept w/ King, evilLady found out and tried to burn her to death but she’s saved by QiaoEr, w/ an ugly scar and banished fr court.  Later on, She had a drunken one night stand with Guy2’s dumb older bro… they got married shotgun style.  Evilbitch is still scheming nasty traps and they fall into EVERY. Single. One.  Fool once, shame on evilbitch, fool twice, thrice, 4x+, shame?! what shame!  They ended up all banished fr Court.  Sifu had to go on exile. Oh and QiaoEr was almost raped by that scummy investigator to save Sifu, rapist beat the legs out of Guy2 literally. QiaoEr impressed Mom Lin by comparing General to a bee (don’t ask lolz) and Mom asked for grandkids fr her. (LOLZ). But she then thought Gen Lin’s dead and off to marry Guy2 out of duty and guilt….and turned into a DV victim.  All of this has nth to do with her honing her craft as a master weaver.

We only have a nightmare sequence fr QiaoEr all these eps of General being killed off



2 thoughts on “Clothing, the World (still)

  1. You are still bestest twinnie on planet, still yummy loverboy screencaps and lol-awesomest ponderings on the sorry state of this drama!

    Your new baby boy friendphew sounds adorable!

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