I was so behind w/ work all day gluing myself at all the online HK news clips. What is this ridiculous world we’re living in?!

I can accept shit happens, tragic deaths concerning hostage situations are not unheard of but imo and ALL the world w/ the ability of some sense and normal human behavior (unlike those PNPs or the ‘Special’ Weapons and Tactics bunch of morons) Those 8 lives (or 9) can easily be saved if there are professional help involved!  ARGHHH *WAIL*!!!

My parents and my friends watched it live and I’m basically watching along w/ them.   Hijacker was asking for a reinstatement of his job as a police.  How hard is it to JUST DO IT and talk about justice and all that crap later?!?!?! And YOU r crapping out your asses saying u dont deal w/ terrorist..he’s been acting calmly and it’s an unfortunate shock he opened fire WTFWTFWTF!!~!%  incompetent aholes, he had an M16!!!!!  

The bus driver escaped, the Pinoy tourguide pleaded her own release leaving the tourists w/ no command of the language there.  And we all watched on as the trauma ticked on for 10 hours

Earlier on the hijacker let a mom and her 2 children go, she’s so smart on her feet to fake the other kid in the group is her nephew, saving his life.  The poor 11 year old lost both his parents in the tragedy.

There’s NO plan of rescue in case of a lock in?!  Tear gas?!  some kind of smaller explosive device?!?! Ladder?! Or enough guns to go around the squad?!!

So you have his bro, a police, there for negotiating purpose… then u ARREST said bro in front of him for conspiracy!?$?@1^&  MY brain repeatedly exploded…let alone an unstable desperate nutcase w/ a semi automatic rifle and 15 hostages!!!!

The snipers. even the journalists got MANY clear shots of his WHOLE body when he’s releasing some hostages.  a leg wound, any non life threatening wound,  it can end as peacefully and calmly as possible considering. and u stake out for 10 hours and DO nth till shots are HEARD!!! 
GIVE me a bb gun, I can do a better job although I’ve never fired shit in my life.

The HK tourguide was later handcuffed at the door as a human shield.  He’s done everything he can, he made a crucial call, a first alert minutes into the hijacking. RIP!

And after u heard the shots… u still use that ONE single hammer in the whole squad to hammer the windows, for 30+ min…. IN VAIN!!  That certainly did it for me and all the ppl watching the live broadcasting on TV to just FLIP!   COME ON! it’s a tour bus for Christ’s sake, there are emergency pulls to unleash the door or  the back in AN EMERGENCY! you dont go take a peek, the crazy gave u a disapproving look/ grunt and you BACK OFF!! and use HAMMER!!!  After you got a hole in the window FINALLy and you throw in….glow sticks?!?!??!%$!$^&$8#%P(*^)&^%$#$%#&*^$()%(&^*%$#~$$^%#&$

A survivor said she’s alive since her husband made a heroic act of dashing up to the hijacker, grabbing his rifle and  in the shuffling got himself killed, 3 of the victims were shot dead by the snipers when they THEN advance inside the bus.  I have NO WORDS.


My sincere prayers to all the victims and their family.  May you find peace where you are… 


One thought on “RIP T_T

  1. This is so sad. Rumors are the PNP is afraid the hijacker will talk to media about the corruption in PNP, therefore they have no plan to save the hostages. There are too many grave mistakes one on top of the other to explain what they did otherwise.

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