I can explain w/ a straight face my obsession w/ BL by how precious and rare a thing I see public displays of affection of guys… and ridiculously pretty wuxia boys in costumes and hair and swords and LONG spears are my eternal weakness.  So when 2 (or more) of my hawt wuxia boys gushing out  their ‘ I lurve you, BRO!’  I giggle.  I happy dance.  I mush my brain some more.  and more giggles. Easily my fav BL CP in wuxia world is Guo Jing and Yang Hong no contest (the pretty ANGST! In the original it’s absolutely unconditional, unrequited and the other party pays it back w/ pure, intense, inexplicable HATRED! ), distant second will be WXB and KX in Deer Cauldron, but WXB and his romancing of SEVEN wives mess up the totality of their BL OTPness more than say a Huang Rong + a Mu NianCi

I lol for the first time for too long watching this:

THANK YOU JUAN, you talented wicked bromance enabler genius!!.


One thought on “BL BL BL BL

  1. Hahahahaha, this was adorbs and ridiculously dorky.

    Julian and Wallace are just too….pretty to show off their bro-liness. But our loverboy and HG are perfect together. True wuv forever!

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