I do check mirror and see if there’s really happy firework bursting around me

This will be my 12$%^#&$8#th post on loverboy. and frankly I’m loving myself for it!

What ELSE am I supposed to do?! He’s feeding me daily sweetest things of why I should just love him more, which I declared impossible months ago, each and every moment.

lately, I’ve been ignoring any twittering.  My life is that of a jetlagging pig. a very gluttonous pig.  If another person ask me if I’m pregnant (that is happening at a frequency of EVERY gathering of any sorts), I’ll publicly pull up my top,  flap my bouncy tummy and stomp on it to prove, ‘yes, maybe, but not anymore? and btw none of your f*king business’

1.  He absolutely is captivated w/ Inception.  HAD HIS MIND BLEW AWAY and tweeting up a storm!
2.  He hearts Johnny (Depp).  I do still love Johnny a bit more than loverboy at this very moment, but as I’m typing…I’m not so sure anymore…
3.  He talks XXX dirtily in public, tweeting/flirting with a hot witty female writer.  Odd!me just LURVE any celeb who constantly middle fingers his/her image, I will instantly translate that to cool and thus I fangirl!
4.  I’m PRETTY sure his love for BL and all things shameless is a Pacific bigger than mine: he typed this to his homie:  second line fr bottom of the keyboard, R to L: LKJHGFDSA ie @*$#^&*%&^%$ (shorthand in Chinese that even I, am too embarrassed to type it out (along the line as dirty as the Aristocrats joke)
5. He and his buds reminisced on their first day of highschool.  All he remembered:  He wore  A TIGHT WHITE TEE! And the adoring glances the girls were throwing at him.  (LOLZ tbh if I were one of the girls I’ll gawk at any silly jock in a white tee just to mentally smirk my ass off!)

I can’t help it if this is too showing of the shallow me. 😉

Happy happy Monday! la la la~

ARGH Crap!  I just read a news on the most insanely ridiculous ruling of a child molestation/rape case in TW where the judge ‘finds no evidence of the resentment of the 6 yo victim…and therefore not statutory rape’ and that lowest scum got a minor offense and will only be jailed ~3 years. WTFWTFWTFWTF~~~~!!!! I think authorities should look into judge’s pedophilic tendency.


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