you SPARKLE!! <333333 we should be the ones needing those shades looking at you, gorgeous you~~!!


2 thoughts on “AHHH BIN!

  1. I swear the prerequisite for starring in Secret Garden is one must grow a mane of shoulder length hair. First Hyukie, now Binnie.

    I think Binnie doing SG is a great move for his career. KES is coming off a high from City Hall buzz still, and a rom-melodrama with Ha Ji Won is sure to be watcheable.

    1. I know! argh as if he’s not getting enough vitriol fr the heartbroken Hyukie fans. Fact is, I’ve heard of bin’s rumored SG casting wayyy before Hyukie was attached. So I can only guess what scandalous dramas went on behind the scene in the casting. This is a ‘better’ do, but I dun care for him in longish manes… even in SQ I can do w/o the mane, but keep the stubble.

      My fellow C binnie buddies are all ECSTATIC, many gushing their SAMSHIKI redux dream comes true. my HUGE pet peeve is revisiting characters by any actor. So if binnie’s char is anything resembling Samshiki, I’ll be bummed. I cant be more excited w/ the pairing though!!!

      What is out of the left field for me is IF binnieboy has prioritized for great moves for his career…we wont have him deliberating not working postMNIKSS, and a lot of the duds and even Friends, Our Legend. It’s terrific that he can deliver but FOL can more easily be a career suicide.

      It’s not that I’m against him in a rom-melodrama (I’m not genre bound, but WTH is a rom-melo, has it EVER worked?!?! haha). Never have I tried as mightily hard to be positive and lenient w/ a writer/PD combo. I’ve seen EVERYTHING they’ve done (ok not every episodes, I’ll die of Clockwork Orange suicide) down to 1 full ep of Hello![and get lost] Miss. CH is ok for me up to ep7, but not OMG exciting me to continue. I just dont find their collaborations offering anything fresh, innovative/creative, it’s always some level of tolerance on my part as an audience to labor through, and SG on paper is in serious jeopardy of cliche-prone to the point of turning me off (esp considering their past works). I hope the directing and writing will be tolerable, anything more positive an expectation, I’m just deluding myself. My HUGE glimmer of hope is w/ the still attached Goddess HJW (

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