Hyun Bin +Tang Wei @ PIFF

I miss all my silly habits : crazy picspamming, uncontrollable droolzings and OMGing in screams at my computer screen to its annoyance.

I’m not gonna lie, I like my binnieboy in short, SHORT hair.  his hottest hair for me is crewcut as the young DongSu.  So though I’m already heartsinking for the day I have to send him off to his MS,  none of my tears will be for lost of hair.  I don’t have to make sense….but as I think his face is so perfectly gorgeous…hair distracts.

And my madly girl crushing, totally owning me C actress is Tang Wei.  Am I so very sad Crossing Hennessey (my fav little gem last year fr HK cinema) wasnt at least a contender for HK’s entry to Oscar as opposed to the histrionic crowdpleasing/whoring Echoes over the Rainbows.

Tonight of all nights, while I’m falling so catastrophically behind on many life responsibilities… I’m checking every min for PIFF pics of the 2.

and O.  M.  G. binnieboy is FIERCE!  Tang Wei is Tang Wei and the apple in my eye, she exudes a quiet, sweet, gentle confidence, her charm and allure is such a slow burn that she is…owning me.

…and they are so perfect together! I think they are charismatic in very similar notes, understated in RL, yet can be shockingly explosive and camera hungry on film. me like!


this is channeling Kang Kook (the off work metrosexual mirror carrying one)  whom will forever occupy a very cozy, soft spot in my heart, I’m so loving it.  (yes, I’m happily alone in my little boat.  I dont ever wanna see binnie in longish hair.  NEVER!)

and psst…. this maybe THE Look for SG!! omo omo, AM I EXCITED FOR IT NOW!!!

source: DC Hyunbin Gallery


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