A (Un)curious case of a DBSK fangirl in making

It’s not like I live under a rock.  I can name and identify all the FIVE DBSK boys *pat self*  I’ve watched my Xman. Insa is almost the only decent thing out of MFL. I have some of their songs in my ipod.  Including Bolero (more on that)

This has the ohsoyoung, not as many PS  KHJ as well:

*Xman clip deleted by SBSHUBWTF*

Then I’m addicted to SKKS.  madly madly batshitcrazily addicted.  I think I tweeted 100+ word diarrhea twits on it alone today.

Anyway I go down the usual route.

This: *Oh well it’s Micky being cute/dorky/pretty/funny but taken down by ‘SBS HubWTF’*


*and quite a few more*   All cute and harmless.

but it is THIS clip that flails me into their slaves:

I dun know enough about them to be true fans, never will.  I’m curious about the DBSK ->JYJ but not enough to sieve and read through it.
But it’s this clip I’ve sold my soul to them.  I don’t know what the lyrics r saying.  I don’t care, it’s beyond the point, transcending it all.  I saw in them the emotions of saying heartripping sad goodbyes to their dear boyhood friends with tears and farewells. And everything won’t be the same ever again.  I dun care if this is their last song together, all 5 of them, but when I was watching it, I felt it as their last soiree.  I teared.  I don’t know what you are made up of if you didnt FEEL some wrenching human emotions fr every single one of them.  And they sing terrifically well LIVE.   I don’t need to know more, the always curious nosy me.  I will just ship the DBSK boys forever and ever.


2 thoughts on “A (Un)curious case of a DBSK fangirl in making

  1. I am not a DBSK fan but enough people on my flist are that here is what I got about DBSK –> JYJ.

    Three of DBSK’s 5 members were unhappy with what they termed ‘slave contracts’ by their company and sued to get out of them. The court largely ruled in their favor and so they left and became JYJ (there are still some legal issues remaining and it’s kinda messy so they are all still fighting but not exactly sure what’s going on). The other two didn’t want to leave the company, so they stayed with it and will presumably pursue their own careers.

    1. Thanks for the 411. I dont handle goodbyes well at all and the thought of them not able 2 share a stage breaks my heart.

      O I’m not ‘qualified’ or rabid by my standard 2 be a dbsk fangirl, ever. But I think Micky will be an explosive angster in a drama, screaming crying his ‘otokeeeee?@$&!!!’in some rain! this we wont see in skks though he’s so good in there newbie no newbie.

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