Secret Garden (AHHHAHH)

I already have the new crack for chasing the SKKS dragon. and oh how EX-CEL-LENT the timing.

SKKS will be done in 2 wks *sob* I will claim my life back before binnie/HJW FLUFF *fingercrossed* showers on us Nov 13th.  I must’ve paid my dues as a fangirl.  Everything is pointing that I wont be as rabid a fangirl as SKKS is owning me.  On top of everything else that it SKKS is clicking, I love a good school shoujo drama w/ reverse harem of hot boys and ahjusshis and enough brains to sweet up the fluff more and SKKS is perfect in that sense.  OTOH bodyswitcheroo? OnAir writer? enough to make me FLEE, but what’s a fangirl extraordinaire if I’m not doing my ‘AHHHHH BINNIIEEEEE’s !! even if he’s emaciated (but he SMILES and world is good again AHHHH~),  plus I girlcrush HJW a lot.

SBS just released a LOAD of pics and we already have binnie/HJW ‘skinship’ and blood and token hospital scene .

The Poor YSH/Oscar campaign can start early just on his WTFug wardrobe alone.  Are we really having a love triangle of sorts? REALLY?  Call me shallow, on 1 hand we have binnie in suits suits and more suits, reading Time mag, even jump suit is SPARKLING…the other bachelor: rabbit fur vest?  No char in HJW’s body can have that questionable a taste (SJ doesnt ❤ JM for his funny furs, serious). If we are having another sexually confused dude arc, and Oscar is crushing on binnie, luring him by borrowing fr Bora’s wardrobe, excuse me for a second.. BORA MUST DIE MOREEEE! I need to see the original Yonsama number inspiring this Oscar outfit.


3 thoughts on “Secret Garden (AHHHAHH)

  1. Must…not…hyperventilate.

    How can a human being look as inhumanly gorgeous as Hyun Bin? (Well, I always thought it was a toos-up between him and Joo Ji Hoon but the latter had to get caught drugging out, cut his hair and went to the Army, leaving Binnie the winner by default). Plus, suits!!!!!

    I agree with you on YSH. WTF – from the hair to the fur vest (I swear I own one like that only in grey!), it just looks like he is seeking advice from HJW on how to be a real woman, as he prepares for his male-to-female surgery. Just – no.

    I actually like the writer so this is a cautious ‘yay’ all around for me, weird theme or not.

    1. Have u seen Ireland? binnie in suits thro’out and he’s this cute:

      That one is extreme hate (sweet ockoala hates it) or sorta love for most, never a dull watch. I wanna burn most char. in hot fire, but angelic bodyguard binnie in suits makes up for it. it has ANGST and maybe your thing?!

      HJW is giving me some WHIB SJ vibe in these pics. binnie’s char can be SJS’s IW balled into the filthy rich JM. That alone is piquing my interest. But I also want to find out HOW writer can spin this into a melo. hmmm

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