Loverboy Yuan Hong has finally landed a role in a MODERN day drama!!!! YAY!! I’m so happy for him, that’s been on his wishlist like forever.  It’s a minor role in an 80 ep(?) saga 广告风云 airing dirty laundry on the advertising world.   Lady PD was a solid TVB director of some big TVB hits back in the days.  I’ll check YH out in it for sure when it’s out. (but I can’t stand the lead Raymond Lam/林峰, that’s what the ff button is for)

It’s quite official his contract with TengRen has finished and thus he’s no longer under its management.  But he’s a sweet guy, still on tweeting terms w/ ladyboss and when I caught YangMi tweeting to a homesicked TangYan (who is the girl2 in this ad saga) telling her to get her frustration all out on YuanHong (and of course he tweeted back sth cute and silly and funny)  I had a grin on my face.  I ❤ YangMi and it’s nice all that catfighting btn her and ladyboss is not denting her friendship w/ YH. 🙂

His sel-ca on the set:

I don’t think he’ll be playing any goody2shoes in it, but I’ll happily trade niceties w/ HAWTNESS!
Then he’ll be off shaving his head for the Qing time-travel palace romance/weepy. 

And he’s also tweeting up rofl flirty frat jokes on the male gymnast role Eddie Peng has just wrapped up.


4 thoughts on “Finally!!

  1. I read that Ad Mania (Guang Gao Feng Yun) is going to be shown very soon, by April 2011. So looking forward to more fangirling from you!

    Unfortunately I don’t think he has a lot of scenes as he had to finish up filming quickly to meet the schedule for Bu Bu Jing Xin.

    1. *sigh* don’t get me started on a whole new and LONG BBJX rant.

      haha promise me u’ll watch Ad Mania with me, at least the YH part? he’ll have maybe up to 10 eps in it playing a single dad? *holding out pinky finger*

      1. Of course will watch it! But the person who did the Baidu summary of Ad Mania got YH’s character’s name wrong. Tang Yan clarified in her weibo that his character will be Ouyang Le, not the single dad character. Ouyang Le will rival with Raymond Lam’s character for Tang Yan’s affections. Yes, Ouyang Le is young and single.


          I mean I would love to see him as a single dad, but lil did I know he’ll be playing a delish rival against R Lam. I must be disowned by my own fellow HK womanhood for finding R lam as attractive as a piece of plastic cardboard that cant really act and Loverboy will TOTALLY KILL/SLAY/SLICE/DICE him alive and he’ll vanish in front of my screen without a trace…just the way I want it! MUAHAHAHAHA

          Some lady working backstage on promo of Ad Mania is saying we can start our screeeeches of excitement as they will start storming up the promos and maybe this will be out in May!? as in COUPLE wks?!

          expect me to just go insane as if I’m not already very deep in cuckooland.

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