fanning self, checking BP/HR and maybe hiving… ie batshitfangirling

In the middle of watching SG5. 

*breathe* at least I’m trying to.

really my HR is off the roof I can hear my own fangirly heart beating arrhythmically.   And really I’m turning red and I may have hives.

I’m only couple min in.  HB just uttered ‘OPPA~!’  *I DIE*

I shrieked OMOOMOOOOOO~ in that deafening fangirl pitch only at DBSK/JYJ concerts inside me so loud that I lost my inner hearing.

What are you doing to me binnieboy~~~!!??!  I didnt even find his SG look attractive to the supergorg binnie standard, but this ep, I cant look at anything else and I’m itching to cap every bit of his gorgeousness.  I’m still not loving SG’s writing.  IF it’s not binnie and HJW and YGS rocking it, I would not survive ep 3, 4 which has MissWriter’s stamp all over it and me screaming DONT LIKE !!  I hate it when she’s hammering a point which can be done much more subtly, I HATE her motto of OTT word diarrhea dialogue = grandiose awesome witty writing.  She’s just not my thing.  BUT these great actors r totally elevating the ho-hum (imo) to cracktastic megaWIN!   I’m totally on the SG boat.

HyunBinnie, I love you for a ridiculously long duration in (my) fandom since 2006.  I had many imaginary deep thoughtful talks with you on how we need a safe distance to keep my sanity/marriage in check and you just do your serious thespian stuff that I don’t really LURVE but I can always enjoy ur pretty.   We had a pact (albeit imaginary).  Here I’m, my sweet hubby is beyond jetlagged hopping couple continents last couple days to spend some quality time with me and I can’t wait for him to succumb to jetlag so I can go get my SG dose.   Am I cheating?!  I feel like I’m lower than cheating.  I’m not THAT horrible (but I am)

I’m just stalling my picspaming these HB new pics….coz I’ll be totally looking at it for the rest of the wk, nonstop.  DAMMMMNNNNNNN!!!!!

pausing, fanning self in the middle of picspamming…

That push me over the edge with the HAWT and the GORG.  AND you just have to notch it up with your voice doing a meaningful MBC docu on Africa?!  I self combust.  Who look this fucking hot recording?!?!?

THEN, DATV has to give us what he treated those LUCKY J fans of his at his bday fanmeet.  *jealous RAGE*

he not only serenaded them, there’s also glimpses of Late Autumn *dyingggg to watchhhhhhh gigilo-angsting-emo-binnn~~*

(credit on pics: fr soompi and baidu HB bar)
the alphabets I know atm r #@#$%^&*(%%$#^&$*(%$#!$%!@Q#()"

but yeah, my fellow binnieloonies @ baidu (eternal <33) also gave me vids to push me wayyyy over the edge of decency

First, there’s the promo for the MBC docu:

Then a pretty fanvid of SG w/ Hyunbinnie SINGING at his fanmeet as bkgd music

ANOTHER fanvid of his perfection singing the FOL OST (o my bleedingchoppedheart DongSU~~~~)

And that DATV fanmeet clip+ exclusive glimpses of Late Autumn

I hope y’all have lost all your fangirl screaming voices along with me and r nosebleeding, droolzing, spazzing like a retard/me.  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!


3 thoughts on “fanning self, checking BP/HR and maybe hiving… ie batshitfangirling

  1. Are you calm yet?

    How the fuck did you find the world’s hottest picture of maybe objectively the world’s hottest man and put them all in one place? Wrong, wrong, wrong – you will be ending marriages and causing women to chose singlehood for hopes of snagging Binnie.

    Oh jeez, you are good and gone, but for Binnie all forms of insanity is acceptable. Gar, he is perfect in SG. When belleza talks about how JH would be better, I completely disagree. Joo Won is Binnie stamped all over. I don”t like the script in SG as much as I liked her script for CH – less verbal diahhrea in CH which you don’t like.

    But the overall fun in SG cannot be denied. Enjoying it immensely, but am personally All In with M3 these days. Damn Moon Geun Young with her perfect doe eyes. She’s the reason I love that drama to pieces. Sigh, miss you! Hope all is well. Give my best to T.

    1. Re: Are you calm yet?

      BABE!!!!! *HUG and not letting you go*

      So happy you and fam are all healthy koalas now! šŸ™‚ Life’s still hectic, just dropped off T last nite. *sob* I’m in a seriously good mood as things are looking upupupupupup. :)))))))))))))))))))))) *fingers and toes crossed*

      Still havent done much shopping or my usual fun home stuff, somehow keeping my new routine now and just occasionally meeting up friends for sth to eat calms me.

      I will finish CH. I’m just scared I won’t like it still like all my dear chingus when it’s getting to its very very good stretch. Usu i’m fine w/ liking or not liking dramas fr the rest of us, but CH is so precious to most of you! I’ll be bummed!!!!! haha I’m warming up to it, missed 2 eps on cable and now need to dl the rest and marathon later!

      B must’ve been missing her meds. There are times, more often lately I feel her throwing stuff out there just for the wow/party pooping! but I’m half expecting it, she’s the one loving Ireland’s script!

      Binnie is OWNING and so spot on in this, sharper than ever. MY reference will always be Samshik, which he did decent, but he’s replaceable, JW can so easily be one of those stock cold prince chaebols but in an ep, we get he’s this neurotic alien, the skelelor look helps and I insist it’s per calculation. haha maybe I just get his every little nuance in acting and it somehow communicates to me loud and clear. He has his own style/stamp in tackling roles, it’s more blunt and he focus on the subtle, which CAN translate to underacting and whatnots. imo SG3,4 the char dev/writing is all over the place and his char suffers. JW is just not as sharp and interesting in 3, 4, writer is dragging him back into those annoying asshats territory.

      Hyukie is the best thing out of Chuno. As you know, I don’t like its flashy preening everything else. But he was very swarmy in the flashbacks boyhood scenes. So I doubt the earthy, uber manly Hyukie now can do the JW’s naivete convincingly. Plus, my opinion of him is he’s not versatile, he can act amazingly in suitable roles but he was insufferable for me in Robbers and Tazza. Binnieboy though, I see him anew every time he did sth.

      I’m so enjoying SG5,6! I can go on and on rebuking how he’s not overacting after the swap(his eyes and his whole face has softened up and transformed as RaHim) haha The wig and a lot of things r so OTT but I blame it on the writer/PD, of coz.

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