I’m having flashbacks of all the naked bodies I’ve seen (very happy thoughts)

I’m reminded I was an extreme nerd by my college roomie, camping in lib/lab for wks, taking last shuttle home in wee hours for showers.  If I feel like it, I’ll ask where she’s camping out for a gd spot,  stared nonchalant at the naked hoopla for a minute or so, bored, en route to get my next coffee fix.  She missed out the part that was my 6th yr there and finals consisted of same old papers exams AND an hour long presentation+ QA fr profs on my research I was not yet done w/ *shiverchillssweat*

Those days, on a random April night, always around finals, often snowing, hundreds of students at my alma mater ran/walked a sacred mile with some or all of their human bits hanging.  The jocks sprinted as a unit, A&F models/team spirit ftw.  Half the peeps I know had participated (that and Hash Bash, of course) I’ve asked an Asian guy out who had walked proudly the mile in only a superman cape and sneakers…. showing his notoriously ‘green boyish charm’.  (I have no prior knowledge of this piece of info, not that it factors in any first dates I’ve asked out,  he has a very cute face…I digress.)

Then the explosive internet came along out of nowhere (imo), with it internet porn.  And a harmless college tradition is no more.   We witnessed the birth and world domination of the Internet front seat, first hand. We grew up without it,  now we cant live without…but had a fond memory ingrained in us of what the world used to be, unimaginable by ppl only years younger.  I almost forgot I am of the special generation! 😀 

But thanks to my dearest gf,  who is a new mom to a 3 days’ old baby, I had a great trip down memory lane! 🙂  And I didnt know till today that I made a mean, unforgettable instant noodle in my tiny ricecooker I brought to dorm in my luggage (I was a proud FOB…I even brought rice and my stuffed Totoro collection).  We hotpot in it w/ frozen veggies, franks and instant noodle soup package and we rem the YUM! (haha that cant be true in hindsight….)

I called up my poor hubs,  begged for a stop in MI over the hols.  was bluntly called a silly child and ‘Are You NUTSO?’ rhetorically.  I’ll stay a silly child till I have no teeth and make you spoonfeed me homemade applesauce.


2 thoughts on “I’m having flashbacks of all the naked bodies I’ve seen (very happy thoughts)

  1. lol…. you remind me of my uni days! there mighta been no dangling bits of flesh – obviously I was even nerdier than you! but there was lots of instant noodles, and nights camped out in the studios in the architecture dept with my friends, and more nights sleeping in the library with my classmates. there was, regrettably, very little hanky panky to be had!

    not sure if you remember it, but once upon a time, there was this neat little toy called IRC… my very first experience of the fun thing called Net.

    1. hihi hope u had a wonderful hols.

      I do rem IRC and I did abuse it haha. that’s replaced by ICQ which I was madly in love until it’s swamped by pervs!

      sleeping in lib was The desperate means of survival in college, nobody has mood for any hanky panky even if any of the dudes look like a Hyun Bin. I was absolutely sure if I didnt squeeze in that extra 30 min of shut eye, I will see my soul evaporating off my body.

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