New Year, Same Old

I’ve overtaxed my body for months but it willed itself to keep going like some energizer bunny beast.  Finally it decided to heck w/ me when I have 2 days off.   Not the projectile vomit/diarrhea kind, just a bit of flu, aches all over and an excuse for self medication to be unconscious and sleeping like a baby.  Perfect perfect timing and way to go, Bode! 🙂 

I drugged myself to a 10 hr nap.  I’m still in my pjs, still in bed, catching up on all fangirly activities.  

So how’s my binnie, 6002, Yuan Hong and other yummy boys doing?! I wonder.

I’m caught up with Secret Garden till 15 w/ ff.  Drama (most importantly writer) is hopelessly not my thing but I’ve come to terms with it way back.  My  fangirl self is taking over my head fr excessive headdesking.
Along came a fanvid I swear is made/tailored  specifically for me.  It can only be better if binnieboy himself falls physically onto my lap.

This can easily be some JW’s CF for some Italian hand sewn suit. As a rule I always crush crazily obsessed talented fangirls coz i’m at same crazily obsessed wavelength sans the talent. eg ing is this crazily talented Kfangirl that I cyberstalk. 

SG rambling: that elevator scene of SG15. O. M. G. what a terrific acting job.  I can see his veins THIS close to popping and it’s scaring the shit ouf of me.  Bravo binnie!  If u watched that scene without the thought of jumping into the screen to save binnie by performing mouth to mouth CPR, hugging, rubbing and tearing off his sweaty clothes to help him breath easier, you r not a human girl.  I also don’t get what the big freaking fuss is with that little hug  (in bed) in 13/14.   JW habitually wristgrabs RaIm (me not condone).  She is this strong capable stuntwoman and he is forever this wimp with the most entertaining girly screams (I can never get tired of binnie’s girly screams) She can easily tear off that gorgeous long leg of his if she’s so unwilling instead of all those cute catty foreplayish pats. 

Congrats on the whatever awards binnie won, I dun care for these silly awards other than the fact that I can see my gorgeous pretties all dolled up.  Why r these lucky fangirls/bitches sooo calm and composed?!  I would totally put on my droolzing koala move I’ve practiced on him and WONT LET GO!

Also, congrats to 6002 for winning his share of popularity awards. That table he’s sitting at has almost all my favoritest Kdrama peeps: Kim Gab Soo (my forever ahjusshi crush), YAI, MGY, JGS!

the ugly RL soap involving YH/ladyboss of TangRen is still slugging on.  But leave it to loverboy to give it his upbeat funny spin on things to comfort his fangirls even though he still can’t find his beloved puppy. *sob*
BuBuXinJing  (the Qing time travel romance) just started shooting.  I don’t care if I’m the only fangirl of the Qing half bald long braid look, this is inarguably one fine specimen.

and couple wks in, he’s already having lots of fun on set with Nicky in particular.  It’ll spin some gorgeous incest bromance fanfic fr his fangirls for sure.

and I’m posting this pic in my shock of how HUGE a phenom Raymond Lam is.   He’s a popular TVB star, but he’s EVERYWHERE in HK, movies, Cantopop, TV.  and now even my loverboy is his bud :/  (obviously I dont care for Raymond Lam)
Pic is fr the last day on set for Yuan Hong in their collab for that advertising drama.

(credit on pics; fr weibo)


2 thoughts on “New Year, Same Old

      My new year celebration is not as fun (understatement) but I had a great short vacay right before and eating too much is ALWAYS the best medicine, right! 😉

      Have a great great 2011, miss you!

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