Loverboy ponderings: emotional and/or physical satisfaction

Work day is winding down (yay!),  I whined my bratty ways and will have dinner of my choice, ‘numbing pain hot’ hot pot (YAY!) , some weibo funny time to unwind and I come across stuff that is making me happy and giggly! (yayyay! and ZOMG!!!)

Loverboy’s official character description is finally out for BuBuJinXin at weibo!!

"诗文翰墨,皆工敏清新,精于骑射,发必命中,驰骤如飞。"最富才气的皇子,却对皇位毫无觊觎,甚至渴望仗剑江湖的快意。对四皇子的兄弟之情,注定他无法实现理想,只能拴在庙堂之上。一生有痴情,但感情只是点缀,最重要的是对朋友对兄弟的生死与共” (fr the official BuBuJinXin weibo)

‘Good with his pen and brushes,  his prose refreshing, sensitive and brilliant.  A master of mounted archery, bull’s eye on his every shot, a speedy masterful horseman.’  He is most intelligent amongst the princes, yet has no desire for the throne, his heart lies in the thrill in raising  swords in the JiangWu/the real world (and yes it usu has wuxia back then) (OMG!) His loving relationship with his 4th brother makes his dream unattainable, his life is destined to be in the Court.   He’s experienced heartbreaking romance, but love is just an adornment in his life, in which he holds friendship and love for his blood brothers closer to his heart.’

*SWOON*  This is a character written for me!!! Give me some early angsty love of his life but cant be and he go his noble cruel wounded hero way, I’m sold!

Yay, and he looks yummy and intelligent and suits every description of his character already!

One thing y I’m still madly fangirling YH is that he cracks me up with his witty weibo almost daily,  I’ve been itching for my dose, and he delivers!!!
To that official, dry prose of his character description, he said, ‘ MY one and only regret in this drama is ‘Love is just an adornment’ …I can’t blame ppl for thinking Prince 13 is gay, he has no interest in YuoXi (LSS’ character, the main girl, ie he’s blatantly calling it foul he’s no lovey doveys with LSS in this drama, whatever haha) I don’t have a lot of scenes with my OTP either.  Almost all my time is spent clinging to Bro4 like some conjoined twins.  Next time, even without pay, I need to play a Casanova,’
(he goes on w/ his usual cyber flirtingwith his fangirls, adorbs!)

He moved all his fangirls to happy tears and rabid spazzing on weibo on their visit to his set being an all caring and loving oppa buying them food while he sticks to his cold, yucky inedible crew bento without fanfare.  Typical YH fashion, with all the fangirly praises, he just shakes it off as, he needs to control his wt anyway, and he doesnt have more time, that’s all.  Not that he’s lovely and caring and dreamboaty, nope!
Couple days later, he has to whine and pout on weibo that he’s passing out with the lack of food, now he doesnt even remember what it feels like to be satisfied.  Open is the floodgates of his cutest, pervy fangirls asking if he’s talking about a physical or an emotional satisfaction/starvation *wink*. And, YH quote of the day time, ‘我是精神上对肉体饥渴’  (YH; I’m emotionally starving for a physical satisfaction.)

Funfunfun cyberstalking you and your fangirls loverboy, as always! 🙂  MUAK!


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