I’m not ready, will never be.. *SOB*

Word is hyunbinniemyhubby will be shaving off his head , reporting to  his MS (if he gets his wish, the Marine Corp) March 7.  TT_TT
I’ll be in denial, I’m trying not to spazz too much on him coz it just made me miss him even more.  TT_____TT

Some pics of his new movie Come Rain Come Shine w/ ISJ is out.   It’s too hot to not share.   The movie is in competition at BIFF (binnie fangirl is saying ManChu is also another entry, but I’m not seeing it at the BIFF website. ETA: ManChu is invited to another Film Festival in Sweden)  Manchu will be out 2/17.  Come Rain, Come Shine 2/24)

fr baidu HB bar

I’m a happy stan just knowing how hard he tries to give us new characters to look forward to at his every turn. 

and a YUM Manchu poster:


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