More Ijimae weird loving

I have no time to go beyond ep3 of C Ijimae (still like).  This is not going to be anything serious, it’s screaming ‘I’m a wuxiacomiccoloringbook!!!’ every other scene.  Awesome, if you ask me.  Pace is still brisk, dialogues r making me choke on beverages with the typical HK drama brand of wry play on words, ie my drug.  There’s a lot of silly humor sprinkled in, I feel like watchin a spoof on the genre at times, yet if you are treating it as a typical action period, it’s not going to be jarring enough to spoil your fun with all the pretty fights going on.

When I’m watching anything C period, gratuitous OTP fanservice is not my priority and it seems things will stay more winkwink than full on hammering!  But that’s not stopping the brilliant hilarious C netizens in having a ball.

These are stolen fr a TianYa forum thread on EVERYTHING Ijimae. I’m gonna read every single posting in that thread BEFORE any more Ijimae, it’s that ZOMG good.  I missed Sevenses hilarious takes on Cdramas, this whole thread has her stamp on it! I did the halfassed C trans in btn too much loling at these gifs alone

spitting tea/medicine

making a ‘grand’ entrance, our hero MUAHAHAHa

*I’m REALLY not a Wallace Huo anti!!*

Some OTP shippiness, shall we? 

There are sooo sooo many different slashy CPs in so many different combos, that alone can entertain me till 2012.


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