My hubby is soo lurved! ♥

This is crazy peeps!
I mean binnie against HoMin/2BSK in MUSIC! BANK! and this tight a race.  Completely utterly nuts, Koreans!!  I’m kinda embarrassed for HoMin tbh, they are GODS (or so I’m told) :X

Sharing a ridiculously yum binnie is the ultimate caring (specs, mane, stubble….*explode*)  Trailer for Come Rain, Come Shine/ Love, Love Not

**Spoiler: movie will be ‘real time’ dissolution of a marriage.  Woman cheats (on mabinnie) , packing her bags to leave her HOTHOTHOT hubs.  Instead of yelling, asking her questions, he makes her the usual cup of joe, packs her fav teacup for the cheating bitch, while the silly woman is gathering her shiz.   I sincerely hope she packs her crazy pills with her.

lines in trailer (fr C subs):
ISJ: I’ve made up my mind to break up with you…
[We’ll break up on February 24th]
HB (vo):  All that is left to do is to clean up the house?
ISJ: How nice of you to help your cheating wife pack her bags?
ISJ: Why aren’t you yelling at me?
HB: Afterall, you’ve made up your mind..
ISJ: You must have no idea how self-centered you are.
[Want to hate him]
HB (phone): It’s me.  Are there…anything else you’ve left behind?
Everything should be thrown away, nothing is worth keeping.
HB: Throw this away.
ISJ: What are you doing?  You made this for me.
ISJ (vo): is it because of the rain?   This is tastier than the usual…

HB: is everything ok?
ISJ: ‘everything’s alright…’, you said it most often.

ISJ:  The bridge is completely flooded…
[Will it be different with a fresh start?]

Love, Love not]




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