Gorgeous GORGEOUS , SOOOOO GORGEOUSSS.  I will watch this drama for the visuals alone.

and a fanmade trailer:


8 thoughts on “BuBuJingXin

    1. This is the exact story of Jade Palace 😉 I didnt get the Hanadan vibe, but if this is also along that line, this will be ANGSTANGSTANGSTY cryfest Hanadan with real princes flower boys in Qing dynasty.

        1. Not sure if u wanna revisit the SAME story though after Jade Palace ;), but Viikii sure will sub this, right?! Fr the rabid shipping of different princes and the bickering fractions, seems like prince4 and prince8 have equally massive fandom, we should get better portrayal of the princes and harder time to pick a ship.

          They are still filming, never sure when it’ll be out. All the caps have been a lot of gorgeous snow, rain, crying and doom. Major character(s) we’ll care for will die, that’s about it.

          1. I am an obsessive so…I mean, I watched 5 different versions of Hanadan (6, if you count Jade Palace :P) and didn’t get tired of it, so a mere two different versions of something is nothing 🙂

            I am off to hunt for caps…

  1. Weeeelllll …. I question the cap + shortsleevehoodie combo, hehe. But who cares, he looks so normal and happy 🙂

  2. It’S true He looks younger. LOL. How long yet before he comes back for real. SOON’ SOON’ SOONER!!! YEH!


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