hmmm… I’ve been staring at the following things for a while, and the more I’m doing it to myself, the more I realize I’m late and losing my marbles and droolzing.

fr baidu HB bar

The clip started with blablablaing on how ridiculously shuai HB can be even at the airport, at Berlin… and what else is up his sleeves charming the ladies.

And the interview started with TW waiting for the certain someone, calling out ‘HB-ah~!’
and they all said ‘Annyeong haseyo~!’ both MC and bin r surprised w/ TW speaking Korean. 🙂
MC asked if binnie taught TW, he said no, TW said yes (lol)
Then we have a clip fr ManChu, MC is saying it’s a movie about falling in love in 3 days.
[On the set for the Vogue shoot]
To make up for their heartbreaking romance, they have more time to be close together again.
HB: This is too embarrassing!  I don’t know what to do! (haha, on holding TW’s foot and toying with her shoe hahaha and he’s blushing)
MC: To make up for their too short romance, they are playing a perfect couple madly in love today.
MC: They are so into their characters, being a cool urban couple!
MC: Wow, this is a true poster! (referring to the non-psd version of pic above)
[What r the changes in binnie?]
TW: He has flipped his hair up. (bin *lol*)
TW: Why is he so skinny now?  (to binnie) You are working too hard! (haha I dunno y binnie is loling again ^^)
TW: I’m showered with a LOT of gifts from his fans.
(she went on to count) TW: fruits, veggies, desserts, rice cakes, gift boxes, mirrors…etc.
HB: From what I know, she’s heard of SG.
TW (on the kisses with HJW): I’ve watched it :/ (bin *gigglegiggle*)
MC VO: TW seems to be quite jealous watching the binnie kiss scenes.
TW (on what she’ll say to HJW if she meets her filming in China): I’ll ask her if HB is such a miser of words on set with her.
(MC and binnie *hahaha*)
HB: I’ve read the reports (on HB ignoring TW on set). And there’s a lot.
MC: You made TW think that all Korean actors do not talk and r cold on set.
HB: Sorry~! *fake cold and snotty* (with his wicked badboy grin and kicking his leg like a naughty kid)
MC: In the movie, ur characters fell in love in 3 days.  Can it happen to you in rl?
HB *furrowed brows, all serious*: It’s very hard for me considering who I am. (Why?) I need to have conversations with her, we’ll need time to observe and get to know each other.
TW (@ bin): do you think I can?
HB: I think you can.
TW: He still looks a lot like Hoon, the character in the movie.  What should I do?  I may need more time after this movie is all over (to get over it.)
MC: Maybe that’s why they are so natural and at ease exchanging glances and looks on set like a loving couple.
MC: Who can ignore that particular scene bringing them closer in the movie?!
[Will the passionate kiss be as sensational as the foam kiss?]
MC: Their sad kiss in the mist.
(How does it feel, the kiss…)
TW: Very nice.  And you?
(TW said ‘And you?’ in Mandarin, and it sounds like a K dialect of the same thing so she surprised MC and binnie again, this time knowing a K dialect 🙂 )
MC:  This is his last movie before HB’s MS
TW(at once): there is still Come Rain, Come Shine, right?
(everybody *lol*, I’m just so happy to see binnie loling all thro’ the interview and so relaxed and cheery :))) )
TW: You are doing sth I wished to do since kindergarten… to serve in the army.  That’s my childhood dream.
(binnie spit his lunch lol again haha)
and TW grabbed the MC’s mic again and go, ‘HB-ah, go to the army and get a good sleep!’ (she wanna say have a good time serving his MS)  MUAHAHAHAHA
so MORE binnie loling!!!!

AHhhhhhhh I LOVE TANG WEI!!!!   IF it’s up to me, please make her interview binnie fr now on till eternity!

And this next one is binnie doing nth much sitting on sofa and being pretty , just the Samsung TV CF bts, so yeah I declare me delirious for watching it several times mute coz I dun care what the girl MC is saying. What else can she be saying other than binnie is shuai, is very shuai, is ridiculously shuai. *yawn*


5 thoughts on “hmmmmm….

  1. Hello Mookiehyun,

    as you seem to know everything about Hyun Bin 🙂 I was wondering if you knew of a translation of his interview in a K Show named “Taxi”, I saw the first part translated in english on Youtube but cannot find the rest (translated). This is so interesting! Do you know it?

    Thanks, Emma.

    1. Hi there! 🙂

      I’ve seen it in Csub, it’s really an awesome interview/show. Funny, light and in depth and genuine. I’ve no idea where to find eng subs for it though….better bet to pull in the mass at soompi, me think.

      I dun mind to translate it here into Eng if u cant find it after asking for more help. just drop me a line.

      1. Thanks Mookiehyun!
        It seem to be a really interesting interview (also I know Hyun Bin is a very reserved man usually, so I’m really wondering what he says about his “aboji”) I’m unhealthely curious…
        I’m goiong to check on Soompi. Didn’t think about that!


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