BuBuJingXin (and very tiny bit of Meteor Imperial Garden)

I’ve read more of the novel last wk.  It’s quite solidly good, internet novel or not.  It’s also the gold standard/ trendsetter for all the copycats in the Qing time travelling genre.  i’ve skimmed some other as well, but nth is close to this one.  In no way I’m saying this is some serious literature, but it’s decent.

I refused to watch more of Jade or as it should be officially called Meteor Imperial Garden because 1) on principle alone, I wanna skin that Yu thing alive.  This is as low as plagiarism and insult to the audience can get.  I’m fine w/ parody, but to scream to world this is your original screenplay is more an insult to yourself, Yu whatever ( I can’t really put ‘writer/PD’ in front of his name).  Tonnes of Cdramas r pirated copycats of this and that don’t mean it’s OKAY.  I can perfectly understand how breezily watchable and addictive this drama can be to the international audience, but as I’m fascinated with early Qing history since a kid (a successful cultural colonization I loved to parallel w/ HKG under the British rule) I find Jade aesthetically wrong, I cant get past a palace maid wearing bright yellow in front of the emperor when it’s an offense quite possibly payable by her head and then some.  (The word yellow is homophonic to the word ‘King/Emperor’ and it’s the royal color).  There are things bugging me every single scene every way I look so I had to stop when I’m not too ragey.  I won’t rip it apart too much, the C netizens have been doing a fantasic job at it and I’m enjoying their jabs way more than I should.  Even my N1 best C actor/ahjusshi hubby Chen DaoMing had make a BRILLIANT stab in a recent interview on the theme of PoS Cdramas/Cmovies and their appeal/explosive popularity. 

One thing I’m grateful for Jade Palace: giving me this, and I’m thoroughly entertained:

ROFLMAO hahahhahaha

Clothing the World really made my confidence in TangRen at a real low in churning out anything watchable. I would’ve skipped BBXJ if the author is not still 100% behind and on good terms with the production.  Ladyboss/bitch is casually throwing around rumors of drastic rewriting of the ending @ weibo, IF she has any involvement in the rewriting, it’s guaranteed pooped (and i’ll definitely skip), she really lacks basic taste and judgment.

And I have a gut feeling I would enjoy any BTS of BBJX more than the real drama coz the boys r witty funny things having a BALL (yes, I’m mostly fangirling the brainy wit and funny of my Yuan Hong and his continuously flaunting of his hanky panky with his LSS.  For the Chinese Lantern Festival/Valentine’s day not long ago, Nicky tweeted YH+LSS TOGETHER treated the whole crew tang yuans (rice flour round dumplings in sweet soup) bought fr Hu Ge’s resto. *squeeeeee*  haha and just a few days after the official trailer’s out, the slashy vids of the 6 main bros r all over the C interweb. The fav pairing is already princes 13, 14, and with the BEST CP nick cutout for them, 1314 ‘a lifetime, long and lasting (love)’ in mando.  I can’t wait what the C netizens can create with more raw matl to come. lolz

bts fr weibo and baidu:

fr TR’s photographer ahjusshi, titled: Prince 13 and his peeps

the crowd fav CP 1314 walking down the aisle….

Not a fan of K Cheng, but he’s a very suitable casting for prince 8, I need a scheming brain in that baldy head.

yeah ShiShi, keep leaning on your Old Yuan and u guys will be horizontal, I get ur schemes, gf.

3 thoughts on “BuBuJingXin (and very tiny bit of Meteor Imperial Garden)

  1. The meteor imperial palace mv is hilarious! scriptwriter doesn’t even change the lines and it fit fine into the scenes. So pathetic.

    I am put off by the inaccuracies and can’t continue. What is the purpose of time traveling to a specific era when there is no resembling of it in manners speech and sensibilities?

    Fr what I’ve read, I find the writer doing this drama out of malice

    1. I dunno what’s wrong with me but that mv makes me wanna rewatch MG, at least bits of it. coz that little circle seems that much more hilarious and interesting than Jade.

      I find MG very funny when watching, and I still think I had most fun watching it in all HYD reincarnation. I wanted to find Jade funny enough and in a way even more OTT/cartoonish so I can totally get past judging accuracies, but it settles somewhere in btn and just not doing it for me.

  2. I LOOOOVVVE your postings on loverboy Yuan Hong. Sigh…Bu Bu has finished filming. But memories of him and his little dongseong tango dancing BTS for Kevin remains fondly.

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