Farewell Hyun Bin, Hello Kim Tae Pyeong.

I thought… I really really do… I won’t be crying, but HyunBinnie did, and when I heard his voice tightening up, altered by his own tears, and bowed… and the fans heartbreakingly said, ‘Don’t Cry….’ Quote: Les trois mots les plus faciles à faire pleurer sont: <Ne pleure pas.> *floodgates*

fr baidu

fancam fr cyworld

I’m pretty sure these are not tears of sadness.  Afterall, he made the decision to enter the Marines couple months ago, and that must be after a long thoughtful decision and careful planning.  He’s said it himself in RL, he never ever cries and now he is crying, first time publicly as Kim Tae Pyeong for his fans, in overwhelming gratitude of all the love flooding his way.  Fr fans account, after the emotional bow and farewell, he turned, walking most steadily, without a waiver, no looking back.  He must be looking forward to these upcoming 21 months just like he’s said, he’s always certain of what he has to do at any specific point in life, he’s meticulously clearheaded in planning it out.  I’m happy for you, myHyunbinnie, it must be how my parents sent me off to college felt like (I did also cry in public for first time).  Have a meaningful MS, let it be the best of your life.  Allow us to be selfish self-serving fans though, we’re not worthy, we’re not as perfect as you…We need our commiserating crying of missing you BADLY already.  *sob*

Boys, be safe. Make the most out of your MS and come back better MEN.

Take good care of yourself, TaePyeong!


13 thoughts on “Farewell Hyun Bin, Hello Kim Tae Pyeong.

  1. Oh Dreamer…I’m pretty sure watching the vids r not going to help…

    I’ve only read of the trainings and I cant bear it. Can’t. It’ll be pushing the limits of these boys/men both physically and psychologically. (I’ve read they have to endure not sleeping and in extreme condition for 196 hrs?!?!….)

    1. good thing i haven’t seen any articles similar to that…196 hrs in winter…why did he choose the marines again?? sigh…if we can only drag him back…but then, we’re believing that he’ll be doing his best and will be a better man and actor…

      i wonder how are his parents and friends are coping up…

      this will be one of the longest 5 weeks…assuming that there’ll be news about him by then…

      1. I think ppl knowing him well had the idea long ago he’s going to pull sth like this. He’s always wanted to be a cop, and not just any cop but some SWAT team, best of the best.

        HE really digs boxing, will I’ll never understand why it’s fascinating a sports to participate in. Parkinson’s and all the after effects!

  2. Yes… Just say “Ne pleure pas” and everybody starts crying!!! 🙂

    Must.Not. Watch. The. Vid…..

    It must be extremelly difficult to leave at the peak of his popularity… But it’s nice to know he was proactive and willingly choose the Marines! I hope he will “enjoy” its time there (can someone “enjoy” his times ine the Marine corps?)

    On a lighter note: what a great day for his comrades!!! Enlisted with Hyun Bin!!! LOL!


      1. Yeh… I was thinking about that too… Sigh…

        Also the difference is striking between these pictures and the ones fronm the last post… Today he looks almost like a little boy…


    1. A friend asked me if the group pic is fr his new movie set coz he looks so good standing out. T_T

      I think they won’t get the leisure to bully ppl in Marines. :((((( It’ll be tough for everyone.

      His comrades REALLY look like babies even though binnie’s looking younger than usual.

      I just wish everybody safe returns! *sob*

    2. Hi Emma!

      Do u have luck with finding subs for Taxi? If not I can happily translate bits I find funny/worthwhile.

      Yup on lighter note: some of his comrades r ogling at him like fanboys. I think he’ll be a great hyung to his much younger friends.

      1. Hi Mookiehyun! Nice to see you remember… I found the beginning of the interview translated on Youtube but not the rest… Though I found the transcription of the part where he’s saying he had a rough time with his dad when he decided to be an actor (his dad bit him with a baseball bat :-0 !!!).
        Well, I hate to ask you to translate, I know it’s a hard job!!!

  3. I woke up early today just for get a glimpse of him and couldn’t hold my tears back seeing the 1st pic….and it was even more worse when the teary pics and the bowed pics showed up …sobsob…stay healthy and came back safety! will miss you..

    1. *hug* Kim!

      I’m not doing well looking at how everything is played out as if he’ll be gone gone. He’s taken long breaks in btn projects before, and I’ll just treat this as one of those.

      I thought I won’t cry, honest. I listened to the CN binnie loonies livestreaming it fr phone and I can’t hold it in when they said he’s tearing up and they just lose it and started sobbing nonstop while he’s bowing. It is just such a gracious gesture of thank simply done and so him.

      In a way I’m glad we all get to send him off and wish him well our way, I’m pretty sure he’s moved to tears by the love fr his fans and the press and hopefully it’ll give him more strength.

    1. Re: sis

      I miss you very much.
      I was thinking of you the other day (hope u had an awesome time on your day! Wishing you a great year ahead! ^^)

      I miss him, but I’m trying to give up fangirling for Lent, we’ll see.

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