Miss him?!

Looks like KTP shi is settling in fine, and totally channeling leader of the pack!  Aja aja Hwaiting! 🙂

(cred on pics; fr baidu)

and if missing his voice, he’s chatting about MBC’s Tears of Africa, the documentary in which he lends his soothing voice:


25 thoughts on “Miss him?!

    1. *hug* Kim
      This is for the best, esp for HK… she can basically fend off all the tabloids and the nosy peeps breathing down her neck fr now on with the official and can choose to not say a word and keep whatever she wants private private with this official statement and not be asked every single time about the issue (which we know she’ll have to deal with and give out sth sooner or later, and whatever she said it’ll be spun out of control one way or the other). As they’ve made an official announcement, esp now that binnie is in the Marines and can’t be pestered by them, it’ll save her a lot of annoyance, either way this may not be a winwin situation, but imo this can keep the hurt/speculation down minimum. They have every right to no longer say a word on their personal life, and let things heal and calm down.

      1. Hug mookie

        Yes, i know it’s for the best and esp for Kyo. I believe they both prepared for this, it might be a mess in couple weeks but then it will die soon…Kyo doesn’t need to give any answer and knowing how nuts they could be..this is the best way and for the best..wish them strengths

        1. *Muak*

          Tbvh, I’m not surprised by the announcement, nurturing a relationship is hard for us, and the thought of their insane schedules and the crazy amount of attention, scrutiny and gossip over the tiniest things, it’s really a pressure cooker waiting to explode. I’m much more disturbed by most of the comments I’m trying to avoid in blogs and such, with ppl happily making light of the situation. No matter how I look at it, it’s not sth to lol about and go giggling. I really dunno what’s happening to peeps these days.. *sigh*

          1. would it be ironic to say that although the announcement is something that i’ve considered with reasons as you have pointed out; yet, i was still taken aback…

            ah yes, people’s comments that can really be harsh…some rejoices, some have happily implied that hb is already dating someone else, yet, they call themselves hb’s fans…

            1. O nonono, we’re always free to feel for ourselves! *hug* I’m just numb about it all. In a way I maybe feeling sth comparable to what they are going through just much less intense… I’ve had enough, have had enough for a WHILE.

              I’m kinda sad binnie’s management has to announce YET again he didnt lie in Taxi and although they have been drifting apart they are still dating when the program is taped. I feel much more disturbed by it all. Do we need to know the exact moment, day, time, second and every word uttered?!?!?! What’s the point of knowing?!? :/

              And in retrospect, that phone interview is pissing me up bad. Coz now ppl r holding him accountable words he didnt say and clearly was in a lot of awkward. That must be an even more ridiculously uncomfortable interview he had to do than it already was, and at such a high point of his career at Berlinale. T_T

              1. *hugs back* thanks, i needed that…

                sigh, that’s why i should just be minding my own business instead…but then it’s because of them that i got to know a deeper meaning of entertainers…it’s been a while since i follow certain actors this much…

                for a ‘while’?

                it’s strange how they pointed out the dates…they shouldn’t have answered the question…they should have just asked for people’s understanding or something that would also not put shk into the spotlight…i wonder if hb is readily available, would he be happy with this after all those things that he did to protect his privacy?

                the phone interview will never be seen in a positive light, eh…hehehe…i’m not holding him accountable for that…but i’m holding him accountable with the taxi interview lol…yeah, based on the translation that you’ve shared and from his voice tone, it certainly is awkward…from an audience pov, it’s like watching a show from entertainment channel than from a credible news channel…

                with the agencies revelation and the marines blogging, why do i feel that hb and shk are being objectified like chess pawns or puppets…

                day 02 in military and it’s already like this…one day, you can be loved much but after another day, they can hate you more than they had loved you…

                1. Holding him accountable for….Taxi?! Coz he said he’s dating?! Really…. but what if Hbinnie is confident/still holding out hopes at that specific point things will smooth out?! What if they haven’t finalize it, and if I’m in his shoes, I would very much consider I’m still in a relationship with the person I’ve been dating for the last ~2 yrs, no?! He’s no fortune teller, so is he going to be faulted for dating her in the first place now that the romance didn’t work out?! He’s got more than enough of fleck for not screaming a name, without this official statement if he has chosen to stay numb, on his dearest hyung’s show he’s clearly not doing it for his own boosting of popularity/exposure (obviously needs no help there), ppl will still say he’s not being honest. ‘Why not break the news then?!’ Either way, his hands r tied, his mouth muffled.

                  HB treasures his privacy, but he’s made public statements concerning his private life prior to this relationship, so I choose to believe if he has to pick, he will easily give up staying numb for ppl who’s significant to him. I do not ever doubt anything he did is not out of genuine thoughtfulness. As he’s said so, in his own words, he’s not off limit of talking about his private life if he sees a point to it.

                  GHJ is his dearest hyung for years, if he chose to open up in his show, which he did to an extent, I will never ever see the fuss. I find the Taxi show very candid and genuine with a lot of heart. I don’t see it as entertainment much but a casual warm TV goodbye. Afterall he’s never EVER done sth like this and he easily could and probably needed it more career-wise post MNIKSS. So all the conspiracies over him milking it to get the most publicity… me speechless.

                  I also do not understand what’s the problem with choosing this particular date as opposed to any other day to release the statement. It may be part savvy management, but it’s just a matter of sooner or later. Will it change the fact?! I’ve read fans picking over it. Either we can choose to discredit everything that’s said by the management, but if we choose to believe it, they’ve broken up for ~a month. What is a day or 2 here or there?! What if in the mean time they’ve tried their best to savage it?! It will be more weird if the news is disclosed in the following 7 weeks as HB will be under INTENSE extreme training I doubt he’ll even get enough sleep if his body can withstand it. SHK is in the spotlight no matter what, she’s there on the pedestal before this relationship, she’ll be hounded once the media has their hands on her if this news hasn’t broken, she’ll be prompted with EVERYTHING concerning HB’s enlistment, her thoughts on every detail, so forth. I’d rather it be all the hoopla before she’s back and relatively out of reach, with work to occupy her as the last month has been. she most probably will choose to not say one freaken word about it, with the official statement giving her even more chips to handle it whichever way she wishes. Afterall, this maybe news to us, but to the parties involved it must’ve been after some thought.

                  HB is definitely being ‘used’ by the Marines if u ask me. They are not even hiding it, but I don’t see the connection of Marines using SHK. I was at the Marines’ blog and every pic has him in it. And the singling him out mentioning ‘the Secret Garden actor’. Special treatment of artists is nth new, but I’ve not seen it done so exclusively, blatantly and tactless.

                  one day, you can be loved much but after another day, they can hate you more than they had loved you… So true, and to my relief binnie has said those words at the MBC awards in 2005 😉

                  1. the taxi interview, i don’t think that he’s lying or anything and although on one hand i thought that he could’ve just not answered the question as expected of him, answering the question implies his commitment to that person…assuming that the relationship at that time is already rocky, his answer could be a means of trying to salvage the relationship…i think i loosely used the term of ‘holding him accountable’ causing some misunderstanding…

                    yeah, i started to admire him when i saw how he treasures his privacy and reminds the public of this…yet at the same time, he also knows his responsibility and to balance…i guess that’s why it hurts more because it seems that after all those efforts of protecting their privacy…

                    ‘milking it to get the most publicity’–you said it…even ytn is inviting him over to their show, i suppose they’ll make a special program just to fit in hb…

                    as for the date, it was reasoned out that the announcement was delayed because the announcement might overshadow hb’s projects and ms…so they announced it after his entrance…but the problem is shk has just a few days left for filming so she’s being hounded by the press…then i think she’s bound to china for cf’s…i guess, if the announcement was delayed for hb because of his projects, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to delay it a few more days for shk to finish her taping…but you’re right, they have planned this…i guess, it’s because am agency is usually doing the talking so the idea of being coordinated with eden9 is neglected…i’m just hoping that his and her agencies are coordinating well esp with the unexpected situtaions……

                    although i enjoyed kim joo won, i hope he will not be bound to as ‘secret garden’ actor…there’s nothing really wrong with it but i fear that people might put limits to him as actor…

                    i’m just hoping that after all those months of craziness, he can be as normal as he can in the military…

                    the media, the agency, and the fans are seemingly playing hb and shk as chess pieces…in addition to the marines for hb…

                    given his hectic schedule, hb was not able to feel sad for himself, when it was happening…the responsibilities of an actor…

                    on one hand, i see work to occupy himself but then isn’t it that there are times that you just want to feel down especially if you’re down–sorry, i don’t know if i was able to express this clearly…

                    1. *hug* Dreamer, now we have some time for things to condense, I hope the world will calm down. I have earnestly tried to pull some hair and think it throughsince it’s bugging you and other dearies (I hope it’s no longer the case)…but in all honesty I have no problem with him saying such on Taxi (hence my still *shock*)

                      because.. as I’m a firm believer of there can never be any wrong in falling in and falling out of love….

                      …what if it’s Miss Song wanting to end the relationship and it’s not the case for HBinnie at that specific point?! But they’ve later reached a mutual decision?!?! That’s y I think all the fuss over time and everything else…and other peep’s romance is a futile endeavor.

                      I truly believe this is the BEST date to make the announcement. SHK has press hounding her since forever, I doubt it’ll REALLY affect her, she’s a tough cookie facing the public and have braved her battles before and a true seasoned professional. I’m more fr the standpoint the breakup itself affecting her like any other normal girl since I believe this is a true romance and they loved each other very much(and may still do as other characters in each other’s lives). So she’s been in pain since January or even earlier as the relationship unfurled. I will never see shifting a couple days earlier or later be any ‘easier’ on her as is. Work must’ve been hard since Jan, why will it be harder with this announcement considering the most crucial thing that’s happend?! They’ve broken up. They’ve broken up..for a while.

                    2. Hug mookie and dreamer

                      Don’t know what to say, perhaps I’m still in a confused state..part of me is telling me to accept the truth, another part is still hanging on something..I dun know, I truly believe they love each other very much and certainly still do. But the pains need to heal, while he was highly exposed in public and she is somewhere silently just working and with constantly rumors might take a toll on her, though she hasn’t said anything but the hurt inside might have build up day by day until she couldn’t handle it and he was busy, when he might have more times..the hurting feelings were already out of controls.I had since Jan felt so worry for her cos I know if it was me, i wouldn’t handle it though she is in the showbiz, she is still a woman and cos of the more we love the more we get hurt..Maybe she just want some spaces, times to recover the hurt feelings though the love is there. I hope time will help them both, heals all the wounds…I try to think they have broken up..just for awhile.

                      I really pity Kyo, it must been really hard for her cos i remember i read a tweet from a movie staff( translated by shanda), she was at somewhere to eat after shooting and at that time sg aired, the tweets said she could see Kyo watched binnie with a intense eyes…sighs. I really hope it works out for both at the end..they just need some times to resume their minds. Knowing Kyo and Binnie still keep in touch somewhat made me smile, just keeping in this way, helping each other in this dif time of life….they will be just fine. I wish and I hope.

                      I guess I have grown to love them so much cos they are lovely ppl and i believe they both really love each other much..it’s just they are in a difficult time..just like every normal coulple. Time does heal..I believe

                    3. Re: Hug mookie and dreamer

                      Oh, forgot to tell that though Kyo couldn’t be at the LA VIP premiere, she did send her own manager to give support to Binnie.

                    4. Re: Hug mookie and dreamer

                      hugz Kim and Dreamer,

                      Yes, Kim, I’ve seen the pix.

                      hmmm but tbh the past couple months, Bin has an even more insane schedule and I still see him making appearances supporting a hyung and being on Taxi and so forth. To me, he’s been shouldering all of the public stress having to deal with the media every single time and it wouldnt consider it that hard to make an appearance even if not at the premiere but the after party or just a note of support because in my opinion Berlinale is a HUGE deal, and it’s not often for an actor to have 2 back to back premieres. I can take the explanation of HK not appearing at the premiere in fear of stealing the limelight. But the much more private party and so forth, where she won’t be haggled by the press publicly. That also coz a lot of question towards binnie that he has to deal with on top of his stress.

                      I have a problem with ppl accusing him of dumping the responsibility on HK with this date of disclosing. Any date after his enlistment he’s off bounds so there’s no point of the day after his enlistment to rush to disclose. Frankly, if savvy AM management has total say, why not disclose it many months later when his hype and interest has die down but his CFs may still be running?! At least he wont be accused of the Taxi ‘lying’ and whatnots.

                      I hate all these conspiracy talk and I have no prob with who’s dumping whom and who decides to disclose when, but it just doesn’t make sense….to me and many long time binnie fans at least.

                      *hug* again, I’m sorry u r feeling bad about it. Cheers there r more impt things in life for both of them and us.

                    5. Re: Hug mookie and dreamer

                      I don’t have big pb with the date, I thot it was the best they had done so far, honestly.

                      Heard tsunami in Japan, i was so worry for family over there. Luckily, everyone is fine though they live not far from there, same town actually. Hope not many ppl’s life are lost over there. I heard from my sister, it’s chaotic over there right now.

                    6. Re: Hug mookie and dreamer

                      hughughughughug, be safe everyone!

                      I didn’t get much sleep. I have yet to reach a college buddy of mine. My family there in Shinagawa is ok. All we can do is praying and be strong.

              2. The taxi interview is the one i don’t get at all…I think he could just ignore the Q and let it be open if it was the fact that they were already in a bad rel…but it’s just my opinion knowing how considerate he really is..and few more things…oh well, whatever..times does heal everything

  1. uwahh…they were able to take a photo of them inside…and are the guys star struck that’s why some of them are looking at him or at least trying to catch a glimpse of him hehehe…wishing him the best as well…

    T.T but i also feel the same way as kim…

    speaking of tears of africa…i’m confused a bit…i remember that there was a delay on his recording for the tears of africa because he was sick during those period i think around january…but there was already a released episode last december which he narrated…isn’t it that it’s only a single episode? why then should there be a recording last january…

    1. I feel for them, but I also feel intrusive to dwell on their romance and personal relationships, all I can do is give them space, they are the one in the relationship, we’re all unrelated bystanders and I have no right to say or feel much, I thought. I have no idea how they can cope with it as public figures, but they know the drill well and time does heal.

      Hmmm, I think there are couple episodes to the documentary, this one is talking on the episode airing March 24th, I think.

      1. ah so it’s a couple of episodes…i thought it’s tears of africa is only a one episode that is part of a series…then there’s the cfs and i think there are still a lot of unreleased ones…hahaha…you’re right in saying that his ms can be likened to his long vacation in between projects…

        sadly, what you said is true…we’re just bystanders…

        i truly admire how they kept their private life apart from their public one that’s why it’s one of the reasons why i’m rooting for them…

        the trade offs of being celebrities…

        hope that it’ll be a win-win situation…wishing them the best…

        because of this, i think i should just stick with jdrama ^_^

      2. I agree with you… I think if people stopped to be so nosy about their reationship (private life) it would have been easier to handle.
        We don’t have to know anything about this kind of stuff.

        1. *hug* Emma.

          *sigh* I’m kinda emotional since the Marines’ blog just singled out they will be updating binnie training for the next wks in the Marines. What about the quiet, introspective normal life he’s so looking forward to?!?!? And it’s so unfair to the other enlistees, they have parents and family and dear ones caring about them very much, why the special treatment?!?! and this is coming fr someone missing binnie and will definitely miss him much more in one of those days in the next 2 years, but in no way I want my OWN curiosity and so call concern impose anything on him.

            1. this is actually something i’m not surprised with…nonetheless, i find it weird…the ytn live coverage has been criticized and i think the same criticisms can also be used with this binnie training…i think the con outweighs the pro…and also ‘feels like he’s being used…

              i guess my speculation started when i saw him being accompanied by two well-dressed men and some soldiers towards the place where they all gather up to kowtow to their love ones…since then, i started thinking if he’ll be given special treatments…but then on the other hand, i also thought that he might get bullied…

              all those preparations those lcd, i understand but the accompaniment…

              hope he’ll just be treated as kim tae pyung…

          1. Ah, mookiehyun,

            I read somewhere the Marine needed some “publicity” to get more draftees… “Hyun Bin” is a treasure for them (I just really hope he gave is agreement..)
            Kim Tae Pyon seems to be a “patriote” so I suppose he sees it as another opportunity to serve his country. Hopefully more young men will serve in the Marines because of his example…

            1. Hi Emma,

              I bet binnie is fine with it, it’s not like he’s not in too much spotlight before even though he’s so private and has been keeping himself in a very low profile other than he’s work. Even the town has an insane boost in profits of shops because of the fans. I was batty when I first read it because what I wanted most for him is to fulfill his service as close to any other normal guy can and being in the seclusion of the Marines and the hectic training maybe the last place he can get that treatment. I’m too simpleminded, I guess. 😉

              I suspect one of his mottoes in life is ‘What others think of me it’s none of my business!’

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