(lets pretend it’s not me posting…) :X

(more pics fr HighCut BerlinaleBin)

I’ve just peeked half closing me eyes I promise, I’m willing myself not to watch and hence fangirl and spazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nonstop 39 days and counting.  But if in need of some gorgeousness, many CUTE gifs and missing a certain namja, these r perfect little vids of bts of a gorgeous gorgeous guy seriously at work while looking gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous and cutecutecute.

5 thoughts on “(lets pretend it’s not me posting…) :X

  1. OMG Mookie! Have you seen the Baidu and Tianya forums all gushing over YH’s 13th Prince in BBJX 35-min trailer? He’s really bringing the character to life. Such wonderful acting and justice to a loved historical character (a sea of difference compared to the unforgivably butchered 13th in Gong).

  2. I hope I’m not late in posting!!!

    I’m sooo glad I found your livejournal! I’m obsessed with HongShi and need a place to vent my love for them!! lol!!! too bad I can barely understand chinese =(! picture spam is enuff for now!! =)

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