I Love Watching Mike He…buying groceries?!

Still in an extended drama slump.  I’m watching President at SNAIL speed, it is still good, but I’m stalled at ep5 and whenever I have a bit of time to unwind since last wk,  I’m  programmed to watch romance.  my brain is lazylazylazy these days *sad*.

I guess it’s starved for pure sweet fluff for soooooo long and like after a no carb diet, u’ll horde ALL the glucose in sight?! Sunny Happiness has awaken the beast?!  Or the fact my comprehension of Mando (at least my TW Mando) is proficient enough and I dont need to read the captions no more?! I can’t get enough of Mike He?!?!

I’m watching Marry Me! I haven’t even heard of it, being a very late sorta fangirl of TWdramas, watched my share since the MeteorGarden rage, but nth really clicked till ISWAK and that was 2 short yrs ago, after 4 Clockwork Orange tries.  I now do my TW pickings according to PDs, PD Qu of ISWAK, Rose, is ~ok, PD Lin (ie most of Mike’s stuff) is an absolute nonono for me.  

I agree wholeheartedly Mike’s nick of N1 gorgeous guy in TW and I’ve seen most of his dramas if conveniently on TV knowing they’re surely not my thing and with that my hope of fangirling the gorgeous, pffed.  That sadly remains a true fact (till SH).  But at the very back of my fluffy brain I rem I was not as offended by his earlier drama with Ariel, Love Contract which I lasted longest, 3, 4 eps?!  The drama was still meh (I recalled), but Mike is much more natural acting out an ordinary (hot) boy when he’s not asked to be some OTT buffoon/hot devil. Spare us some panties, he’s hot enough as is.

MarryMe! is not close to good, but it’s surprisingly not headdesking. I’m enjoying it comfortably with my FF button, the side characters r all stock/uninteresting but it’s not offensively buggy.  If I have more time to waste I would’ve easily go through their little stories, slightly bored but not deal breaking.

The OTP…is refreshing and that piqued my interest.  Both r not too cutesy….considering he’s the typical talentless idol in a slum, with a runaway bride/ex Love of His Life no show at the wedding, not the smartest cookie, but not annoyingly stupid.  (I keep going on my own voyeur tangent this is YamaPi in RL!!) She’s this ordinary 20+ girl, still hasn’t figure out her life and will let herself be selfish, off on her silly escapades of being a childish arse to her fiance.   She impresses me as in touch and frank with her own feelings, and won’t do noble right things just to please others even though she’s no balls to say it out, straight up, in the moment.


minutes in, we have a pouring of hearts, an instant connection and hug!

❤ them talking in sync:

I am also in love with how subtle their developing feelings r laid out, a little thought unintentionally, each taking up a more significant space in the other slowly but steadily, a lot of coincidental bumpings into each other,  if I’m counting, since they’ve met, they’ve spent the nights together, lost at heart, wandering at parks, a karaoke, convenient stores or playing a word game with themselves separately yet at the SAME time!  I smiled when they connect over a word game (~shiritori) I’m obsessed with, my bro still rem being tortured for hours playing.  And as cliched as all their coincidences, I LOVE them all, I anticipated each one of them as I’m already sold when these 2 occupy the same space, their world is just cozy enough for the 2 of them …to do nth and just connect and be at the same wavelength as OTP.

I <333 this little scene at end of ep4.  Needless to say,  Mike He is very cute buying groceries, carrying groceries and dropping groceries.  Somehow, I dunno why, this couple being 4 yos r less buggy than real 4 yos playing chase or butt bumping at the closest 7/11.

And random caps of Mike so far:

4 thoughts on “I Love Watching Mike He…buying groceries?!

    1. Same here! I haven’t really watched anything Mike’s in more than couple eps to do him justice, but my love for him will never be great enough to sit through almost all his stuff… maybe I’ll give Love Contract another go.

      Not saying this is a demanding role, but he gives me nuances and is convincing with his OTP (imo more natural vibes than MikexRainie). That’s all I’m asking because I’m watching it for some very shallow topless making out later on anyways *blush*

  1. My favorite Mike He drama is Love Contract. You should give it a try. The clip you loved is a call back to a scene in LC where XiaoFung has her very first heart fluttering towards Ah Ken. 🙂

    1. I’m planning on it.:) (I have the vcd lying somewhere…)

      But I doubt I’ll have a diff opinion on the dramas. I actually think the PD is very good at certain things, capturing subtle romantic moments. I connected with every single beat and I LOVE it. It gave me a nice trip down memory lane of all the ren’ai renzoku which I was obsessed 10-15 yrs ago. But his problem is with all the side plots and characters. When the OTP’s story is so well done and paced,any jump to side characters left us dangling and uninterested. His sense of humor is not my same frequency. He also needs a keener eye picking better actors at that, some of them r so amateurish digging their own graves with their preciously limited screen time.

      But I guess within the confines of TWdramas and its tropes, it cant really have a pure ren’ai, it always needs to pay homage to family and friends, insert absurd, sometimes funny comedy, but this is one PD that I wish he can just have his way and do a st romance and I bet I’ll love it.

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