‘Lets Meet Here’: Asian Film Awards

Not a big awards follower, esp on the usu laughable Asian awards show.  I haven’t even heard of the Asian Film Awards, but it’s always nice to see Tony and Carina.  This year’s slogan is ‘Lets Meet Here’ and Wowsa is it showing decades of cinematic gems fr all over the world.

Then when I look more into the webby of the 35th HKIFF/5th AsianFilmsAwards.  GRABBY HANDS!!

The opening movies:
Quattro HK 2, just the PDs:  Stanley Kwan from Hong Kong,  Yuhang Ho from Malaysia, Brillante Mendoza from the Philippines and Apichatpong Weerasethakul from Thailand
Synopsis fr the HKFF website: …From sleepy  Tai O village, to bustling Yaumatei to the city’s famed flower market…Cannes winners Apichatpong Weeresethakul, Brillante Mendoza find mystery mixed with beauty…Ho Yu-hang lets fly his comic talents in Open Verdict, a gem about some kind of cross-border trade. And Stanley Kwan takes us on a real-time bus trip from the airport to Kowloon in 13 minutes in the Lives of… The heady and deadly mix of Hong Kong and cinema; wonder never ceases.
I love omnibus, I love movies portraying a place. I love HK.
the trailer:

Don’t Go Break My Heart: PD Johnny To (doing a romcom) written by his partner in crime Wai Ka-Fai (penned tonnes of TVB goldies) with GaoYuanYuan, Daniel Wu, Louis Koo

Oh the noms!
Just tip of iceberg:  Chen KaiGe’s Sacriface  (his best in decades, since Farewell, my Concubine). HXM gets a supporting actor nom, deservingly so.  His costar is FBB, a woman I can’t get enough of.  She’s also in Buddha Mountain, the talk of town.
Aftershock, Let the Bullets Fly, Monga, Reign of Assassins, Love in a Puff, Stool Pigeon are all deserving nominations offered up by the C/HK/TW cinema…Moss, The Unjust, Poetry, The Man fr Nowhere, great Chungmuro gems….. The J offerings r more hit and miss for me, Confession(bleh), Norwegian Woods (so-so), Yamato (I cant wait  *snark*) and 13 Assassins(WANT NOW)!

And what I’m salivating most is this LIST of gems showing:  gosh I need to get a tix back to HK!!.
(I squeeeeeeing like a piggy, *squeesqueesqueeeeeee*!)

And the who’s who making a show of face on the red carpet!  The list is astonishingly AMAZING. I can’t list them all since my jaw is still on floor, but even the ex SuJu boy Han Geng is there, just saying.

At the other end of spectrum, Kim Dong-Ho, founder of PIFF will be there to accept an honorary award.  And Chow Yun-Fat.

As I’m posting/incoherently spazzing, YangMi/PD Yu/MingDao (who’s doing the next  PD Yu TV extravaganza with Chen QiaoEn) are walking the red carpet, there promoting the Gong movie (arghhh).

There are lots of interesting offerings but I had to mention the remake of Chinese Ghost Story with Liu YiFei and Louis Koo.  Isn’t it the ultimate time travelling shipperfanservice to have the RoCH06 XLN heating it up with the YG of RoCH95!!

I can care less of the better CGI, Chinese Ghost Story will forever be synonymous with Leslie Cheung x Joey Wang.  There will never ever be a prettier couple.

The Most Gorgeous fanvid:

and trailer of the remake:

I’ve yet to pick myself up from floor coz the 1987 Chinese Ghost Story will be remastered for a theater release in April, along with talks of remastering and re-showing tonnes of HK movie classics 新龙门客栈,英雄本色,刀,青蛇,东方不败,古惑仔,赌神,国产凌凌漆,喜剧之王,甜蜜蜜,金枝玉叶,黄飞鸿系列,玉蒲团…. *breatheee* This will surely bring back my love to hit the cinemas!

This took me a GOOD hour to post, being so deliriously happy and distracted by all the clips and livestreams. *squee*

8 thoughts on “‘Lets Meet Here’: Asian Film Awards

    1. *MUAK* Kim! Chinese Ghost Story is crude in story telling if we rewatch it now, but gosh is it gorgeous to look at!

      How are you? I’m having a drama-like RL lately (not me per se, but ppl around me r having impromptu proposal/Vegas wedding…)

      I should be asking you for some Kdrama rec!^^ I’m still watching JXF which is AWESOME. brainy saguek x XFiles. But I’m a wimp and need to watch it with plenty of company.

      I’ve watched much more C dramas last year because for some reason the producers and $ ppl decided to adapt ALL four of the great literary C classics. I’ve finished 3 Kingdoms (hands down forever a fav of mine in epic proportions) but it’s with a lot of warring, testosterone, scheming with any passing scene as gorgeous as a shot out of LoTR and more.

      Water Margin is MORE hot men haha 100+ of them. It’s about the brotherhood and their brotherly adventures of men becoming heroes in a mafia way 😉 I’m half way, enjoying it.

      Dreams of Red Chambers is terrific artistically, I think. It’s one of my least fav of the 4 Great Books and I’m not a purist so I don’t have the usual complaints of it deviating fr the original novel. I love the new Chinese Goth they’ve created, it matches the gloom and doom terrifically.

      Journey to the West is the stinkiest. It’s like a never-ending monster D movie but the most shockingly horrible CG. I’d rather watch the decades old Godzilla even at this mourning hard time.

      1. Oh, dearie..asking me about K drama…I’m a wrong person to ask haha. The only one I watch right now is three thorn birds…and it’s so bull haha…gosh..a lot of crap , but since i follow it, i try to get it done hehe…Thanks for recommendations dear, i will start 1 of them, but the 1 over 100+…haha NO WAY! too long, i can’t bear it.

        AH, so good to talk with you again mookie. I miss you so much at HB thread and we oldies there…I don’t post there any more, so many shippers and so defensive…they scared me and me with a weak heart hehe. Oh well, I still can talk with you here. *hugs*

          1. Oh, i forgot to tell that I love Xfiles like drama or movies and like you i need company watching it too, but my hubby, he doesn’t like Kdramas and i dont dare to watch it alone hehe.

            Last week I was out with my best friend to watch “the black swan”, gosh..it was scary..but i love the movie with provoking thoughts, Love it..we need these dose at times.

            Have a nice day mookie!

            1. We should watch it tog, but both of us will be spooked and watching thro fingers. It’s actually not that scary, but watching it at night for downtime is not the way to go. JXF is sooooooo terrific standing alone, it has nth of the usual kdrama tropes that will scare any st guy away! haha so if one of these days u want to watch a kdrama with him, JXF is def. one that won’t disappoint.

              I’m ok with Black Swan, it’s a very well acted, directed movie but I wished it has a more convoluted story ;P As is, we know fr the first shot of Natalie there’s 1,3, 6, 7 or more screws loose in her and her mom.

              Have u seen King’s Speech? I love it to bits. If you are a fan of Colin Firth and watched his Pride and Prejudice, there’s a very delicious casting there that had me almost screaming in my theater seat! ^^

              1. I have watch King’s speech and I love this one too, it has a unique charm. I had such a great time watching it.

                Yah, we should def watch it tog and scream together hehe. Last time I watch lovely bones with hubby, he was scared of my scream rather than the movie itself. In the past 5 years, I haven’t watched any scary movies, don’t know why though. Try my best to stay way from them.

                Btw, my friend’s body was found after 18 days in tsunami…sobsob.. still, this is a consolation comparing to other whom are still missing, after all. *big sighs*

                1. *sob* T_T So sorry to hear your lost! I’m keeping your friend in my prayers. Rest in peace, God speed.

                  It is so devastating and we’ll be living with this tragedy for many years to come. *hug*

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