Love Contract : torntorntorn

My plan for the wk: to watch TWdrama till I overdose.  One can never have too much sweet fluff/Mike He.

I’ve decided to watch Love Contract b4 continuing on MarryMe!  I’m working towards being a Mike He completist having fallen for his pitch perfect acting in SH, honestly that’s what impresses me most,  more so than his gorgeousness in suits, and channeling Naohito/Buchou~…..Mike He is a competent actor, but every other thing I’ve watched enough of him in…scared me far far away scarred.  And I need to know where his brilliant turn in SH is fr, I insist it must be fr somewhere.

I fell in instant madlove with Mike’s Ken.   Ken reminds me of Uesugi (Touch) and Yamato (Rough), the quintessential quiet heroes of Mitsuru Adachi.  Loner, miser with words but never entitled to assholery, focused /perfectionist with their passion, yet the most caring sensitive anchor for his loved ones.  Those r the inner lovely qualities, more importantly, my brain is fixated on his too yum for words naked toned torso , often times wet.  And his perfect arms r made to wear only sleeveless or nth.

I want to kidnap and marry him by force for COOKING FOR HIS MOM while she’s napping before he heads out to work! With a caring note. And reminds her to take her meds.  And his hair.  Gorgeous hair.  And his supporting himself as a competent bartender balancing all his hats as a student and disciplined swim captain with a habit of snorkeling at nite to unwind.  In my head, if this is not idoldrama territory, his kink is nightswimming and nobody does that in the dark with clothes.  And to make him more perfect (for me) he draws and paint pipes, and looks MikeHeGorgeous doing everything without uttering a word.  Be still my heart.  I conclude I can watch him watching paint dry.

Ahhhh!  so early on @ep 2 the OTP is at full throttle already with the way he turns and gives her mouth to mouth after fishing her out and she slaps him yet it strikes a chord of fluttering chatroom love therapy. I’m way more in love with interactions btn Ken and Mom at this point, just what I imagine a single mom with her lovely dependable son to be and it sates my inner motherly love I don’t really possess atm but will have plenty for a son like Ken. 
I love their little ‘bickering’ on their first movie ‘date’.  I don’t see a mean bone in Ken, everything he’s said he’s being matter of fact, just NOT a warm and cuddly thing.  When he had enough and cease putting up with her, he part with telling her his name is Ken instead of ‘Hey’ WITHOUT even looking back at her face.  So perfect and cool. Mike I ❤ u!

BUT, I saw a few of the same supporting cast as the MarryMe! bunch and I cringe. That Wood chatroom guy is a boring piece of not pretty enough wood here and in MM!, and his name in MarryMe! downgrades to literally plank.  He’s such a snorefest to watch, unable to deliver an ounce of emotion.  The friends r totally MEH, just the same as with MarryMe!  except for XiaoBai, which is building a genuine friendly rapport with Ken.  I also like Ariel and her sis, her parents…not so much both acting wise and as characters.

So exact same old prob with LC as MM! :/  I’m actually more attached to the heroine in MM! than Ariel here, so far she’s out acted by Mike *SHOCK* and her character is our typical stock wounded soul under the porcupine coat that is hard to root for being annoying every time she spits her protective venom.

Can I continue with this inconsistent PD?!  OR major ffing exc for OTP and Ken+Mom?  Dilemma of the day

12 thoughts on “Love Contract : torntorntorn

  1. I loved Love Contract the first time I watched it. Well, parts of it anyways. I hope you’ve researched in depth about it so you won’t get shocked or depressed later on. Just a warning… 🙂

    1. Is it the ending that’s buggy for u? I’m trying to not be spoiled but I’ve heard it’s very WTFery and I rem my roomie was screaming and rewatching it in disbelief or sth when it aired….and her reaction is still fresh and hilariously entertaining in my head. I’ll keep myself spoiler-free just so I’ll see if I get incoherently shocked/depressed, masochist me. 😉

  2. I love LC, flawed as it is (I skipped the friends’ stories entirely, so boring) because it was a drama that convinced me Mike can act.

    Be warned, there is a scene in it that made me cry harder than I ever cried in any drama except The Myth.

    1. Oh gosh… THAT bad?! :O I was mentally holding ur hand thro your Myth frelling.

      I’m fine with flawed as long as it’s giving me what I want. I love this PD doing romance, his stuff is so not romcom, but I think (exc for his endings…I’ve heard) he doesnt really use a lot of melodramatic devices to force some OTP togetherness, I love him for that.

      I’m falling fast. I’m a huge fangirl of Ariel. 2 eps in, Mike>>>>Ariel, in ACTING!, he is totally impressing me with how natural he is owning the role. I know the TW variety show Mike very very well, I ship him and Joe in real life and they r always entertaining, he’s nth like Ken. Impressed impressed impressed.

    1. I’m quite new serious TWdrama watching but even as a passing judgment, it’s nowhere near the common 2nd lead syndrome in Kdrama. Even for ‘pure’ romance, they have a lot of family drama touches and oftentimes I can’t stand the family either exc maybe for ZS’s Mom in ISWAK?!

      I’m already FFing the friends. Good that I have the ease of mind I’m not missing much…or better yet save myself fr getting ranty. This PD is strange, he’s so right on with everything concerning the OTP, but when it comes to breathing life in side characters, major fail. And what he finds ‘funny/entertaining’ is so off.

  3. You are starting Love Contract! 🙂

    Ken is my favorite Mike He role. If u r still up for finishing Marry Me after this, there are a lot of rendezvous scenes.

    1. I’m fresh off SH and I loved it tonnes, it’s hard for Ken to replace my YungJie love atm 😛

      That said, Ken is up there. So far he’s being very adorable in his quiet, subtle ways. I’ll let those annoying friends and their headdesking love contract game slide. It’s convincing Ken is this accommodating, non-abrasive person inside his not-smiling facade to go along with just enough grumpiness, of course the slight attraction towards XiaoFeng helps. I scoffed every time those so called friends keep ranting how he’s a monster and scary, and deserved to be a loner. Ken is just cool enough to not need friends like them, plus when he’s alone, he draws…*SWOON* I vote for him alone on screen than hanging out with them, coz I can’t ff and they bugged me.

      I also fall for his spacier, but every bit as genuine, Bento in Marry Me fast as well. It’s refreshing to not have an egoistic cold prince/idol as guy1.

  4. I’ve heard that this one has a very wierd/sad ending…have you ever watched Sweet Relationship??….That’s my fav TW drama though I’ve sadly never heard it being talked about at any blog….While ur at ur TW binge i’d suggest giving it a try after ur done with Mike He dramas

    1. I’ve watched an ep or 2. PD Qu is always good with heart-tugging family dynamics and I rem crying for the Dad already. hmmm I think ZaiZai was trying too hard there and he hasn’t had his B&W enlightenment in my first impression. Patty Hou was surprisingly alright. Since I love the Jdorama version to bits, I’m biased. If you love Sweet Romance, you should try out Oishii Kankei. It’s one of my fav Jdorama with much better acting, pacing and writing imho 🙂

      Actually when I visited my aunt, whom I’ve never heard of being a TWdrama watcher, she’s totally hooked and gushing on ZaiZai’s Wish to See You Again. That’s on my short list.

  5. More cyberstalking loverboy

    I’m itching for more cyberstalking of Yuan Hong/loverboy. Did you notice the picture of the McDonald’s meal on Shi Shi’s tweet? She accidentally snapped Yuan Hong’s sleeve, giving away that they are lunching together.

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