Thanks to I sidetracked my TWdrama indulging and did a whole week of MiuraMiura and more Miura.  I watched Kimi Ni Todoke.  And I’ve marathoned Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta, theTeacherMiuradrama.

Quite a delightful week, drama-wise.  I was angsty and nervous in the beginning episodes of where the Teacherdrama MAY go, but things r kept shockingly tamed esp for the BIG reveal.  Ending maybe too neat and saccharine pretty for my taste but it’s not headdesky, it’s very well acted, esp Erika.  Miura is convincing under the skin of a 20sth teacher, painfully responsible man with his issues all bottled up and wrapped neatly under his stuffy teacher outfits and coif.  If I have to nitpick, he can give us more depth/fraying as to what his character is going thro other than a somewhat perpetual :O face whenever shiz hits.   There r meanderings in the middle episodes that can be handled better, there r stretches that kept me scratching head but concluded it must be the cultural shock..  There’s a scene where 2 grown adult teachers have to do 90+degree bows and apologize to the whole teaching staff for not getting married/choose single parenthood which makes me go @_@.   And it’s not like I’m not frustrated by Miura’s character’s passivity through out the WHOLE thing.  But all in all, I haven’t watched a decent, well done, well acted renzoku for too many seasons and I welcomed it with BIG open arms.  Plus Miura is a perfect boy/man any way I look at it, 2 timing…or not.

Kimi Ni Todoke is so delightful.  Shoujo at its best.  I’m not enthralled by Sawako as much as I hoped maybe coz I’m nth like her, I’m very practical and direct with my feelings , esp towards very very cute boys and there r many times I would’ve jumped Miura, but she’s marvelously acted by Mikako.  It brings back all the subtlety, less is more I love most about Jmovies, all that spot on little nuances that they can do so well.  But it’s not like I don’t see a bit of passing of time…Miura is a grown hot man now, I can see him forcing it with the innocent wholesome smiles at the beginning, but he’s found his groove  in the later half of the movie and he stole my heart.  We have to count down to the days he still can play any naive highschool prefect boy.

Have an MV

Many of my fav scenes r in there, I love the handgrap (not wrist) because he’s been looking at her all intensely with a mix of heavy yearning, tenderness and that pure innocent puppylove throughout unlike the usual forceful dominating bigotry. And that shot of Miura at the bus stop, his hood making a gorgeous furry halo when he opened her Student ID booklet.  <333333 *puddleofgoo*


13 thoughts on “Miura-fest

      1. Oh good! I was scared he’d end up with his student. Maybe now that I know it ended the way I wanted it to, I’ll go and watch it. Can’t pass up any Miura dramas, after all 🙂

    1. And a very GOOD one at that. Miura is very convincing. I dunno y the parents of the girls (or boys) r not even slightly worried of the maybes of such a hot young, well loved teacher.. Funny one of the older fellow teacher/work buddy of Miura commented on the perils of being so attractive as an occupational hazard.

  1. Kimi ni Todoke (the manga) never really grabbed me when it first came out, but now I’m feeling inclined at least to check out the movie, which would be less of a time and money commitment.

    1. I have couple BIG…HUGE j crushes that r inappropriate considering they r way too young for us to be messing around even just in my head! ;P

      Miura is inching wayyy top in the pack leaving Osamukun, Masakikun and my v shallow but long time Mokokun behind.

      It’s a very nice combo to watch both at the same time for maximizing my crush, 2 characters, both set in school but a decade+ apart in age, both r not a master with words with it comes to romance, yet Miurakun handled both convincingly. Not perfect in his interpretations, but he’s perfect, I don’t care! XD

        1. I first saw him in Manatsu no Merry Christmas, that’s my Yutaka fangirl’s doing. He’s a KID there, 10 yrs old?! It’s too weird to crush a 10 yr old right?! haha my cut off is 15, illegal but I don’t feel as icky.

          I’m not a fan of Bloody Monday’s writing. I need my thrillers airtight in logic.
          I loved him in 14 Sai no Haha, my fav of his.
          Binbo Danshi is all over the place, he’s hot in it.
          I’m not that into Gokusen’s franchise, I’ve have just seen an ep and moved on.
          He’s hottest imo, in Galileo SP playing the young Masaharu. Masaharu is too bland for my taste and I totally prefer droolzing at Harumakun.

          He held his own in Crow Zero 2, Akihabara@Deep, both with an awesome ensemble cast.

          Koizora is a must see for a fangirl. A romance, he’s cute together with Yui. 🙂

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