Done with Love Contract. Speechless.


OMFGWTFBBQ what’s up with that ending couple eps?!?!?!?!??!  I watched the beach scene 3 freaking times in utter daze/disbelief/bewilderment and this is coming fr someone unspoiled yet totally expecting peeps will ….stop breathing.   I don’t care how explainable they choose to ‘do it’, I’ve started swearing with the whole accident+vegetative state, no surprise. So NOT WANT!  Since I skipped all the extraneous characters fr the get go, my impression of drama has been a crude homage an Adachi shonen with heart.  WHY the Uturn of OTT ridiculous makjang?!?!  The reveal of that stupid contract, I can live with, but I thought it’s blown up to proportions after her initial very understandable flipping outburst.  I have so much faith in my damaged yet WORKING ON IT babies to overcome that of all things and live somewhat happily everafter hotly licking each others wounds.  IS this designed  for edge of seat shock?!  :/  coz instead of being shocked, it completely lost me.

I’m always against suicides in the name of love in dramas.  You r alive, one live for oneself anyways, u have other peeps and relationships in your life, taking ur own life u r robbing  precious chunks of intangible existence fr those around u, even for a drama character, me v batty.  A case when I stop judging is with sufferer of severe mental disorders. IF instead of an abrupt 360 I got Ken totally losing it and gone batshit hammered me to acceptance eps prior,  I’ll stomp on my heart and be in excruciating pain and crying my eyes out.  But as is, I DONT FEEL A FRELLING THING for them!  Except I’ve lost these characters I’ve grown to care for somewhere in some WTFery blackhole of writing/directing.  This is snapping me out this drama watching experience, a rude awakening.  I don’t know those 2 walking towards the ocean.  I don’t know and don’t want to hurt my brain of why the ‘happy’ note, friends in toll, in the ending scene. 

Ken!  O MY KEN!! You were this lone little puppy licking ur own wounds all along and totally functional with ur own passions in life and I’m so rooting for you to not let any ANY shit kneel you.  (and bravo Mike, gosh the mourning of Mom had me sobbing all messily and I still have his wailing haunting me to tears *SOB*) And Xiao Feng!! Really my intractable girlfriend with a self-aware fragility, you REALLY approve of THAT esp consciously (as conscious as someone in a coma) knowing your Ken REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVES YOU!!!>??!  I dunno, I’m, along with all of mankind, so not ok with ppl I love dying….particularly if I’m the cause.

Up till 20, the drama on a whole was flawed but with some very endearing lovely things going on with the OTP.   Totally my thing and it’s absolutely not for naught in time spent.  All I know is if I’ve stopped right before the beach scene this will still be in my Like (with some buts) pile.

Since I watched it for Mike fangirling, LC is a revelation.  Mike is clearly a sufferer of being too pretty it hurts(his career).  And I’m sorry I did judge him by his superficial gorgeousness and nth else.  He can always do nuance, he can breathe life into a realistic character.  He’s awesome in subtler wordless scenes.  I saw a very early, green Leslie Cheung in his Ken.  What if he’s allowed to build on this earnest role and just act, his style?!  Or be in sth like B&W or Kenting much earlier on?! 

12 thoughts on “Done with Love Contract. Speechless.

  1. Welcome to the world of Love Contract Disappointees. We are a universal organization that cater to your completely explicable and valid rage against the ending episodes needs. All you need to be a full-fledged member is to adamantly refute that the scenes you hatred absolutely did not happen. We’ll be in contact with more information about this organization πŸ™‚

    1. Still. I…hmph….ARGH…

      I felt like I just unknowingly lost a silly game that I didnt even sign myself up for of drinking an unknown potion of mixed condiments when the minute before I was happily enjoying my happy meal and toys…drama equivalent. It’s part rage mix with lots of ‘what a pity’ and a lot of swearing WTFBBQs but I’m calm, the sickening calm before a psycho about to flip. And wiki/googling feverishly what ‘sick joke’ REALLY means and what humans should feel when presented an extreme case. Because I felt a totally dysjunct as to what I’m supposed to feel as opposed to what I’m feeling

  2. I was spoiled for the ending so I just didn’t watch it and pretended it never existed. Something similar to one of Rain dramas, “Sang-do, let’s go to school”.

    1. You are sososo wise. And clearly I overestimate myself in tolerance of WTFery, happily clicking along the episodes…TILL THAT BEACH!! the visuals have them happy and partying, so to speak, while my eyes and brain combust.

      I’m sad of my own lack of self control, and SM tendencies. I have a HUGE irky Marry Me! will give me the exact same crazypill ending….and I’m just 4 eps in, can drop, BUT…

      Sang-do, I cried but that is not incongruous. OTOH THIS. I can’t even… I’m even wayyy more ok with the A Love to Kill ending, u know what I’m talking about, really u can’t find another happier sick person enjoying her dramas, her characters yet no problemo them dying…perchance, it makes drama sense.

      1. I’m even wayyy more ok with the A Love to Kill ending, u know what I’m talking about, really u can’t find another happier sick person enjoying her dramas, her characters yet no problemo them dying…perchance, it makes drama sense.

        ** nods ** I was perfctly fine with ALTK ending, in fact I was all “Put them all out of their misery!!!” at the end. The charcaters were so broken.
        Sang-do – for some reason this felt like a happy drama to start with, so I was a little angry, but you are right, Sang-do’s ending is not even close in “What????????” factor to “Love Contract”.

        1. Sang-Do threw me hints, but just the fact Rain was a gigilo is enough to warn me in kdramaland he’s not going to get a happy ending, esp when he’s such a sweet soul. It’s almost certain he’ll get his greatest honor of ‘immortality’ in our hearts. T_T

          LC totally leaves every WTF ending off the curb. Still bitter.

  3. I haven’t watched LC because like alexandal I was spoiled for the ending and ‘do.not.want’.

    I hate rage inducing WTF endings with a burning passion. I’ve been lucky not to encounter many of those and I still remember the ones I’ve come across with much bitterness and a feeling of being betrayed.

    I don’t have a problem with something like a death at the end if it’s a logical conclusion of what went on before. My favourite k-drama ends in tears but I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, while I was watching that this is how it’ll play out. The ending did not kill my love for it. πŸ™‚

    1. I hate spoilers more than anything, esp of endings so I will try everything I can to avoid. πŸ™‚ And I’m a heartless yet obsessive dramawatcher. I love them but since the drama has a finite # of eps, I’m fine with them dying, and all I’m asking: please make some sense. Last time I was as speechless was with Autumn in my Heart when it ended with sth to do with a truck/bus. It’s so silly and imo the drama was a load of crap so early on, I can care less. It’s so ridiculous yet I felt soooo bad roflamo when it’s intended to pull my heart out and opening my floodgates. *phew* glad both r ironclad.

      LC is a case when I can guarantee even if I was spoiled of the ending, I would still be screaming foul and WTF nooooo! how we’re led to it and the disjunct of everything, speechless. It’s not hard to guess fr all the fair warnings this is going to end on paper as such, and yet PD clearly thought this is a ‘happy’ ending. And insisted we should feel so as well. haha I need to lie down a wk and seriously rethink whether to watch Marry Me by same PD.

  4. “Mike is clearly a sufferer of being too pretty it hurts(his career)”
    I completely agree with you on this. He can really act when acting is needed, but people only think of him as a pretty boy, hampering his chance to do something that need more serious acting. What a waste, really!
    I havent watched Marry me so I dont know how it’s compared to Love contract (I have the same reaction as you did when I first watched LC, I loved Mike and Ariel’s chemistry though). If you want to watch a drama for Mike fangirling, I suggest you watch Infernal Lover. It’s quite a good drama and although the ending isnt very satisfying for me, I can say it’s worth watching even if it’s to watch his gorgeousness and his acting alone.

    1. I’m guilty of thinking he’s just a very pretty model *shame*.

      It’ll haunt me for not finishing Marry Me….it has so much little quirks going on that’s exactly what sating me. And there won’t be a better timing to watch it, WTF ending and all…it can’t be worst than the WTFery that is LC, or…can it upstage THAT?!

      I’ve seen 2 eps of Infernal Lovers. tbh just Mike’s gorgeously coiffed but so historically ridiculous hair made me cringe endlessly. I’m much more critical of my C periods and it’ll take a lot of win to let me sacrifice historical accuracy. It’s more I’ve always been an addict of C periods/historical documentaries for all my life I’ve everything under the sun I’ve watched, so any deviation can’t escape my eyes and will irk me relentlessly. One of the PDs of Infernal lover is my PD nemesis, Lin He Long. We will never never ever get along.

  5. I don’t usually want to be spoiled for the ending either but knowing how the last drama with WTF ending I saw would actually end, would have saved me from loads of hair pulling. πŸ™‚ Man, I got so pissed I deleated the affront posthaste. I was actually miffed for days afterwards, ha. That one really pulled a fast one at the last minute. No lead up, no hints just wham! change of direction in the last epi.

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