I need dream readers and/or a very good Shrink

I was an inpatient poked and tested and drugged due to my severe allergies last Sunday.  It’s sooo not fun…the only upside being under the persisting groggy drug ‘enhanced’ delirium I had the strangest and most awesome dream…..and I rem it verbatim.

It started Sunday afternoon before I was trapped in ER and then my tiny hosp room.  I got a call fr C Unni, who lives 7/8 hrs fr me, I’ve not been there, but she screamed and hanged up.  I decided to start drive asap.  I was in my gardening clothes.

I was then driving alone and by the time I got to the last stretch of woods and off roads, it’s getting dark.  GPS stopped working with no signal and I drove for an hour till I came across a roadblock, or so I thought….then after a few questions fr a very cute ‘cop’ I drive on.  I came to a small downtown….in Christmas lights galore.

‘Maybe I’m in Unni’s downtown?’  I parked my car at the nearest spot, and I started walking.  They were all talking in French.
Somehow I ended up in a very seedy French Canadian town with beautiful Christmas lights year round.  I saw guns, robbing, pimps and hos like in a game of Grand Theft Auto. I turned and traced my path back to my car but I got very lost.   I saw the Canadian flag billowing in the distance…the checkpoint was Customs.  I’m in a town called ‘Ras’…in Canada.

Then I saw the hottie cop/customs official and I was going to grab him and bombard him with questions and beg for directions, totally scared and on verge of peeing my pants.  But he flashed a gun, at a gang behind me, and there…I’ve finally found my car, in the middle of being broke in.  Then came a scene straight out of a JohnWoo, bullets flying, some in slowmo, me stuck in the freaking middle of it.

I was then given a ride my hottie cop, in my car, to Unni’s place.  I can’t rem his face but he is a super hot thing, the pleasant ride zipped by.

Next act, I arrived at C Unni’s, it’s a slumber party, KoalaTwinnie was there, babyKoalas and C Unni’s babies + a dozen of their friends all in pink pjs.  Everybody occupied, nobody noticed me arriving and not in pink. Then at the corner I spotted an all alone SJS.  He’s in LA  for an award he got for his rapping vid.  Like a fish out of his water.  He’s glaring at me for ‘help!’, it seems.

We started chatting, that’s when I learnt of his award and I sang a couple lines to tease, I wouldnt pass up the chance to flirt with him and he’s game, then somebody screamed there’s a cockcroach, a flying one.  All the younglings didn’t even finch, continued watching their cartoons or playing their board games.  I was totally freaked out with the flying cockroach…and a very heavy S!J!S! furled himself up into a ball, was in my arms shaking.

I put him down on his sleeping bag and he asked me to coo him to sleep, with his rap song.  And there, the next morning I ended up sleeping with SJS in his sleeping bag and I screamed to myself…and I woke up.


11 thoughts on “I need dream readers and/or a very good Shrink

    1. Huggles Kim! ^^

      Really I hesitated to post that requiem of a dream in fear you would read it and be soo alarmed I’m a full blown cuckoo!

      I’m doing much better, thank you! Still heavily drugged and zombied, but hubs has been enjoying a very ‘mellow’ me as a companion last few. Bad for him it’s Not gonna last.

      Hey I just saw a pic making the rounds of HK on set with KDW, she’s looking happy and cheerful. I know the rumormills will start churning, heck it *hug*. At least she looks fine! ^^

      1. Hugz back, mookie!

        The pic on the set with kdw was more than 1 year ago *phew*, I saw it yesterday reported by TV daily and thot here they were on track again..too bad, I’m right. Later on there were almost 40 reports about it…and there they go again with many nasty comments from netizens…what a madness dearie! I’m sure you know what I think about about korean media lately..i thot as being as reporter , they should use their brain to more worthy stuffs rather than these brainless reports. Perhaps the comments are often comming from kiddos whom are more careless in what they are writing, i dun know, but the way the reporters wrote wasn’t right either…sighs…crazy, no wonder in Manchu’s interview, binnie said she wish he could have the power to block them…media…crappy.

        But Kyo was in Bejing for a semiar for a cf on the 10th and she did look cheerful and gracefully beautiful despite everything, i think she is fine.

        Any plan for summer mookie?

        1. My summer will be FUN fr the looks of it. Fam visiting and a big reunion in Maui. I CANT WAIT!!

          As long as they r happy, really we can’t care too much. But I hope if they r in any relationship, please keep lying to those rats calling themselves ‘reporters’ and NEVER ever say a word about it even if they said they have pix and whatnots. I’m even fine with them not telling me about marriage now. Just be happy and shut them gobs up.

          Have a great wkend Kim! :)))

          1. Yes, dearie. I think as long as ther r happy, that should be enough. In fact, I’m even fine if they both are lying now, just lie, for their own good.

            Your summer plan sounds great, i still don’t have any plan yet. Summer temp here use to be very comfortable, not too warm like other places and I prefer that, but will have a visit of a long time friend in the US and we plan to have a trip together to Rome. That will be nice.

            Have a nice Sunday dear!

            1. I wish I can travel more, and ROME!!! I’ve only been there with my parents during a grand rush tour of Europe…gosh 2 decades ago. Everything’s seen in passing and wayyy tooo briefly.

              I need 4 months of Summer off!! That’s the only perks I missed being a student!:D

              I’m too pissed for words with how the Marines is treating Binnie. *sigh* How low is milking a DVD out of him now?! Do they have brains?! at all!?? How is this shedding any positive light and enchanting boys to join the army when special stars will be SPECIAL, and even if u wanna fulfill ur duty, u have no freaking say and free will to just be a soldier…in the Marines.

              So. pissed.

              1. I read the news today too. Why can’t they just him being a normal soldier? They just think for themselves and not for him at all. What would de other think about him? Spesial treatment…ekk…i think for us, we just want him to be treated like other soldiers and spend his ms quiet as much as he can, i thot after sega feber, this is the time he needs for himself, to do his duty, collect his mind, get back to his normal after all the madness, that’s all what he needs to be more mature. That was his wish, wasn’t it? i really hope when he is done this training, he can get some peace. Feel like they exploit his fame…while we feel discusting, some might feel happy for being able to see more of him. Anyway, i hope he will have a great time off in few days and just give them a sh**.

                1. I’ve yet to meet a binnie fan to be not white at the knuckles wanna hit sth to this latest bs.

                  We all miss him, dearly. But I don’t need to see him 24/7 like now. I’ve been seeing him wayyyy more than last 2 months than say btn MNIKSS and SQ and that’s almost yr, peak of his stardom.

                  Any thinking fan should boycott this. This is just another stinky dumb shiz attracting antis to attack him. If this shit sells great, he’ll be stabbed for whoring out, if it doesn’t, they’ll have a cool party time cheery in their envy. IF I hear one more hiding under some fake nicety ‘nth against HB, but…’ follows by a load of crapping on hyunbinnie, I’ll go postal.

                  I guess that’s the downside of being so perfect and lovely ^^, everybody will want a piece of his immortality granting flesh like the monk Xuanzang in Journey to the West. :/

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