Did Hu Ge and Yuan Hong just get…HOTTER?!

I’m lost for words, busily bucketing my own droolz

*breath* *inhale* OMG!
here is YH being a judge at the beauty pageant.  There’s really no need, u r the prettiest of them all.


He’s too cozy with his sister in law married to his Bro9 in BuBu.  Other than his boring OTP  in Prince’s Education (it’s too easy to alternaship him with YangMi there) he can always strike up chemistry with the ladies.


20 thoughts on “Did Hu Ge and Yuan Hong just get…HOTTER?!

  1. HG’s five o’clock shadow is growing on me :D. But I still don’t think he has enough bad-a$$ attitude to be a convincing villain in 轩辕剑三外传天之痕. Let’s see how he will fare against his real life OTP (i.e. YH)

    Unlike you, I much prefer YH with hair. Thought he looked best in 迷雾双龙 (Legend of the Double Dragons) and 廣告風雲 (Ad Mania).

    1. I’m also not convinced HG can act in anything, but he played a baddie decently in Butterfly Lovers(but against WuZun, it’s not hard to outshine in acting muahahahaha) we’ll see. He’s definitely capable, but what he’s in so far has been versions of the exact same simpleton hero.

      LOL, u need to know me better! 😉 I love him in the crewcut, but I LOVE him in his 迷雾双龙 do. I mean I also LOVE him in the Qing do haha, he can’t do no wrong. His Ad Mania look is soo hot and I hope his character is a bit of a baddie playboy, why waste the wicked good look? And of EVERYTHING I’m expecting his Ad Mania like MAD!! I’m holding out hopes that one will air REAL soon, the merits with popular names like Raymond Lam and Tang Ran attached!^^

    1. I’m not sure why I prefer HuGe with facial hair >>>>>clean cut in a suit. maybe his features r not that typical ‘asian’ and can carry facial hair soo soo well.

  2. Ooh, HG with his thin goatee looks like an exec in those internet romance novels–all grown up and v. distinguished, much better than his five-o-clock shadow+dyed hair look. He shouldn’t do 頹廢, you know?

    Otoh, scruffy YH is just scrumptious. Yelu Xie with his facial hair pushed ALL my buttons, and looks like fangirl Tong Hua agrees with me:



    1. IDK why…I came across this article about attractive men having longer ring fingers: http://health.asiaone.com/Health/News/Story/A1Story20110420-274730.html
      What came to mind is Mookie’s fangirling over the shaving scene in CtW and someone commenting, “YH has very pretty hands! I’m jealous!” LOL. I know everyone usually notice his eyes, but my Mom actually noticed his hands in that show-down scene with Guo Jing at the end where Yang Kang was reaching for his weapon for one last strike at Guo Jing (notice the hand!).

      1. *blush* I’m so a hands girl as well! (but mostly eyes, really gorgeous large globes that sweettalk to me!)

        And my shamelessness knows no bounds, I’m drawn to his hands EVERY TIME he has to hold sth, even if it’s NianCi’s shoe.

        I just wanna share my coarse voice over the web…I’ve been inner screaming when words out by a voice actress replying to Loverboy’s weibo Ad Mania is in last stage of voicework and hopefully will be out soon!


        1. anon2 here

          Yes, but his scenes in Ad Mania may not be much as he had to rush to finish it to join Bu Bu’s set (for which he was 10 days late?). I’m so glad the director is getting him to act in the 2nd season of Ad Mania to be filmed in August this year.

          Just hate LB’s stupid favouritism games.

          1. Re: anon2 here

            lolz but I know I’ll be A-B repeating EVERY and ALL his scenes in Ad Mania1.


            AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you just made my wkend that much more awesome knowing he’ll be in Ad Mania2 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *muakmuakmuak*

            *sorry if I seem more nuts than usu*


      2. Oh I noticed his hands from *way* early on. Actually all 3 Tangren signees (YH HG & LSS) have pretty ones, maybe it’s something LB looks for in her actors. That and height (180cm+) on the guys.

        Remember when Nicky Wu met up with some other members of “Bu Bu” after filming wrapped up? Fans were trying to ID who was there based on pics posted to weibo. 13th iirc was sitting next to 4th, and people were confused b/c in pics where just YH’s hands holding the camera was showing, the fingers were so long and slender that they weren’t sure if it was a girl’s.

        1. kekeke and lets not forget that infamous morning after McD spicy lunchie…all we got proof of is a bit of his sweater and his hand, no?!

          I swear, I watched that CtW shaving scene unhealthy too many times and many of those I’m droolzing at his hands.

          o no worries in spamming, I’m doing it myself XD party on! *cheers*

          1. Anon2

            I’m really curious – why on earth did LSS put a pic of that McD lunch showing YH’s sleeve/hand on her weibo for all the public to see?!!!

            1. Re: Anon2

              lolz her usual ‘girlfriend stamping’?! I guess she underestimated the red beans’ super investigative skills?! I lump it w/ those iconic shocking pink birthday present earpiece twitpics XD

              1. Re: Anon2

                Did she really underestimate? I always thought she’s pretty careful with her public communication (given how naturally reserved and shy she is). His hand & sleeve were super obvious in that McD lunchie.

                1. Re: Anon2

                  What I like about LSS the person is how she can be gutsy and speaks her mind. Although she adores LB and is in many ways her pet, she still do things (eg weiboing) her way. She’s careful and I can totally picture her as one of those model students with no booboo on record EVER…not because she can’t act out, but because she genuinely doesn’t wanna.

                  So if u r asking me did she really underestimate, NO FREAKING WAY!! haha but she can care less to hide her close relationship with Lao Yuan.

                  I saw all these YH/LSS postings winking at each other as the most precious things on weibo. I can seriously feel they r preemptively missing each other badly once Bubu, the last project of YHxTR is done. It’s so genuine and it’s been there all the while for all to see as opposed to some CP that r so tactless and all fake for promo. I despise that. BTW YM+FSF you guys r really more talented than u know it, so please trust yourself more on ur day job.

          2. The McD lunch together does look a bit suspicious, heheh! But don’t you think that’s the way Old Yuan is? Naturally flirtatious with everything with a skirt. Remember Eddie “warned” Janine that he’s pervy and he did get pretty close to Janine during filming. There’s also his Dr Tao co-star Xie Wen Xuan with whom he’s been taking pics with (though those are posed, not accidental like Uncle Yanfei’s pics of YH & LSS) and she has added all his Wuhan homies’ weibos – but not LSS’ weibo, hee hee! Well, his homie Xiaoman is on mobile phone terms with LSS, which is very much closer than on weibo terms. But who knows?

            1. hahaha I do think he’s naturally flirtatious with everything with a skirt as well. So most of my YH-LSS shipping is stemmed fr LSS, she only tt about YH constantly whereas she should be equally close with HG. Of course the the latest burst fr EVERYBODY ELSE, YH’s homie, Photog Uncle YanFei included…so presh.

        2. I remember the 180cm height requirement was applied to the male cast of Young Warriors LOL. But honestly, LSS looks kinda midget-like next to YH if she doesn’t wear heels, e.g. LOCH08 promo TV interview on some McDonald variety show…

      3. Erm, that was me up there btw. For some reason I’m always forgetting to put a sig in after. Sorry for clogging up your comments section mookie!


    2. I’m ssoooo loving TongHua fangirling YH! XDDDD She’s a goner for sure if she’s fallen soooo early on in Young Yang Clan. kekeke

      I hope we’ll get a lot of her fangirling spamming posts, but then it’ll make me itch for a Young Yang Clan rewatch which I have absolutely no time of (and am tempted already…just his scenes of coz)

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