HB fangirling, 5 year mark.

Long day, just spent some time ranting up a storm with a friend on the insane to point of inhumane treatment of Hyunbinnie by the Marines.  I’ll give it to them to cockblock a simple guy’s simplest wish to serve the Marines just like any other Korean citizen… instead thank him by mentally castrating him in front of our eyes.  Oh! my! bleeding! heart!

As a bloody crazy fangirl of hyun binnie.  I rem exactly the date I saw him the very first time and started my fall in the abyss of fandom.  It’s Easter wkend 2006, exactly 5 years ago.  I’ll spare the backstory, it’s a lot of mush, mylifeisaKdrama, days of being a too old shoujo, virgin marathoning of a Kdrama -> obsessed/possessed and here I’m exactly 5 years later.

Like love, can’t explain rationally my obsession with this perfect guy so I won’t even try.   I still find it odd, for someone as shy and kept himself as private, he can conjure up these national phenoms when the whole country or elsewhere affected by Hallyu needs to know every and anything HB 24/7, not once but twice with his Samshik and now JiWon.  MNIKSS will be in the books as a Kdrama romcom classic for its generation, but he’s not the best thing about it.  TBH he did a magnificant job with JiWon, spot on actually, and this is very unbiased an opinion considering how crappy and dunk potpourri of a mess that script was written imo…it’s almost to the point I wished he didnt do such a crisp exactement  job fr the instant he’s on screen so the pompous Miss writer could not sleep walk and cruise along spitting out her shittiest shit…and still the public will adore it like drama gold,  and ppl who dun like a HB to begin with is coldly snarking as if it’s he’s responsible for annoying writing, in being pastered everywhere, or even when SG’s That Namja is STILL playing.

But that’s exactly the achy achy heart of fangirling HyunBinnie, the majority loves him Himbo mediocre and clean cut gorgeous , and the rest will slurp up the chance to nitpick to death he’s over-hyped and overrated and treat him in essence like a national gigilo/ the favorite public rag toy.  Sth as superb, terrific and impossibly difficult as FoL,  he nailed it, owned it, role of his career at 27yo..   But when he’s cruising along, primarily showcasing his gorgeousness as a peacock-like cuckoo, they can’t get enough of him, antis in toll. 

I really do not understand what’s the marketing research behind pimping HB in a Marines DVD, special edition based on ONE MONTH of material.   I may be naive but do the Korean Marines do such habitually to have the intent of letting the public know more about life in enlistment?!?!??! I highly doubt it.  And don’t let me be right again foreseeing that DVD will be all HB all the time with all the other equally hardworking young men as blurry background noise.  As a fan, this will be the last thing I need to hear/see/know.  I really can’t imagine any impressionable young boy, wanting to watch the DVD and be inspired to enlist in the Marines solely because of HB as a role model….this is not getting a new flat screen or drink some malt tea HB is drinking or some hiking clothes only he can look decent in and they need a deeper inspiration fr within, last of which is fanboying.  I can’t rationalize it as money making either, in light of the budget of THE MARINES how many trucks of HB DVDs have to be sold to make a dent?!?!  That was publicity goldmine when HBinnie volunteers to enlist in the Marines of all depts, and the TV stations get their CF $$ just by reporting anything HB.  I know they will keep wringing out every bit of use they can out of him, and he has absolutely no say for sure.  But enough is enough, the insatiable greed is getting way too ugly and turning this into sth so revolting a circus.  One thing for sure this will attract the antis like flies to poop, nth I’ve seen before.

And the newest twist has them assigning him to the front line. After all the mess .  I cant even begin how appalled I’m , realizing how trivial and child’s play they r making assigning young lives to the line of possible fire.  Please stay safe and come back to me, BINNIE!  TT_TT  

I’ve seen Come Rain, Come Shine again.   It’s one of those movies that will never appeal to the masses, but so made by my id.  It’s also one of those that speaks lyrically in its long quiet moments.  Most of the punches r delivered in anything but words.

I’ve read a great review by a long term binnie dearie @ baidu and I can’t put it any better in Chinese or English.  *Me FAIL*  What I love most is her insight on how Come Rain, Come Shine is a much better title than Love, Love Not.  This is not a movie about clean, clear cut emotions, but the more realistic murkiness of humans in RL relationships when such labeling  fails, it should not be categorized at all, and never in such oversimplified terms.

*very mild spoiler* The premise is the dissolution of a marriage of 5 years.  It’s not a falling out of love because clearly these 2 r exactly in tune, even in sensing the looming falling apart.  It’s harder on ISJ’s character even though she’s the instigator as her emotions r less inwardly trapped.  She’s hit by the guilt, the uncertainty, afraid yet he reminds her quite often how annoying he’s with his inability to communicate with her.  When she tells him she’s moving out, leaving him, he’s calm and collected like he’s been expecting this moment for a while…and he admits he knew she’s a lover…but as things settle in, he falters a bnit,  true to his character he can’t release it at will, so foreign with expressing his emotions.  Peeling an onion is a convenient excuse, so is the always constant pitter-patter rain as a cover-up.

 They fit together like well worn gloves most of the time we spent with them, their interactions always started out comfortably their rapport genuine and a  palpable closeness, easy to see they care for each other very much, like they used to and in a way it’s still a constant…yet as their conversation meanders on, it reflects the hard place they r in.  Sth is not clicking btn them, they r unable to speak everything in their minds.   A couple can really know each other too well…when the significant other morphs into an inanimate habit.  They r fully aware they r distant and out of place when we’re all expecting more intimacy btn a husband and a wife.  They r drifting apart by the passing of time. 

Habits can be a very scary inertia in life.  It’s comfortable and easy on one hand, but stagnant, suffocating…and boring, just like the good cup of coffee he’s been making her for 5 years, the cigarette he lights for her at the perfect timing she needs it, or the comforting ‘it’s OK…’ every time he utters to soothe her *fangirl: it tickles my ears all heavenly when HBinnie utters his ‘gwaen chan-ah’ SWOON* At least it used to, but now an annoyance.  Habits r comforting, it’s nice, she still appreciates it, but it’s been 5 years of the exact monotony..  It must feels like bits of herself dwindling away like sand trapped free falling in an hourglass, and she is at the brink when she has to invert it, turn her life upside down for the sand to keep running, but she’s weary and scared like that kitten wandering off, lost in the rain.

(credit on pics, fr baidu)

I loved it, but it’s not definitely for everyone:
Here’s Csubbed on Youku:



4 thoughts on “HB fangirling, 5 year mark.

  1. Thanks for the recaps and link of Come Rain, Come shine, mookie. I want to watch if there is a link with eng sub available.

    Hugz mookie…Let’s hope things will be better for him and they can leave him alone.

  2. Hi, Mookiehyun!

    5 years… congratulations!

    I suspect HB to be an alien… or a psychopath.. He is too perfect to be real!

    Are they REALLY planing to make a DVD? Poor him… I feel really sorry. Though I hope he’ll come back safe from his posting I’m kind of “happy” that he’ll go on the front, because it’S what he wanted first. I hope he we’ll not suffer discrimination there, though!

    Heve a good day!


    1. Hihi Emma!

      They are REALLY doing it, I’m afraid, it’ll air May 1st?! and the DVD will be out. I’m trying to be as positive as can be and wish binnie at least get sth he wants out of the experience, but so far they r not even hiding their blatant using him as some mascot with not a bit of care/tact/consideration/human decency. I’m just glad the hyunbinnie we know is made of much tougher wisdom inside than the rest of them combined and this won’t get to him too much. I’m still sad he’s that tough mentally because he’s always been mistreated one way or the other though.

      Have a good one yourself! 😀

  3. *HUG*! Thanks dear! I’m much better after sleeping over it. We can only wish for the best.

    I hope someone will eng sub it!! But tbh, it’s very engaging even without the sub. It’s very slice of life and a lot of their conversations r very everyday instead of dramatic. Both ISJ and binnie are all awesome in it depicting every nuance spot on.

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