This is a damn long kiss!

O gosh this is so intimate I feel all embarrassed for intruding and trying to will myself to not ogle …in vain of coz.

it’s ~1min and clearly they r NOT done smooching. *fanning self* I’m having premature hot flashes!

And my fangirly fingers can’t stop clicking as much as I’m disgusted with how my hyunbinnie is being mistreated.  The preview of the Marines docu DVD:

Tanned, chiseled and young.  Stay healthy and safe is all I’m asking, my love.

Drama front, I’m continuing my MarryMe! watch, but I’m still drugged up and groggy and spending most of my time horizontal and passed out.. I’m too out of it to spazz properly even.  All I can muster up, I’m at ep8 liking it more and more, with serious FF of absolutely everything else other than the OTP!  I’m soooo loving how their relationship is building a little nudge at a time, so presh!  Oddly for couple time (pick a drama each and we watch it at a very leisurely pace) we’re watching 49, that’s hubs’ pick, he’s not interested in the ladies at all, but intrigued by Scheduler and Kang, interested in the plot, I’m usu zoned out but it’s watchable.  My pick is Mildred Pierce. we r only 1 ep in, but I’m in love.  I find it much more sober/mellow with less whistles and bells compared to my impression of Mad Men after 1 ep.

This stupid allergy beast has to get the hell out of my lawn SOON!  I so need functioning braincells to marathon Prez, darn it!!


4 thoughts on “This is a damn long kiss!

  1. Hi,

    I cannot control my fingers either! (shame on me, I feel always bad when I check on his training —it’s his private life after all)

    remember he choose too be a Marine! Let’s be proud of him (as he can be proud of his hard work!)

    Indeed, this “namja” is not from our world! 😉


    1. *sigh* I’m a tad mad at myself…but I do miss him. It’s just soo sad and silly on the Marines for just having his name in captions and nobody else. I feel sorry for his fellow recruits and their families.

      But I trust binnie will make the best out of it and handle all the storms. I’m not too worried.

  2. 2 thumbs up for the kiss! Didn’t someone try to explain that the documentary was not just about Binnie?!? So only 90% of the preview was focused on him?!? Rolls eyes. He looks tanned and skinny but a little worn out. Just eat more and sleep more in the next few days okay? As much as I feel bad for the people embroiled in the current Korean media storm, selfishly I’m glad that some of the limelight has shifted away from him during his few days of rest. Sending him good vibes and well wishes along with countless other die-hard fans!


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