ahhhh, so THAT’s why we have an overload of Gumiwo-esque foxy ladies in Cdrama/movies!!!!

I should be sleeping but the nerd in me is sooo jumping in joy with one BIG Cdrama mystery that’s peeving me lately solved.

I’ve got my hands on the 2010 Chinese Ghost Story, will watch, 100% I wont like it and just hoping it’s sooo bad it’s good for snark.  (VERY confident in the sooo bad it’s good part, my gfs r unanimously saying it’s a comedy, but I lalalalala myself blocking any meaty spoilers)

A pic speaks a 100000000 words.  chemistry, face, acting…

One BIG thing with it, v mildly spoilerish, Our main ‘girl’ Siu-sin, ie the Ghost in the title, or what the entire movie is about….is now a Wu Lei Jing /Foxy Demon.  I knew it for a while but can not compute WHY it’s necessary at all.

AHHHH it’s the always amusing prc censors at work!!   And I bumped into it fr a tweet @ weibo (I’m its slave) Ghost = spreading superstitious believes that can’t be substantiated by ‘matter’ (spirits have no mass…etc) whereas demons r  some sort of twisted ‘natural selection’, they turn into demons fr their own effort and tenacity…working at it for thousands of years!

So that’s why Siu-sin is now a foxy, the same with ZhouXun in Painted Skin  (her character should be …yes a ghost) and lolz the poster snapped if Hamlet is shown in C theaters, the Ghost will be….another foxy?!?!   XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Mystery solved, feel accomplished! roflmfao!!!

2 thoughts on “ahhhh, so THAT’s why we have an overload of Gumiwo-esque foxy ladies in Cdrama/movies!!!!

  1. From what I see on the trailer for the Chinese Ghost Story movie starring Liu Yifei and Louis Koo, she’s going to be a demon. There’s a really scary shot of Liu Yifei doing a vampire scream in the trailer.

    1. I still haven’t seen it. I’m biased coz with the original, it’s a swoon-worthy romance with sooo much gorgeousness onscreen first and foremost and this looks like some scary movie.

      And though I’ve seen Mei LanFong w/ Leon Lai and the actor playing the younger Mei stole the movie, he can’t touch Leslie Cheung in pretty. He looks sooooooo pedestrian here. *mesoshallow*

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