Yuan Hong heating it up with his ‘sisinlaw’

YH’s own words on weibo, not my spin!

lolz but he does read his fangirls’ mind WELL. That’s all we’re thinking, driving different cute cars to some woods and hugging a girl all different ways, who’s not LSS but Prince9’s wifey in BuBu!!

ETA: some more fr the lady working @ Hotspot mag:

(and thank you Prince9 wifey for giving him a good pinch at his ear for being his notty self! ^^)


5 thoughts on “Yuan Hong heating it up with his ‘sisinlaw’

  1. I don’t really care about his magazine pics. I’m waiting anxiously for his announcement on his next project. And why is he avoiding contract signing with a new talent agency yet? From what I see on his tieba thread, he just gives these sly answers to his red beans, e.g. “not necessarily my 4th brother’s company” (i.e. Nicky Wu Studio) and “not interested in Yu Zheng’s projects”.

    Same sly tweets about his pics with his girls, like Ye Qing in this mag shot. I remember he posted a pic he took with Xie Wen Xuan, a red bean asked whether he’s dating her and he slyly replied “This has gotten Ouyang Men Huo baffled too *sly laugh emoticon* ”

    NB: Ouyang Men Huo is another Wuhan homie.

    1. I do love this shot in particular, he’s styled exactly the way I love my boys! XDD

      I can’t tell you how madly I’m grinning on you quoting him he’s ‘not interested in YZ’s projects’. Please Loverboy, stay true to yourself always and don’t go there, for my sanity and I bet most of the Red beans…we r just united a bunch that haate YZ, right?

      He has ways to flirt, with the other ladies, it’s a bit more blatant, more bar scene so to speak. Still witty and charming, I must say.

      But with LSS, he always brings in their history, a slowburn with a tenderness that tucks all our heartstrings and I bet LSS’ as well.

      I’m fine with him taking the time to choose his next agency…esp on the note how much his attachment with TR has affected him. He’s such a sweet guy really and how it must be with a heavy heart he has to part ways with them considering how fondly he still regards HG as a buddy and LB as a friend. So I can totally see him hesitating to join Nicky if they r really that close as we saw them on the Bubu set, he must be weary it may not work out like TR. How about his attachment with Ruby Lin’s new agency?! Ruby seems to have a clearer head as a ladyboss and her company is still a startup and there’s a better chance of him being the N1 actor there, maybe?

      But of coz I can’t wait for his new project. Hopefully he’ll have a much larger role in AdMania2. He’s too talented to be wasted as some guest appearance under Raymond Lam of all peeps.

  2. Babe, I’m sooooo excited Loverboy confirmed Ad Mania will be out sometime in the summer, in July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can work with that!!!

    I’m fine with him taking a break and just be extra careful with his next move. None of us will worry he doesnt have a clear working head to sort things through and make the best decisions. As long as he’s happy, keep working is nice, but it doesnt have to be EVERYTHING. I’ve never said this on any other actor, but this boy will surely shine and has his moment if he choose to stay in this industry, it just depends on the when. 🙂

    1. In his latest weibo entry, Yuan Hong is doing his own dubbing for Ad Mania. Curiously, I read a comment by one of his fans saying he’s the only one who hasn’t wished LB Happy Birthday yet.

      1. His Twitpic is SOOO cute 🙂 Some dearie is commenting he’ll be in 20+ep in Ad Mania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please let it be TRUE!

        It is odd to see him not dropping even a line wishing her a happy bday even just for decorum. hmmmmmm… I cant help but wonder what kind of new moronic shiz has LB did this time?!?!?!?!? I can care less about her, obviously. But frankly, I miss the HG, YH fooling around, greatest Bromance on weibo ever.

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