Marines docu…

I haven’t watched it.  It’s too late and I’m too beat.  Frankly, I’m not sure if I have the heart to watch it.  What if I saw my binnie miserable, tortured in some excruciating training?!??!  I’ll be too worried.  Plus I’m a wimpwuss.

All I know is he’s a little team leader….he made some booboos…and yes…he’s punished.  *HUGGGGG BINNNNN*

And… since last week.  I’ve rewatched Come Rain, Come Shine 3x.  It really hit me in my gut, no somewhere deeper, my soul, provoking so much  with such a minimalistic use of lines and histrionics. Nth much happened, really.  Yet I’m glued to every flapping of their lashes, or just a slight deeper inhale.   I’m sooo overwhelmed by all these thoughts on the movie (more so its extrapolation: love, man in love, woman in love, how we express our love, in ways identical, at times night and day, how we interpret others love towards us, the discrepancies;  marriage, disintegration of marriage; dilution of passion, loneliness, the isolation in the comfortable, the compatible, the inevitable, the what ifs?!, the why and how and what to DO!! when facing sth as intangible to begin with…LOVE*in crisis* slipping away in front of you at arm’s reach;  the hopelessness, the anguish, the frustration taking up the place of the sweetness, fondness, ‘love’ you both preciously had, yet the anguish and aggravation built up over time speaks of a closeness, an intimacy no one else can provoke in you…..special, unique and at the same time mundane with its repetition through the years ….).  Yes, my brain has snapped and I’ve lost my miserly ability of coherent spazzing and I haven’t even started drawing parallels to my own, I’m blocking myself fr this habit of mine, it’s too scary a thought.

The point I wanna get across most, I love binnie more because his real stans r a bunch of eloquent, wise, bright bright ladies.  There r soo many BRILLIANT reviews on Come Rain, Come Shine, every single one of them r unbelievably smashing, pulling words out of my head and constructing them into deep prose. 

So yes, I spent the night, one hand on the phone comforting a friend on brink of a breakup.  Mind wandering off to Come Rain, Come Shine, vivid scenes I missed dissecting emerging, ringing to gf’s unraveling romance.  My eyes r now sore and bloody red reading every single word of the 20+ reviews in Binnie’s baidu bar. Oddly I feel I’ve purged the fog in my life, like I’ve done some spring cleaning of  my being.  I have a clearer vision of my priorities in my own life, and gone is the stress over nth much (parents visiting, their long transatlantic flight and everything that can go wrong, in my head). 

Rejuvenated in mind and soul, least expectedly.


9 thoughts on “Marines docu…

  1. I need eng sub to watch this movie, pronto!

    You know i can perfectly understand your feelings after watching such movies, and would love to share my feelings with you after watching that movie, but my poor english doesn’t allow me to express good enough how i feel….

    Regarding the marines doc , i haven’t seen it and dont want to watch it.

    Have a nice weekend dearie!

    1. Muak! Kim!!! I bet you are having an awesome wkend yourself as well!^^

      It’s an unusually busy wkend for me, 3 birthdays of close friends, I’m baking 2 cakes. A friend I havent seen for good 8 years will be in town and we’ll catch up. I had too much food and booze to last me all summer already. I feel and will look like Jabba the Hutt by the end of it XD!

      *hug* I’m so moved u know what I’m going through by words I’ve so haphazardly I don’t even feel construed properly. I hope it’ll be out on DVD soon and you can watch it. Lets discuss more!

  2. Have been reading so many good things about the movie, can’t wait to watch it! Also watched the documentary, during which I couldn’t shake the uncomfortable feeling that he’s been put under a microscope…And the photos from his departure and arrival, though it was good to see him gaining a bit of weight, it was also disturbing to see how rude reporters and fans can get…

    1. I still haven’t watched the documentary for the exact fear that I will feel very uncomfortable and it’ll be so against what I wish for him, his experience in the Marines.

      I’ve only been eavesdropping comments fr my friends the last part of the docu, the vid is played to the OST of Friends: Our Legend. My heart is totally breaking just imagining the scene. *sob*

  3. Hey, I watched it (without subs… didn’t understand anything, t’was all shouts for me LOL!)
    Really it’s not too bad, HB appears some but not not a lot. I think they were really careful not to mistreat him in front of the camera (!)


    1. Hi Emma, I saw the Binniecut of the docu with C subs. It breaks my heart just seeing him emaciated, ๐Ÿ˜ฆ let alone all the other hardships he’s going through.

      They didnt talk much about anything new, the reporter is very in his face asking him what he’s feeling and can he hold on (they need to hike up the mt, their feet all blistered and carrying a load in order to get that Red name tag)

      The shouting is typical Army talk. He’s leader of his little unit and they r doing a roll call. He’s shouting all the usual, how many present, how many absent. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hi Mookiehyun,

        I just realized I didn’t thank you for the translation! So: THANKS A LOT!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


        1. ๐Ÿ™‚ *hug* Emma, I didnt do any proper translation at all.

          There’s also the bit when he as the little team leader has to be penalized as a representative for his team…for their unsparkling lavatory. I was going OH!NOES!!! but then when the punishment is that cutest bunny jump squat hahaha ALL is forgiven!

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