One of these 5am posts again

Yes, I’m still in some form of shock of the BIG event that happened while I was literally playing Legos with my new buddy alllll day, a 6 yo girl whom I had thoughts of kidnapping every 15 min even though her folks r ppl I’ve known for upwards of 15 years and consider myself their friend, still.

I still have the visuals, the very first realization of my young life then of how the world as we know it….will never ever be the same ever ever again.
It’s not the first time I’ve glued in front of the TV for days, yet I cant process a thing….for many more days.  That will be TM Sq 1989.  I thought I would NEVER experienced sth as shocking as watching TV at school for the whole day yet felt the opposite of any enjoyment.  Of course, like all things in life,  I’m wrong. 

And life is so freaking unbelievable.  This friend, whom I haven’t seen for almost a decade, had just landed a job in Manhattan, Twin Towers, that July.  Fresh grad, his first job.  That day he had his first work presentation in midtown.  We had no idea.  Frantically I called him.  We’re in the same circle of friends but tbh, we’re not that close to call him every 10 min for 20 hrs.  He walked home, he told us later, like the rest of the grey flannel suits, they were armored in that inescapable whitish greyish ash.  He walked in silence, for many hours, crossed the Brooklyn bridge, back to his new rental.  We actually chatted on it, now a decade later today, we chitchatted casually.  He proposed to his now wifey later that next day.  I decided to ask my now hubby out on a date date.  I probed him of his plans for the big 10 yr anniversary celebration.   As if these sweet memories can cover-up that scarring.

And it’s always these eerie coincidences in life that run in perfect full circles.  The baby hid my phone in the microwave and I didn’t even know it’s not in my proximity for HOURS, me being a normal denizen..  We were doing nth special, the simple lovely things in life as in eating cakes with great company (and many glasses of wine), and it’s not after they’ve left I’m pulled back fr the idyllic day.  And my addiction to my electronics.

As I was looking frantically for my phone, almost calling the jetlagged out of towners if they grabbed it accidentally, I saw Obama, making a speech.  It’s on replay, on a Sunday, CNN, breaking news.

Did it surprise me, no.  I don’t feel a thing at all towards a terrorist’s imminent death.  I can’t even hear any word  the President said, and I didnt take in any detail on anything at all.   MY vision is literally overlapped with flashbacks, instantaneously, every bit of imagery,  down to the chilly night I spent on the top of  the Chrysler building, 2 beams of light in place of what used to be tonnes and tonnes of real, concrete, man-made marvelous mass.

I will not think too much about it.  I don’t feel the call for celebration by some, but I don’t see why they can’t cheer over the news for fear of repercussion.  WHAT can be worst?!?!  If the heinous crime taught us anything, this is a our world now.  Anything unimaginable can happen and we can’t do a thing about it.  Every time we pass by a scanner and a security check we know we should take it most positively as loving little tucks and pats for comfort, for our own good old ease, and nth else.   Live the moment, even when being at Grand Central magically lit and crowded during the holidays made the city girl me squirmy and phobic.

Why can I go on and on on nth much when all I want to post is on the HB Lotte CF?!?!

How do we quantify how freaking popular HB is atm?!  The mascot-ting by the Marines…maybe. But still any A-lister fresh off a national hit drama choosing to serve in the grueling Marines will get the same treatment, I suspect.

But this, this is HUGE.  This is HUGEST HBinnie has ever been, this may all be fangirl talk, Lotte may have kidnapped all these insanely big things and made each one of them a singing, piano playing CF of their own with the remaining biggies all share the screen time lesser than a bunny.

Yet here we have, HBinnie is singing and playing the piano and all 28s out of 30 of HIMHIMHIMHIMHIM!! and 2 sec of 2PM?, and 0.1 of JYJ+JGS+KHJ and the rest….all the KdramaKpopkingdom royal princes.

Did HBinnie get to be the N1 guy in the bunch for decent singing?!  HELL NO! As a non professional, he’s usu decent, but this will get my vote of one of his worst recorded job (butbutbut binnie was soo overworked by then and battling stomach spasms….)

(fr Baidu HB bar)

The time it took for me to STARE at this screencap and going OMO! on the WHO’s WHO! is already 200x longer than they appeared on screen.  Yup, you don’t see no face shot of Chunface (oh, the blasphemy!).


8 thoughts on “One of these 5am posts again

  1. keke, the cf isn’t the best, but I really like the song and his voice.

    Oh yah, Olama Bin, I didn’t know until I came to work early this morning. The other case is the Royal wedding of William and Kate, I didn’t know it should be on Friday, I thot the wedding was on Sat..until my lil boy told me on Thur night: mommy, I have to wear a nice shirt tomorrow at kindergarden for the wedding”….eh..i was like , what kind of the wedding dear? and he said, wedding of a prins…opsss..haha. I’m that bad dearie..

    Have a nice dream and a great week ahead, mookie.

    1. AWWWWWW that is sooooo adorbs for your baby and his toddler friends to be dressed up nicely in honor of the wedding!!!

      lolz I did the same thing, I’m so bad with time difference and thought the wedding will be on Fri-Sat 1am my time (ie I can stay up late and sleep in Sat, but it’s actually the Thur-Fri 1am. And to my shock my hubby set the ALARM and woke up and we ended up watching it in bed and I was grumpy for the first 30 mins. XD
      Then I skyped with my folks, he skyped with his and it ended up we’re all attending the festivities somewhat all together.

      It’s sweet. It looks like they’ll make it work!

      1. Yeah, I remember that fatal date of Sep 11, 2001. It was that sinking feeling of Armageddon, loss of innocents, an incident never imagined that could happen in the 21st century. Osama being dead – strangely I don’t feel any triumph. Just a reminder of the tragedy. It’s almost like a pyrrhic victory. Winning the war at an immense cost not just in public funds but countless human lives, people’s ideals – a loss of the age of innocence really.

        1. Yeah, it’s almost a general consensus most of us flashed back to the tragedy with very heavy heart instead of in any mood of triumphant celebrating.

          It IS a pyrrhic victory, but it has to be done. Innocent lives lost…there’s nth we can do about it, I’m afraid, and we all know this is more symbolic than anything practical to hinder any future terrorist attacks. I’m still relieved he’s gone though, even if it’s very much 1 less ugly battle to fight, in the Avici.

      2. I’m sorry i typed wrong Olama istead of Osama…hihihi.

        I watched the wedding at work as our time dif isn’t much , only 2 hours. They are sweet couple, wish them the best as i think it can’t be an easy life and for Kate being as a prins’s wife.

  2. anon1

    It’s not the first time I’ve glued in front of the TV for days, yet I cant process a thing….for many more days. That will be TM Sq 1989. I thought I would NEVER experienced sth as shocking as watching TV at school for the whole day yet felt the opposite of any enjoyment. Of course, like all things in life, I’m wrong.
    I was young enough in ’89 that I have no memory of watching the broadcasts myself, just that the adults around me were glued to the news all day, and talked about it very somberly. When the students started their hunger strike, my mom sat my sister and me down and told us a little about what was going on, and we prayed for them together. I think the subsequent massacre was my first introduction to the idea that governments can be evil, and that the good guys don’t always win out in the real world. Wish that what I’ve learned since about the world didn’t just confirm that…

    1. Re: anon1

      The saddest part of ’89 for me is I’m not sure if it’s so black or white seeing the ‘good’ guys 20 yrs after… :/ And nth has change in human rights, democracy, and actually I think back then at least it’s regarded as sth sacred and ideal, now nobody really cares as long as the bank accts have cash flow.

      1. Re: anon1

        Well put. I’m not surprised most of the leaders of that movement have shown clay feet 20 years on; these were 22-3 year-olds feted beyond their wildest dreams and then caught on the wrong side of history. Going back to read the western reports commemorating the massacre at the time, there were so many statements like “this is not the end for Chinese democracy, but the beginning.” The sad and painful thing is that, in a significant way, it *was* the death for that era of idealism. The govt strategy of reforming economically and clamping down politically has perhaps even better than they expected ; a generation has gone by that cares more about Chinese Idol (or whatever that competition is called) and the bottom line than anything political, unless it’s something to do with nationalism.
        Which is why it was so satisfying to the protesters in Tahrir Square win for a change. Even though things can still turn out badly there depending on who comes in next, at least this time hope wasn’t crushed under a tank.

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