A Duke of Mount Deer movie in the woodwork

TR’s ladyboss just confirmed the rumor circling around.  (it’s suspected HuGe to be in some ‘Qing Wuxia thingie’ for days)  He posted this of himself for a role in ‘sth period’ back at the White Bldg complex of TR:

They’ll be making a Duke of Mt Deer remake.  MY gut is telling me HuGe will be WXB.  What a tragic miscasting!!! HuGe can be an emo prince in a perpetual angst (*hinthintwinkwink* LB, he’ll make a GOOD KangXi), a Chinese Jesus with the bestest hair on a Asian hottie in human history, but not a little schemy ratbastardy ruffian WXB.  Yes I want YH as WXB and really there’s no better casting and he needs no flexing of his acting muscle being quite a pretty WXB in RL.  Hu Ge will need to convince me of his MAJOR game in NOT winsome and a hateful scoundrel all ladies will helplessly fall for.   Bottom line, I’m very unsure if HG can play this extremely complex layered character as HXM made a major fail in his attempt.  And yes, if it’s a TR, and the epic bromance of KangXi/WXB, I need a HuGe as KangXi and a YuanHong as WXB, but there’s NO FREAKEN WAY TR will do any production with YH as the lead and HG as his sidekick.   LB, you really have no smarts in what you r doing.  *sigh* Still, there’s some win to this.

I don’t really hate TR’s stuff, on the contrary I liked most of them.  The Chinese Paladins did not bug me, actually.  It has heart and it’s done with visible care unlike many more talk of the town viral hit these days, so I gave them a thumbs up for effort.  In hindsight, the CG were decent in cdramaland and it must’ve been done with a lot of dedicated hard work.  And….TR has a magnificant costume designer, she’s behind the original Chinese Ghost Story movie with Leslie and Joey and I was absolutely enthralled by the costumes the most in that movie, and it’s hard to upstage my deepest fangirl love for Leslie!! It’s ahead of its time, trend setting of the period costume and sparked copycats in all the subsequent wuxia/period movies in the 90s HK cinema.  I even loved the clothing in Clothing the World, drama, NOT so much.  And I’m already prematurely loving every piece of intricate, tasteful embroidery in BuBu. 

I suspect this will be so loosely based on the novel, being another movie adaptation of a PC game based on the novel, I’ll be surprised except for very major plot.  This piques my interest in this several folds.  I’ve played a bit of Chinese Paladin (the plot as THIN as the drama) and I was an avid gamer of loads of PC game based on everything period when I was in my tween years, Romance of the Three Kingdom anything was my drug. I remembered an Indiana Jones one that totally made my summer.   I’ve played a very cute and crude Gen1 DOS game based on DoMD.  The graphics r 2D, and the characters looked like Lego ppl but the plot is intact and I’ll go around as WXB looking for all the little treasures and experience all his adventures with a bit of fighting baddies along the way.  VERY cute.

I quite like this handle TR is taking on.  It’s really a niche they’ve craved out themselves and they r really the best in the industry in this wuxia/PC game adaptation genre.  TBH I’m very curious what they will do to ‘reinterpret’ the classic, gut is telling me there’ll be a lot more fighting which I kinda not care, and it’ll make fun of the more ohnoes bits (there’s a chunk on his NC17 escapade in Russia that is vaulted in ‘what happens in Russia/Qing’s Vegas, stays in Russia/Qing’s Vegas’ and no one has guts to adapt to screen) but I saw it addressed in the PC game’s teaser….hmmmm.

We have WXB happily married to his seven pretty wives and doing what he’s born to do…roadshow stand-up spindoctor comedian , earning his keep retelling his adventures, his fighting off the big bad wolf of Han Chinese in early Qing, General Wu Sangui/吳三桂 to a captivated audience.

There’s an article or 3 clearly penned by TR: http://news.17173.com/content/2011-05-05/20110505175543462,1.shtml  The most moronic part is this is tweeted by LB herself, gosh, even HuGe fangirls r saying this is the most ‘brainless’/腦殘 article to date.
I fcan’t stop loling at ’em sticking this random collage of hotties there as contenders of roles….. HAHAHA !!!!! AS IF, LB!!!

*I’m not a HuGe Anti*

Kiddo, what the HELL are you (and the ladies for that matter) wearing at the ShangriLa presscon?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? MY eyes!

21 thoughts on “A Duke of Mount Deer movie in the woodwork

  1. anon1

    Well, maybe I shouldn’t comment as I haven’t grown up with any RPG games and have a limited interest in them. I don’t know anything about this particular one, and I’m also not that attached to “The Deer and the Cauldron” on an emotional level. Thus it may be easier for me to swallow the discrepancy, I admit.
    But the idea of HG as WXB doesn’t bother me that much. The way I’m looking at it, you can go two ways with the adaptations: one, focus on the adult, serious theme of the novel and don’t bowdlerize any of the black nihilistic satire (I can see ZJZ going for the former, which could be interesting if he had enough insight to go with his ambition). Two, play up the fun plot and lighten everything up. I get the impression that most tv series have gone the latter route, and there’s nothing wrong with that (the story has such a fantastically entertaining plot and protagonist already, it can work just on that level). As for the computer game, I’m rather inclined to think of it as a work of fanfiction where you borrow the names for the characters and that’s about it. (The impression of a RPG n00b, admittedly.)

    Considering Tangrn’s style over the years, they’ve consistently gone for a wholesome/affirming outlook, even with their penchant for sad endings. (“Bu Bu” is the most dark adult thing they’ve taken on since I’ve heard of them, and it remains to be seen how much of the darkness will be kept: we already know that they’ve changed the ending to make it more “hopeful”) So I’m not surprised that this version is

    I agree with you that YH is a more natural fit for the role–his charm just comes out when he plays anti-heroes (vs. a blockhead role like Lin Mufei). But look at it another way, he seems ready to move on from the youth-oriented market that is TR’s niche, no? WXB would help him with that market, but it’s only a short film and there’s only so much you can do with it. In my head I’m imagining something closer to “Fantasy Zhu Xian,” really.

    Question for you mookie: can you see HG more easily as a Guo Jing or WXB? Me, I can see him as a cute fluffy version of WXB (with the nasty lecherous side taken out) if I squint my eyes a bit, more easily than I can see him as Guo Jing (what I’ve seen of LOCH08 hasn’t convinced me). He’s just not “slow” enough for the role, you know? Of course, his WXB wouldn’t really be a WXB either, but considering the youth market TR goes for, it somehow bothers me less.

    Wow, can’t believe I just wrote all that about a subject I don’t really know much about at all. Maybe I’ve verbal diarrhea or something (or whatever the equivalence is for typed conversations)… – -bb

    1. Re: anon1

      Ohhhh I LOVE you post sweetie!!!! *LOVEEE* Be warned, this is opening my LouisCha fangirl’s lid and I can go YEARS on my fav subject. XDD

      The game looks nth like my thing and I haven’t been playing them since my puberty!^^ You r so right on, this will be like a fanfiction, I didnt know I welcome ANY fanfic of Louis Cha, but LoCH08 changed that, did it?!!

      One of my fav TV adaptations of any LC epic is DoMD84, I watched it before reading the book and tbh I loved the drama more back then (I’ve then come to appreciation the sheer writer’s craftsmanship in Mr LC in a reread much later on). I think it did a magnificent job balancing the slapstick and the nihilistic darkness. Tony’s WXB is equivalent to Barbara’s Huang Rong and it’s even more an impossible feat considering he looked nth like the plain, borderline ugly WXB being too naturally charismatic and boy next door back then and Barbara had the looks of HR off the pages of the novel, her job carved out easy on her.

      I should’ve phrased it better. I’m curious to see how it goes, but in my mind(it’s 100% made), this will never ever touch DoMD84 (Tony+Andy), not even the LoCH08 offering of a provoking fanfic way. I put it as ‘tragic’ casting since I think not only YH, but HG(actually I think he’s direr…) needs to hone his craft. ShangriLa looks like a good start. I can totally see him giving us a lighter WXB, but imo the careful calculated use of the cute and fluff in DoMD esp concerning WXB is only for brilliant manipulations used by this cunning slick thing (And Mr LC) as means to an end, just under the bubbly surface r scheming and dark melo drama. Don’t you think a cute puppish WXB will just be an nth rehash of his Li XiaoYao in CP?! And I want no cute puppy WXB :(, DoMD is an epic of conflicts inner, outer, large and small. My draw in DoMD solely relies on my improbably falling for a nasty scummy ratbastard polygamist…that and the E!P!I!C! KangXi/WXB bromance. To loosely quote @Ockoala, WXB gets himself 7 wifeys because his ultimate fated love that can never be is KangXi.

      I won’t be happy if HG’s WXB is giving me one but not the other and he hasnt convinced me he can do complicated messy nuances. And he has an uphill battle to fight, his looks can be limiting. There’s sth very wholesome about his look, a simple clarity and a directness, that’s why he connects with the camera and the audience this easily, but in acting, this can be a hindering 2 way sword. tbh I was most uneasy with his casting as GJ in LOCH08, just as you put it, he’s tried his mightiest to be a slow block of unattractive wood but I was not convinced as well, there r times he’s good, but I can see too much effort at the seams often. GJ to me is foil for the glorious HR anyways in LoCH, as righteous and wholesome as he is, he’ll be nth without his Yong Er, hardcore LC fans seldom list him as a fav. If you love LoCH, u r definitely a fangirl of HR, but a fangirl of GJ is not as absolute.

      Although Heaven Sword, Dragon Sabre is not my top 3 LC, I regard it marvelously written with a bunch of not too swoonworthy characters and dramaland still owes me one brilliant adaptation. I vaguely rem the Adam Cheng one being closest to good, but it’s really too ancient for me to dig it out fr the dust for a rewatch. For some reason, I can see HG as ZWJ. There’s a politician’s civility he can do so well, and enough natural charms and meekness. Same token, he can handle a Chen Jialuo fr Book and Sword. I want to see him in a much quieter angstier role… in back of my mind, he can surprise me with a Linghu Chong (or…Dongfang Bubai!).

      HAHAHA and to show my absolute YH fangirl side, other than these 3 (and GuoJing), I can totally see him blowing any competition off the curb owning EVERY LC protagonist. My wish if TPTB is being SUPER nice and charitable, YH=YG, he’ll even kill the AndyLau YG to oblivion to me.

      It doesnt really bother me, all things considered, as you so well put. This is absolutely targeting the teen market and I’m just being curious. BUT this can be THIS close to be decent, better, MUCH better with YH as WXB and HG as KangXi.

      1. Re: anon1

        This is just going to be a game endorsement not a full length series. Don’t think you can do a lot of character exploration or nuances in a game ad meant for kids? So I’m 100% sure HG will be a puppy cute WXB a la Li Xiaoyao. Looks like LSS may be his devoted Shuang’Er *yawn*.

          1. Re: anon1

            Sorry to keep spamming your post. But do you know DOMD well? That’s the one famous Jin Yong story I’m not so familiar with. Just got news that LSS will be playing a fighting Russian princess who also gets banged by WXB. Hmmm…HG & LSS to have a bed scene?

            1. Re: anon1


              I can recite plots and happenings fr that novel or the TVB 85 drama (that’s my most rewatched drama to date…and nth will touch it!) And the Russian Princess part is a plot out of 100, many wayyy more interesting and convoluted. She’s not even 1 of his 7 wifeys, just a ‘lover’ or friend with benefits.

              Allow me to puke a bit…This looks like Yu’s stuff in how cheap and low quality costumey EVERYTHING looks…eeewwww…..

              What PART of LSS resembles a Russian?!?!?!?!? I don’t really mind her as any of the 7 tbh, if LSS is the Princess/sister of KangXi, it’ll totally be a more pervie CtW princess, if she’s Ah Ke…quite Yin 3 Liang fr Ijimae. I didn’t watch all the adaptations or reread that novel in hopes of any strong lady to root for/admire. IT’s ALL bromance, a lot of awesome schemings and shenanigans, it’s brilliantly written plotwise (objectively LC’s best thought out novel and he would agree)

              The trailer of the game made a specific mention of Russia so I was expecting them looking for sth newish to adapt, but NEVER would I expect TR/LB to attach LSS to this role, unless the game made that tiny plot into a main deal.

              I dun see chemistry of HG with many of his costars at all, maybe a bit with Ariel in LoCH, but their HR and GJ r very puppy first love holding sweet hands kinda deal. HG, REALLY needs to stop doing ANYTHING close to LXY, pronto. And I’m already very sad any WXB turning into a LXY which is just any ordinary boring little rascal and nth to touch the brilliant anti-hero HERO of WXB.

              MY expectation of this just hit the negatives now…

          2. Re: anon1

            I do like Nicky, but my KangXi/WXB ship needs them to be very compatible in everything and I can only see HG/YH in any current C thespians doing those 2 ANY justice. They can’t even have a bigbro/youngbro vibe which is totally what Nicky and YH have. They need to be exactly equals despite them at the very diff end of social strata.

            We’ve already got a taste of their insane bromance chem in LoCH. It’s not supposed to be more interesting than the GJ/HR ship but it so is esp in that climatic fight. in DoMD, they will be the main CP, and if u ask me what’s the most entertaining, ‘it’s complicated’ CP in all of LC world. Hands down KX/WXB.

  2. anon1 again

    Another question I just thought of: Which Jin Yong hero do you think fits HG the best? Which one fits YH the best (if it’s WXB, can you name another?)

    OT: speaking of “A Chinese Ghost Story”: I am *so* looking forward to your review of the remake. The more fanatical LYF fans have been bashing Joey Wong (in a reprise of what happened to Carmen Lee circa 2006), and it’s making my head explode. Make it stop!

    1. Re: anon1 again

      lolz I had it dl’d but my urge to watch it is obviously not super high…when free time is at an all time low!!!

      I’ll share my spazzing definitely. Have you watched it?! (oh don’t tell me your opinion of it yet…hahaha)

      1. Re: anon1 again

        haha I was just writing my essay/ serious word diarrhea on bb’s post…


        I LOATHED RoCH, and I’m also the 0.1% of girls who don’t absolutely want me a YG, but I have nth against it. I hated soooo many things/characters about that novel to list, and least of them offenders is YG.

        BUT, I don’t know I have ANY ANY love for YK either and looked what YH can do with that despicable thing! ^^

  3. WXB

    I think it will be hard to find an actor who can give as good a performance as Tony Leung CW. That man became WXB – and I never really liked Andy Lau but he was perfectly cast as the Prince. I watched the series after reading the books and suprised how good an adaptation it ended up to be (despite the low production values). I guess it all ends with a good script and talented actors to act it out.

    My fave JY character (in the novels) is Guo Jing – due to his goodness, love and compassion. He may not be the smartest cookie but he sure is the man you’d want on your side all your life.

    Second fave is YG (and he actually would have been first if not all that baggage he carries) I always imagined Nic Tse as YG btw – I know in my dreams 🙂

    1. Re: WXB

      I was a bit on the young side when I watched it live, so my very first memory of DoMD was it’s funny and there are LOTS of interesting plot keeping me on my toes and firing very annoying questions at my folks!

      I didnt know it’s purepurepure gold. 🙂 I’ve just rewatched it not too long ago and gosh, it still holds up to the test of time, even the styrofoam mountains r presh! And I’ve fangirled Tony since, as much as I increasingly not care for to now allergic to Andy as an actor through the years, I have a very soft spot for him in making DoMD84 whole.

      So this fanfic movie is a curious case of expectation vs reality. Reality is TR is making some version of DoMD and they r not grabbing an impossibly ambitious cake to bake. They can make it work with solid ingredients, it wont be the sinfully delish chocolate molten lava cake with sweet raspberry sauce drizzled on top, but a decent fruitcake. Some ppl loves fruitcakes, I’m not judging hahaha. On a personal level, I’m just standing FIRM, fist in hand stomping my desk TR can make an out of this world TonyxAndy matching bromance with HuGe and YuanHong if playing their cards right, and it’s a pity this is NOT happening.

      I had an interesting chat with @ockoala (again) and we concluded GJ will make the awesome-est hubby material, YG is the bad boy we can’t help falling for. YK is good for ONS (With protection of coz) and I would love to chill in a jazz bar with LWC every fri nite,
      I will add I would vote for ZWJ as some government official, if I’m going on a spiritual hike @ Himilayas/Mont Blanc, I want Hu Fei to be my handsome guide.
      Pharmacist Huang can be my nutty professor that I inappropriately crush.

      Never say never, I wouldnt guess they’ll remake DoMD sooo soon after Royal Tramp. I will totally watch a Nic Tse/Cecilia Cheung YG/XLN meta-ing the life out of that!

  4. anon1

    Just came across this fanmade MV whose castlist made me rofl:
    http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/QnJl-24yacs/ (Haven’t clicked on the link yet cause I’m a bit scared to watch it)

    Yang Mi as WXB
    LSS as Kangxi
    YH as Jianning
    HG as Shuang’er
    Jimmy Lin as A Ke
    LYF as Zheng Keshuang
    Li Jie as Su Quan
    Huang Xiaoming as Jiu Nan the nun

    1. Re: anon1

      O GOSH! THIS is sorta fr my ID!!! I’m not trying to fake a MANrem version of DoMD has never crossed my mind! XDDDDDDDD

      Other than a few of the dudes I have no idea who’s who, but I soooooo agree with YH as Jianning! ROFLMAO!!! HG will make a terrific Shuang’er as well.

      And…I’m in tears with HXM as Jiu Nan (and nodding profusely!)

      haha Thanks for making my day to let this see the light. This casting is GENIUS!!

      1. Re: anon1

        It’s been revealed by LB – Hu Ge is WXB (roll eyes), Nicky is Kangxi, Annie Liu (Ruolan, Ruoxi’s sister in BBJX) is Princess Jianning, Lin Geng Xin is Aobai. No confirmation on LSS’ character.

  5. I was really disappointed in the game ad. It was completely crap and no one could make head or tail of what’s happening.

    1. By the time I see BTS of what’s going on with this, I know this will be the stinkiest thing TangRen has done EVER.

      The game is awful, and I wonder if they got any copyrights fr LouisCha, I doubt it.

      This is purely for making $$, like an ad endorsement, a LONG extravagant CF. As long as it paid well, no one is blinking an eye.

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