Eddie Peng’s Jump! A Shin, the BTS that makes me misty eyed


The RL A Shin is the coach for Eddie, his seal of approval: ‘When the movie’s out, I’ll tell ppl it’s myself acting…just with his face painted on mine!’

There are a lot of things going on with this movie that I’ve been anticipating since its production.  Eddie, fr the producer of Monga, theme, plot… and I’m a sucker for story of the little guy and anything that’ll capture a flavor of the place its story is set in.  This will be Yilan, TW.  (I need a trip to TW…it’ll certainly be on itinerary when I next visit Asia! ^^)
I teared up seeing Eddie putting his all training for his role as a gymnast, retelling the RL story of A Shin.   There’s nth hotter than a hot cutie pie working at his craft 120%! Eddie, I love you~!!

It’ll be promoted in Cannes later this wk.  I hope this will be a gem and do very very well.  🙂

[credit: http://jumpashin2011.pixnet.net/blog%5D


7 thoughts on “Eddie Peng’s Jump! A Shin, the BTS that makes me misty eyed

    1. I have a very very soft spot for Eddie! 🙂 And he can so easily get typecast in little brother roles with his babyface, instead he’s steadfastly honing his skills to be much more. The passion and dedication, it’s so moving esp when the PD was just expecting him to do a couple of shots and leave the rest to a professional gymnast, and Eddie worked his bones off, convincing the PD to let him do as many of his own shots as possible.

      I’m sure the RL story of A Shin will rob some boxes of tissues fr me, but I’m as curious with a docu of Eddie’s training becoming a convincing gymnast on screen.

  1. On another note, I really pity Binnie regarding the military photos in production for sales…let that man get some peace..gezz.

    Have a nice week dearie! I’m off 1 week for vacation in Turkey!

    1. Have a great, memorable vacay, Kim! ^^

      LORDY, these days I’m quite relieved to not hear about binnie, no news is good news, really.

      GEEEZZZZ I just read the translation of that piece of shoddy news. W! T! H!!!!!!

      I’ve concluded the Marines can go lower than shameless when it comes to milking off binnie!!!!! *sighhh* They paraded around binnie has signed on the dotted line agreeing his participation for free…does he have a choice?!?!?!??! I hope binnie’s management is giving a good fight disputing against the Marines’ silly doings, really enough is enough.

  2. my cutie has another movie?!…yay…..ever since the wonderful “Hear Me” I’ve been keeping tabs on this guy like a hawk…and damn why have I not seen those abs before?

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