A Park YooChun/Ripley post

I’ll be watching Ripley because my irrational fangirling of 6002/PYC is still rabid, I do not understand it and have stopped picking my brains out with the WHY?!?! at times I think he’s the most amusing thing to look at on earth even when he’s just fooling around eating popcorn.

Ripley is what I’m most anticipating in the May mayhem, a huge part is the exhilaration of the unknown.  I usu have an incredible 6th sense on what I like or not and I watched/dropped dramas accordingly.  Never had I regretted things I’ve finished, and it’s never ever happened to me when sth is grating and I feel the opposite on a restart. Best Love, I know I’ll be craycrayly in love, despite me being a ~ Hong sisters anti.  49 days, somehow, even with the uneven, slowish start has been keeping me interested and it’s paying off.  I won’t touch Lie to Me ever (I’m the 0.000000001% that is only soso with YEH and/or KJH.  My opinion of them is :overrated in looks/charms/talents.  They have some, but not enough to garner the rave).  With Ripley, it’s an unknown, I have no idea if it’s my thing I do not gravitate towards melo in a heart beat, but yet I’m yearning for it.   I’m ready for an absolute surprise in awesome if it clicks.

LDH, I can’t stand when she’s playing some sweet things because she’s too much of a diva fiesty sexbomb in RL to keep it all under wraps.  I loved her in Green Rose, that’s it.  Needless to say to see her playing some conniving bitch in Ripley is getting me excited!

I do not believe anything bloody awful can come out just by association with Kim Seung Woo and Kang Hye Jung. 

Then I saw this clip of YuChun out of nowhere.  MY GOSH!

and caps:

Park YooChun, you are taking up a significant space in my heart already, please do not add the title of cutie who ANGST and CRY like no tmr, coz I’m totally a sucker for that and I’ll hand over my heart in a kneejerk just for you to do whatever you like with it.  *BUT pleasepleaseprettyplease baby, I want 16 hrs of THAT in Ripley!!*

[credit on pics; fr weibo]